A rebellious Malibu princess is shipped off to a strict English boarding school by her father.

Poppy: When the headgirl has earned my respect, then I will shake her hand, biatch!
Harriet: I'm sorry?
Poppy: Apology accepted.
Mrs. Kingsley: [Poppy knocks on the door] Who's there?
Poppy: [Poppy bursts into the room, annoyed] Jesus Christ!
Mrs. Kingsley: Oh, we were always led to believe you had a beard and sandals. Now we'll have to change the stained glass window in our chapel.
Poppy: [Freddie refuses a stormily kiss] Oh, cards on the table! Are you gay?
Freddie: No, just English.
Poppy: It's nice to see you when I'm not half-naked or delirious!
Freddie: I wouldn't speak to soon... is it wrong of me to say that?
Poppy: I didn't start it, it wasn't my fault, and if this were America, I would sue.
Freddie: There's something about you, Poppy Moore. Every moment I'm with you, I catch my breath.
Kate: Sorry Mrs Kingsley we just got a little bit carried away
Mrs. Kingsley: Well as I understand, Drippy was totally carried away by Mr Nellis and Miss Rees-Withers - after laying in a pool of her own vomit!
Drippy: Actually, it was Kate's vomit, Mrs Kingsley - I was just lying in it
Poppy: [talking about all the stuff she has done - including taking revenge] ... Look at me going on and on. You can tell me to shut up anytime.
Freddie: Wow... Remind me never to get on your bad side, but thing is, I am pretty sure you don't have one.
Kate: Get up. Wait for Mrs. Kingsley and the prefects.
Poppy: Screw them!
[Kiki and Kate raise Poppy from her seat and make her stand up]
Poppy: That is physical abuse! I'm calling my lawyer!
Kate: With what?
[Poppy wakes up]
Poppy: Shit!
Harriet: [Poppy has just walked into head girl, Harriet] There is an heirarchy in this school, teacher, prefects, scholars, dogs, vermin, Americans; Kate see to that she falls in line!
Harriet: [just had her help pour coffee water onto Poppy] Oh, sorry, just can't trust the help these days! Do you have a pass to be out now?
Poppy: Yeah, yeah I do, it's right here!
[flips Harriet off]
Mr. Christopher: Oh my god, its Tom Cruise!
Drippy: Can you say that any louder, I need your help!
Freddie: So you backed out of our deal...
Poppy: What deal?
Freddie: That you won't fry my head.
Poppy: Yeah.
Poppy: but you poached my heart.
Poppy: What is this place? Hogwarts?
Poppy: I can't eat this.
Drippy: Is it anorexia or bulimia? If it's bulimia, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't eat someone's birthday cake on their birthday. It's such a waste.
Kate: [after looking at all of the bottles of water in Poppy's trunk] Erm... Why?
Poppy: What? I might get thirsty!
Kate: You know, in England, we have this amazing thing - it's called a tap.
[Repeated line]
Harriet: Me thinks.
Charlotte: [Both] We think so, too.
Jane: [Both] We think so, too.
[Poppy and Harriet are fighting as Freddie comes by]
Freddie: Shouldn't you guys be in bikinis for that?
Poppy: Welcome to Malibu, biatch!
Mrs. Kingsley: [shouting] Harriet, be quiet!

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