A recently blinded woman is terrorized by a trio of thugs while they search for a heroin stuffed doll they believe is in her apartment.

Roat: Now all the children have gone to bed, and we can talk.
Susy Hendrix: What are you going to do with that gasoline?
Roat: Well you just guess.
[lights newspaper on fire]
Roat: Now guess!
Susy Hendrix: No! Please, no! Alright!
Roat: I thought that would save time.
Susy Hendrix: I'll get you the doll!
Roat: Oh that's a good girl, go right to the head of the class.
Susy Hendrix: [trips and falls on top of Mike's body] Mike!
[Roat pulls a chair up from behind, startling her]
Roat: It's just a chair, Susy, so you can sit down.
Susy Hendrix: [trembling] All right, all right you can have it... you can have the doll! I'll give it to you... if you'll... if you'll just go and... and...
Roat: Yes, Susy?
Susy Hendrix: Not hurt me.
Roat: Say please.
Susy Hendrix: Please.
Roat: No, that's not quite it... say: "please may I give you the doll?"
Susy Hendrix: Please may I give you the doll?
Roat: You may.
Mike Talman: And you? What's your favorite toy?
Roat: [pulls out a mini statue] Geraldine.
Carlino: What does she do?
[a large blade comes out horizontally from the feet of the statue]
Mike Talman: And may we have Geraldine on the table too?
Roat: No, we may not.
Carlino: Why the hell not?
Roat: Because she's the referee.
Roat: Aren't you forgetting something?
Mike Talman: We just earned the money?
[Talamn opens the door and begins to walk out]
Roat: I mean fingerprints.
[Talman stops and closes the door]
Roat: You just signed your names all over this place.
Roat: [Carlino begins wiping off finger prints off banister] Hmmm. Even if you could remember eveything you touched it would still take hours to wipe em off wouldn't it? If not days.
Mike Talman: Damn it, you act as if you're in kindergarten! This is the big bad world, full of mean people, where nasty things happen!
Susy Hendrix: Now you tell me.
Susy Hendrix: Sam, are you looking at me?
Sam Hendrix: Yes.
[Susy sticks her tongue out at him]
Mike Talman: All right, how long have you known? When did you figure it out about me?
Susy Hendrix: You've been to Sam's studio?
Mike Talman: Yeah, that's right.
Susy Hendrix: And there was no doll?
Mike Talman: More fun still, there wasn't even a desk.
Susy Hendrix: Poor Sam. He really should have a desk.
Roat: I cannot negotiate in an atmosphere of mistrust.
Susy Hendrix: [trying to find the refrigerator plug] Where is it? Where is it? OH GOD!
Roat: [about the murdered Lisa] Well, she was trespassing, Mike... poaching. Going into the business for herself. Bad news. Things like that go on, and what do you have? Anarchy. No discipline, no sense of order. Bad news.
Roat: Did you know they wanted to kill me? I did. I knew even before they did. They were awful amateurs, and that's why you saw through them.
Susy Hendrix: I saw through you too.
Roat: No, not all the way, Suzy. Even now, not all the way. The lovely thing was the way I let them set it all up. All that silliness of meeting in the parking lot, the whole thing, they had comic book minds. So, I let them do it their way, right up to the very end. And then, topsy-turvy. Me topsy and them turvy.
Susy Hendrix: Gloria?
Gloria: Yeah?
Susy Hendrix: How would you like to do something difficult and terribly dangerous?
Gloria: I'd love it!
Roat: Don't touch me!
Roat: I'm Harry Roat Jr from Scarsdale.
Susy Hendrix: [sending her on dangerous mission] As soon as your safe, I'll call the police.
Gloria: Okay. Gee, I wish something like this would happen every day...
Roat: Well, if you -
[pulls the knife out at Carlino]
Roat: All right, fat man, over there. Now both of you through the door, backwards!
Susy Hendrix: You wait here, Mike. I'll be right back.
Mike Talman: [grabs her from running into Roat and Carlino still standing sliently by the front door] Wait a minute! Where are you going?
Susy Hendrix: To the studio. To Sam's studio. That's where it is.
Mike Talman: How do you know the doll's at his studio?
Susy Hendrix: Gloria just told me. You know, the little girl with the groceries. She went over there earlier today to do an errand for Sam, and she saw it. And heard it. It played a little tune.
Mike Talman: Are you sure about this?
Susy Hendrix: Yes, positive. If it hadn't been for that awful Sgt. Carlino hounding me, I could've told you earlier.
[Mike looks behind Suzy at Carlino and Roat still standing silently in which Roat mouths silently that Suzy stays while they go get it]
Mike Talman: Okay, Susy, fine. I'll go get it. Where's the studio?
Susy Hendrix: Just two blocks away. 78 West Eighth Street. It's on the top floor. And the desk is in the far corner, away from the windows. It's a big old thing with a roller top. You know the type I mean, with cubbyholes and pigeonholes and...
Mike Talman: Yeah, I know the kind you mean.
Susy Hendrix: It's in the left hand drawer, the doll. Gloria said so.
Mike Talman: Susy, I'm gonna ask you once more and this is no time for mistakes. Are you sure the little girl saw the doll at Sam's studio? Are you sure this is all true?
Susy Hendrix: I'm saving my husband's life, aren't I Mike?
Mike Talman: [walks out with Carlino and Roat] I'll be right back. You stay put. Make yourself a cup of hot coffee or something.
Susy Hendrix: Whatever you say, Mike.
Mike Talman: The doll, Susy. Where is it? Where did you find it?
Susy Hendrix: Well that's the silly part, Mike. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. I should've remembered ages ago.
Mike Talman: That doesn't matter. Where is it?
[behind Mike, Roat and Carlino silently walk into the apartment]
Susy Hendrix: You'll think I'm such a fool when I tell you.
Mike Talman: Look, Susy, don't complicate things. Just give me the doll, and then Sam will be safe.
Susy Hendrix: You're right, that's what's important. If anything happened to Sam...
Mike Talman: Susy, where's the doll?
Susy Hendrix: I'll get it for you. Would you give me the key ring that's on the nail by the ice box?
Roat: If you'd only said please.
Susy Hendrix: Don't let it get you down. Have a good weekend. And on Monday we'll form a tenants committee or something jazzy like that.
Shatner: Some committee. Me, you, Sam, Gloria, and her mother. Ah, well. Ciao.
Susy Hendrix: Ciao.
Susy Hendrix: Come. Get up on a chair and look out the window. There's a police car out there. Can you see the face of the man inside of it?
Gloria: There's no police car.
Susy Hendrix: Are you sure?
Gloria: Yeah, I'm sure.
Susy Hendrix: There's no car out there?
Gloria: Well, yes there is. It's a kind of squatty truck. Right next to the phone booth.
Susy Hendrix: Phone booth? Is there anyone inside the truck?
Gloria: Well, there's a man standing near it.
Susy Hendrix: Is it Mr. Roat? The man who was here when you brought the groceries?
Gloria: I don't think so. Susy, he's coming this way!
Mike Talman: You're a good, strong lady, Susy Hendrix.
Susy Hendrix: World's Champion blind lady.
Mike Talman: Oh, yeah, you're all that.
Roat: I'll fix him!
Mike Talman: You want something?
Roat: You, Mr Talman and you too, Sgt Carlino.
[last lines]
Sam Hendrix: You're doing fine, just fine!
Susy Hendrix: [crying joyfully] Oh! Sammy!
Sam Hendrix: Susy, is that you?
Susy Hendrix: No, Batman!
Carlino: We don't work safes.
Roat: I know. But you talk. And that's why you've been invited to this party. To talk you way into that big black safe, Sergeant.
Mike Talman: There's a locked closet in the bedroom.
Roat: Oh, no, not there. It's just clothes.
Mike Talman: How do you know?
Roat: I looked.
Mike Talman: You have the key?
Roat: It's on the ledge above the door.
Mike Talman: No it isn't.
Roat: Well, they must have taken it with them.
Mike Talman: They lock the closet, but don't bolt the front door?
Roat: They're strange people; they lose dolls.
Susy Hendrix: Who's that?
Susy Hendrix: [Upon discovering the doll's whereabouts] You had it?
Gloria: I was only borrowing...
Susy Hendrix: Gloria, quick, we've got to hide it. Where is it? Give it to me.
Gloria: Under your feet. I was only borrowing it, really. That's why I brought it back.
Susy Hendrix: Where are we going to put it? In the washing machine. Come, help me.
Susy Hendrix: But I do wish I could do things. You know, important things, like
Susy Hendrix: cook a souffle, or pick a necktie, or choose the wallpaper for the bedroom. You know.
Roat: May we have weapons on the table?
Mike Talman: We'll have explinations first.
Roat: Well, it goes back a little.
Mike Talman: So, go back a little.
Roat: All right. Once upon a time, there was a fairy princess named Lisa.
Shatner: Hi, Susy. Hey.
Susy Hendrix: Hi, Shatner.
Shatner: Let me help you with that mess.
Susy Hendrix: Ah, you're a lovely cavalier, only don't tell Sam you helped me. I'm supposed to be learning total self-sufficiency.
Sam Hendrix: [Susy calls his studio] Hendrix here.
Susy Hendrix: [mocking his tone] Hendrix here too.
Susy Hendrix: Gloria, I know you're there!
Gloria: I wanna be gorgeous, guess you can't have everything.
Susy Hendrix: Sam, are you there?
Susy Hendrix: No, Susy, I'm not here.
Susy Hendrix: Oh you must be so bored with me, everytime you come in here, I'm in absolute panic.
Carlino: What did she say?
Mike Talman: I told you, she just left a message.
Carlino: Happy days are here again?
Mike Talman: Ah, we'll see.
Susy Hendrix: Mr. Roat, are you looking at me?
Susy Hendrix: Now... the first thing we have to do is stay calm.
Gloria: I am calm, Susy.
Susy Hendrix: Yes, I know you are, I really know. It's the best thing I've ever heard.
Gloria: Are they detectives?
Susy Hendrix: No, honey, they're not detectives. They're sure not detectives.
Susy Hendrix: The one out on the street, can I get by him?
Gloria: Not without him seeing you.
Susy Hendrix: Then I have to stay here.
Lisa: They should make heroin look like something else. Candy bars maybe.
Susy Hendrix: You know there was a murder around here last night? They found the body this morning. A lady from Scarsdale. I heard it on the radio.
Sam Hendrix: So?
Susy Hendrix: What if I get chopped in little pieces and dumped in the river? Little tiny pieces that nobody could possibly recognize as having been a poor defenseless, little blind lady whose husband was off in Asbury Park. You're not listening, Sammy.
Sam Hendrix: Sure I am. Why don't we get some light around here? They're always finding bodies in New York.
Susy Hendrix: Not in the parking lot practically next door, they don't.
Sam Hendrix: You're making it up, Susy.
Susy Hendrix: No, I'm not. I promise. I told you I heard it on the radio. Really, I did.
Sam Hendrix: Come on Susy.
Susy Hendrix: [pause] The police don't have the first notion who do it. Pretty spooky, don't you think, Sammy?
Sam Hendrix: Tell you what I think. I think it's a ploy to make me stay home.
Susy Hendrix: Well, there was a murdered woman found from Scarsdale and that's a true fact.
Sam Hendrix: And you're afraid for your life, that's a true fact?
Susy Hendrix: No, but it was worth a try.
Susy Hendrix: Do I have to be the world champion blind lady?
Sam Hendrix: Yes!
Susy Hendrix: [turns around] Then I will be. I'll be everything you want me to be.
Sam Hendrix: I don't want you to be anything other than Susy.
The Old Man: Be careful, Lisa.
Lisa: You too, Louis.
[first lines]
Lisa: Come on Louis, come on!
Susy Hendrix: Bye, dope.
Sam Hendrix: Bye, dope.