A small town's women give birth to unfriendly alien children posing as humans.

[last lines]
Prof. Gordon Zellaby: [voiceover] A brick wall... a brick wall... I must think of a brick wall... a brick wall... I must think of a brick wall... a brick wall... brick wall... I must think of a brick wall... It's almost half past eight... brick wall... only a few seconds more... brick wall... brick wall... brick wall... nearly over... a brick wall...
David McGowan: What is that word you're thinking? What is empathy?... So if I have felt pain I should be able to identify with others who feel pain
Dr. Alan Chaffee: [walks into the barn where the children are] Another man is dead. Why do you hate us so much, Mara?
Mara Chaffee: It isn't a matter of hate. It is a biological obligation.
[short pause]
Mara Chaffee: You are thinking of what happened to the others. Then our actions shouldn't surprise you. We have to survive no matter what the cost; we are the only ones left now.
Dr. Alan Chaffee: I don't see why we can't reach an understanding. Why can't we just live together?
Mara Chaffee: If we coexist, we shall dominate you. That is inevitable. Eventually you will try to eliminate us. We are all creatures of the life force. Now it was set us at one another to see who will survive.
Dr. Alan Chaffee: That's a cruel sport.
Mara Chaffee: Life is cruelty. We all feed on each other, exploit each other in some way to survive.
Dr. Alan Chaffee: [shakes his head] I don't agree with you.
[walks over to where Mara is sitting]
Dr. Alan Chaffee: I think that adaptation is the key to survival. Cooperation and symbiosis...
[kneels by Mara's desk]
Dr. Alan Chaffee: and compassion.
Mara Chaffee: Why do you think your own survival depends upon emotion from us? Shoul we pity you? Empathize with your plight?
Dr. Alan Chaffee: [bangs his fist on Mara's desk]
Dr. Alan Chaffee: You should feel! You should feel something!
[stands up]
Dr. Alan Chaffee: Without feelings, you're nothing. You're just second-rate mimics of a higher organism. That's right, higher organisms. We're your superiors in our capacity to love. Without compassion you're a doomed species.
Mara Chaffee: Emotion is irrelevant. It is not our nature.
Dr. Alan Chaffee: [looks back at David] Well, I'm not so sure you're right about that, Mara.
Dr. Susan Verner: What can you read that's in my head?
Mara Chaffee: Everything that is active in your mind. However, the path that leads to the speaking process eludes us. Why to you speak some thoughts but not others?
Dr. Susan Verner: Wouldn't it be a noisy world if we all said what we thought?
David Zellaby: You have to be taught to leave us alone.
Dr. Susan Verner: [sees the group of alien children] Oh!... I... I'm glad you're all here, I really think that I could help you...
[the children stare at her with glowing eyes and she falls into a trance, leading them to the basement where David's partner was autopsied and preserved in a jar. The children force Verner to lie down on a steel exam table and disembowel herself, and David smiles thinly in revenge]
Dr. Susan Verner: Keep Breathing.
Jill McGowan: Something very strange is happening to all of us... you know, they say the Roberts girl is a virgin.
Mara Chaffee: You are thinking of the one who died
David McGowan: She was to be my partner
Mara Chaffee: Yes it's true. Without a mate you are of less importance to us and your development of emotions is disturbing. We can't leave you behind David, it's time we resolved this.
Mara Chaffee: You are a prisoner of your values, and you won't be able to deceive us. You know that, don't you?
[smiles sweetly and looks up at him]
Mara Chaffee: father...?
[first lines]
Prof. Gordon Zellaby: [on telephone] Good morning. Uh, would you get me Major Bernard at his Whitehall number? Thank you.
Doctor Willers: It's not a matter of belief its a matter of fact!
Dr. Susan Verner: Let's cut to the chase here... it has become an interest to national science that we carefully research and monitor their developing powers. I ask for another year's grant.
Reverend George: They have the look of man... but not the nature of mankind.
Mara Chaffee: The eyes are the windows to the soul.
Alan Bernard: People, especially children, aren't measured by their IQ. What's important about them is whether they're good or bad, and these children are bad.
[About the baby girl who died]
David McGowan: She was to be with me. We were to be together.
Mara Chaffee: Emotion is irrelevant, it is not our nature
Dr. Alan Chaffee: I'm not sure you're right about that, Mara.
Mara Chaffee: Still you are aware of the others so you must be in some basic sense aware of who... what we are.
Older Deputy: Look, there is no research lab, there is no chemical plant! There is no toxic waste dump, there is no nuclear plant! There's no nothin' around here.
Dr. Alan Chaffee: I can build a wall!
[he passionately kisses Jill and then leaves, locking her in the schoolhouse]
Jill McGowan: ...No! No, not David! No, he's not one of 'em!
Carlton: Well, ain't ya gonna do somethin', or ya just gonna cry like all the other little pissants? Well do somethin' goddammit!

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