A young man with an unusual connection to rats uses them at his own sociopathic will.

Willard: You stole this company from my father. It killed him and it killed my mother and now you're trying to kill me. You're trying to take my house. You made a fool of me in front of everybody. You made me hate myself. I thought about it a lot, hating myself. Well right now, at this moment, I LIKE myself.
Willard: You killed Socrates.
Frank Martin: I killed who?
Willard: How do you think Socrates felt when you stuck him? Answer me!
Frank Martin: Who the fuck is Socrates?
Willard: He was the only friend I ever had!
Willard: Have you been to the basement?
Willard's Mother: Oh, you know I can't, but I know they're there. I can smell them! All my life I could smell mice.
Willard: Smell mice.
Willard's Mother: And hear them! Don't you hear them down there?
Willard: It's just the wind.
Willard's Mother: Oh, what is that on your hand?
Willard: I... it's, it's soap.
Willard's Mother: It's cooking oil! Oh, Willard, you're too old for that! When will - when will you find yourself a girl?
Mr. Garter: Willard, look. You have no choice...
Willard: [shouts] If I have no choice, why did you even come here?
Willard: [continues shouting] Why did you even bother telling me?
Willard: [still shouting] Do you get off on telling people that they have no control over their lives?
Willard: [shouting] That I have no money, no home, and it's not even my fault?
Willard's Mother: What an awful name. Willard. If you had a stronger name, Frank Martin wouldn't push you around. Or maybe you've found a girlfriend if you'd had a more handsome name. Mark or Kyle. Clark. From now, Willard, your name's Clark. Good night, Clark.
Mr. Garter: The money can help you start over.
Willard: Start over? I'm almost done!
Willard: Tear him up.
Frank Martin: What part of "You're fired" don't you understand?
[first lines]
Willard's Mother: Willard! There are rats in the basement!
Willard: Yes. Look at the rats...
Willard: We're done with each other, Ben. Just go! Go away! We are not friends anymore.
Willard: They'll do anything I tell them.
Frank Martin: Then tell them to get the fuck out of my office!

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