A warlock flees from the 17th to the 20th century, with a witch-hunter in hot pursuit.

Giles Redferne: [admonishing Kassandra after stopping her crashing the car] Let your attention lie before you, not beside you.
Kassandra: Check this! Some guy from the seventeenth century telling ME how to drive. How quick they learn!
Warlock: [placing a hex on Kassandra] Tout, Tout, through and about; your callow life in dismay. Rentum, Osculum, Tormentum: a decade twice over a day.
Flight Attendant: [pointing to Giles' weathervane] Can I take that for you?
Giles Redferne: Over my rotting corpse!
Mennonite: And we are bewitched!
Kassandra: [Having been told the Warlock's true goal] He scares the crap out of me... and he KNOWS it.
Giles Redferne: I'll not let him harm you.
Kassandra: Next time there won't be any spells, no hexes, no potions. Next time, he's gonna kill me.
Giles Redferne: I'll not let him harm you.
[He holds out Kassandra's car keys]
Giles Redferne: So, you fear me.
Warlock: 'Tis I who others fear.
Giles Redferne: Not you, the magic.
[the Channeler is faking the channeling of a spirit for the Warlock]
Channeler: I have come - Zamiel. Ask... me... what... you... will.
Warlock: I would ask that we wait.
Channeler: For... what... do... we... wait?
Warlock: For the true Zamiel to appear.
Kassandra: [upon finding herself cursed with sudden aging] Twenty fuckin' years and not one party. What a total ass burr!
Giles Redferne: [sternly] Lest you favor throttlings to the ears and face, bear west here.
Cabbie: [to himself] They wonder why we hate the Lakers.
Kassandra: [to Giles] Not a local product, are ya?
Warlock: How comes it that you have brought me here?
Channeler: [possessed by Zamiel] Bring together that which has been thirded. Bring together my bible.
Warlock: The Grand Grimoire, here? Now?
Giles Redferne: The warlock holds two parts of the book. This much he confessed. Know you what happens should he gain all three?
Kassandra: I don't want to know. I don't.
Giles Redferne: Hidden within that book is the name of God, the lost name of God.
Kassandra: The lost name of... Huh-uh, I don't wanna hear this.
Giles Redferne: 'Tis the name invoked during creation. Witches charge that should this name, this true name of God, be uttered back to front...
Kassandra: I'm not listening.
Giles Redferne: Should this name be uttered in reverse...
Kassandra: [fingers in ears] Blah, blah, bah, blah, blah!
Giles Redferne: ...all creation will undo. 'Twill reverse.
Giles Redferne: [bursting into the farmhouse] Tell me your woes! You are bewitched!
Giles Redferne: Let's tarry not!
[Kassandra has aged 20 years in a day after being cursed by the Warlock]
Kassandra: Why couldn't he just kill me? Nothing could be worse than this!
Giles Redferne: His very thought.
Giles Redferne: Now, brute, one last time will we play the game out.
Giles Redferne: [to a wounded man] Meddle not with the dressing.
Giles Redferne: The hammer! Take it! Where you find his tracks, nail the earth deeply!
Giles Redferne: The alter table, he broked it?
Kassandra: Yeah, he "broked" it.
[upon meeting Redferne in the present day]
Warlock: Of all the curiosities here I've seen, none have surprised me more than this.
Warlock: You hail spirits, do you not?
Channeler: Yes... I channel them. Were you, uh, at the session?
Warlock: Then channel me a spirit.
Little Boy: [watching the Warlock play a handheld football game] Hey, you can't punt on first down. Nobody does that, not even Tampa Bay!
Giles Redferne: The spell book. All witches keep grimoires, yet one is indestructible, one is the bible of black magic - the Grand Grimoire. Always witches have lusted for it, and now, here, I find a page - one lone page!
Giles Redferne: My boots work best with ground beneath them - DIRECTLY beneath.
Little Boy: You tellin' me you're a witch? You ain't no witch! Witches are girls!
Warlock: Some are men.
Little Boy: Yeah? So where's your broomstick?
Cop: ...Let me give you some advice - get away from this house.
Kassandra: You got a watch?
Cop: Yeah.
Kassandra: Time me.
Pastor: Can I ask what your interest is in finding such a book?
Giles Redferne: Our interest lies in stopping those who would see all good falter. It lies in stopping the powers of misrule from coming of age. It lies in finding that damned book, and thwarting a vile beast of a man who shall not rest until God himself is thrown down, and all of creation becomes Satan's black hell-besmeared farting hole!
Kassandra: You asked.
Giles Redferne: Of all ingredients used by a witch, the most coveted is human fat. If that fat is cut from an unbaptized male child, there is but one purpose - one thing is will beget.
Kassandra: I'm listening.
Giles Redferne: Flying potion.