The efforts of the Pakistani security forces in their fight against terrorism and how the lives of security officials are affected. A retired security officer returns to save Pakistan from a major terrorist attack.

Mujtaba: As long as history will be written by hunters, lions shall never be glorified.
Mujtaba: We do not know how many lives we've lost in the name of terrorism... But we do know how many lives we still need to save.
Mujtaba: There's only one thing that stands between him and Pakistan, me.
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Ehtasham: So let's tell them that this night is their last night.
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Mujtaba: There's only one thing that stands between him and Pakistan - me.
Zoya: If the people of this nation come to realize their true potential, this world would not be a safe place for us.
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Javeria: You know what will be really nice? If you could stop focusing on yourself for a change and start focusing on the country, because if this plan is as serious as we think it is, I assure you, it will be devastated.
Ramal: That's how you kill a motherfucking rat.
Head of Security Wing: [to mujtaba] When are you going to let your past go?
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Zoya: Arrangements for that have already been made.

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