A police detective uncovers a conspiracy behind a case involving a high-school guidance counselor when accusations of rape are made against him by two female students.

Detective Ray Duquette: People aren't always what they appear to be. Don't forget that.
Suzie: You - you are gonna fuck me over, aren't you?
Kelly Van Ryan: Oh, for chrissake.
Suzie: You are!
Kelly Van Ryan: Are you retarded, or just brain-dead from whiffing fumes out there in the swamp?
Suzie: That's that I am to you, isn't it? Swamp trash, just like my mom.
[Kelly tries to touch Suzie's shoulder, but Suzie bats her away]
Suzie: Don't!
[Suzie slaps Kelly across the face]
Suzie: [Kelly slaps Suzie back]
Kelly Van Ryan: [Kelly shoves Suzie's head in the pool] You stupid cunt!
Kelly Van Ryan: I miss Dad.
Sandra Van Ryan: I miss him too... sometimes...
Kelly Van Ryan: No you don't!
Sandra Van Ryan: He didn't HAVE to kill himself, Kelly.
Suzie: Before Medea sailed away on the Helios she killed king Creon and the princess, with what? A: A rock. B: Spear-gun or C: a bit of Poison.
Sam: P-oison...
Suzie: Good guess.
[Lets lose the sail rigging hitting Sam in the head and flinging him overboard]
Detective Ray Duquette: Did Sam sell you up front on the idea of whacking Suzie?
[grabs Kelly]
Detective Ray Duquette: That's murder, kid.
Detective Ray Duquette: Why don't we begin with a question? What is a sex crime?
Jimmy: Not gettin' any!
[all the other students cheer]
Kelly Van Ryan: I hate you! Son of a bitch!
Suzie: Sure took you guys long enough to get here. What if someone was trying to strangle me, or... fuck me up the ass or something?
[repeated line]
Kenneth Bowden: [to Suzie] Did you enjoy being a guest of the state?
Kelly Van Ryan: Jesus! Where did she get the shoes? "Whores for less"?
[Suzie gives her the finger]
Sam: Good to see you girls getting along...
Suzie: I can't believe you called Sam. What's the matter with you?
Suzie: I'm scared, that's what I'm scared, there's no one to trust.
Kelly Van Ryan: You can trust me.
Tom Baxter: Maybe you didn't hear me, Lombardo. You're finished in Blue Bay. And if I find you around my daughter again, you'll be finished, period. Get the fuck out of here.
Suzie: No little bitch could ever make me cum.
Detective Ray Duquette: Did Sam Lombardo rape you?
Suzie: Yeah, Okay? He did. He pushed me to the floor and he did it to me.
District Attorney Bryce Hunter: Ray. The conversation on this tape is totally unintelligible. What we have here, is you on the Van Ryan property, without a proper warrant, shooting a porn flick...
[last lines]
Kenneth Bowden: Suzie... Be good.
District Attorney Bryce Hunter: The conversation on this tape is totally unintelligible. What we have here, is you on the Van Ryan property, without a proper warrant, shooting a porn flick!
Kelly Van Ryan: Can I play too? Or is it just for boys?
Sam: I'm innocent. Goddamit!
Sam: [Ken is wearing a neck brace] What do you do to your neck?
Kenneth Bowden: Oh, this? I don't have to wear it all the time.
[looks out the window and takes it off]
Kenneth Bowden: There was an insurance guy around here earlier.
Kelly Van Ryan: My mother would kill me if she knew I took the Rover.
Sam: No little girl can ever make me come.
Sandra Van Ryan: My daughter does NOT get raped in Blue Bay!
Prisoner: So you're the new chicken licker.
Kelly Van Ryan: [She and Nicole are going to wash Sam's car] So, where's your hose, Mr. Lombardo?
Sam: Hello, Kelly.
Kelly Van Ryan: Drop dead. You know how my mom's paying you off? She's breaking my trust. I can't touch it until she's dead, and now she's breaking it to pay you.
Sam: I'm sorry, Kelly.
Kelly Van Ryan: Why don't you start fucking her again! You can spend it together! I hate you!
[Kelly swings her binder at Sam, hitting his trophy, it falls to the floor and breaks]
Kelly Van Ryan: I fucking hate you, you son of a bitch! I fucking hate you!
Sam: After tonight, the three of us are not to be seen together ever again.
Kelly Van Ryan: After tonight.
Kelly Van Ryan: Whooo, it worked! we screwed the bitch!
[Kelly kisses Sam]
Kelly Van Ryan: It worked just like you said. What's wrong?
Sam: You scared the shit out of me. What's wrong, is you're coming here. That's what's wrong. Are you fuckin' crazy?
Kelly Van Ryan: Yeah, I'm crazy. Ask my mom.
Kelly Van Ryan: Fuck off!
Sam: We've gotta stop. I'm gonna cum.
Kelly Van Ryan: That never seemed to worry you out at the Glades.
Sam: Kelly Van Ryan is accusing me of rape.
Kenneth Bowden: Kelly Van Ryan? As in Sandra Van Ryan?
Sam: As in, I'm fucked.
Sam: [looking at a photo] Hey Art, this is one hell of a fish.
Art Maddox: It's a Barracuda. If you weren't so busy chasing booty at the yacht club, you could have caught one for yourself.
Sam: You aren't going to eat that thing are you? It's Barracuda, it's poisonous, it'll kill you.
Art Maddox: Shit, man. I could say that about most of the girls you date.
Suzie: Kelly's pissed at Mr. Lombardo too. She's in love with him. I mean she's been her whole fantasy since her old man died, and then she found out that Mr. Lombardo was doing her mom, and that was it.
[Crowd gasps]
Sandra Van Ryan: What? Kelly!
Kelly Van Ryan: You skanky bitch!
[Kelly throws a glass at Suzie but Suzie dodges it]
Kelly Van Ryan: Get your fucking hands off of me? Don't you know who I am?
Kenneth Bowden: [Passing Sandra Van Ryan's limo and honking the horn] Hey, look who we've got here. Hey, Sandra!
Sandra Van Ryan: I want you to nail that shyster's balls to the wall!
Tom Baxter: Well, that might have been possible if miss not-so-bright here hadn't started throwing things in court.
Kelly Van Ryan: Fuck off!
Sandra Van Ryan: I can't believe you're going to let them, get away with this... shit!
Tom Baxter: I don't think you understand, Sandy. Your little princess here committed perjury. It will be all I can do to keep her fucking little ass out of jail.
Sandra Van Ryan: Well... what are we going to do?

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