A pro tennis player has lost his ambition and has fallen in rank to 119. Fortunately for him, he meets a young player on the women's circuit who helps him recapture his focus for Wimbledon.

Lizzie Bradbury: Hit this one, and I'll sleep with you.
[ball hits an official]
Lizzie Bradbury: Too bad. You could've used the workout.
Peter Colt: [he is climbing a wall to get in to Lizzie's room and a dog is barking at him] I'll jump! Do you want to have that on your conscience?
[dog quietens]
Peter Colt: Thank you.
Peter Colt: [after seeing Lizzie in shower] Yes, goodbye, and may I say good body? Luck! Oh, shit! I meant... shit!
[goes towards a door and opens it]
Peter Colt: Ah, lovely kitchen.
[Lizzie points to other door]
Lizzie Bradbury: That way.
Peter Colt: Presently ranked 119th in the world. Sport is cruel. Now I know it doesn't sound too bad. Four million tennis players in the world, and I'm 119th. But what that really means is this - 118 guys out there are faster, stronger, better and younger. And it gets you thinking.
Lizzie Bradbury: [Peter has just snuck into Lizzie's bedroom] Good thing you didn't get the wrong window.
Peter Colt: I did, but your dad's a very quick shag.
Peter Colt: [Overviewing London with Lizzie] One day, none of this will be ours.
[they both laugh]
[first lines]
Peter Colt: [voiceover] We all start off in life with a dream, don't we? For a tennis player, it's being in the final of a Grand Slam, Centre Court, a high lob... a smash. Game, set and match. You're a champion. You're number one. But for most tennis players, that's all it ever is: a dream. The reality is another story. My story. Now, you see that good-looking fella? No, no that kid in white, the other tired good-looking fella. Yeah, him. Well, that's me. British Davis Cup, long time ago. Two singles titles, even longer ago. Presently ranked 119th in the world. Sport is cruel. I know it doesn't sound too bad: four million tennis players in the world and I'm the 119th, but what that really means is this: 118 guys out there are faster, stronger, better and younger... and it gets you thinking. These young guys: where do they get the energy, the focus? No fear. The one thing you can't have is fear, and for the first time in my life, I'm afraid. Not of losing. I'm not even afraid of the kid. I'm afraid of what happens if that ball keeps going by me. What happens than?
Peter Colt: My parents are still together, which proves that love isn't just blind, it's bloody stupid.
Lizzie Bradbury: I can't imagine ever wanting to get married.
Peter Colt: No. No. I mean that's why we love the tour, isn't it? There's always another country, another airport...
Lizzie Bradbury: Another girl.
Peter Colt: That's right, Lesley.
[Lizzie grabs his fingers and bends them back]
Peter Colt: Lizzie! I meant Lizzie.
Dennis Bradbury: Look, Peter, I got nothing against ya personally, you seem like a nice guy and ah...
Peter Colt: Oh, good.
Dennis Bradbury: I'm not an idiot, I know Lizzie likes to have her fun, keeps her relaxed, if you were just another easy... Y'know, well that would be one thing but you're not, are you?
Peter Colt: [hesitates] As matter of fact, I was incredibly easy.
Peter Colt: [on the phone] Lizzy, listen, dont say a word, I was thinking a repeat of the other night; like fish and chips, early to bed... *gasps* Mr Bradbury! Hello... Mr Bradbury?... damn...
Dieter Prohl: I suppose, in a few thousand years, the English will evolve webbed feet.
Peter Colt: Yes, just about the same time the first German evolves a sense of humor.
Dieter Prohl: No, no, no. That's unfair. Many times I make you laugh.
Peter Colt: No, I'm laughing at you, not with you.
Dieter Prohl: Ha, ha.
member tennis club: Oh look, there's Peter Colt, the new pro. Once ranked 17 in the world
Peter Colt: ELEVENTH!
[speaks to self]
Peter Colt: Once ranked eleventh in the world
Lizzie Bradbury: Hmmm. You're exceeding my expectations.
Lizzie Bradbury: Having a tough day?
Peter Colt: Well, you know, disastrous.
Peter Colt: You really are a wanker!
Carl Colt: Harsh... but fair.
Carl Colt: Might wanna change the sheets...
Dieter Prohl: And like all young men, he must first be taught the lesson of humility.
Lizzie Bradbury: Love means nothing in tennis. Zero. It only means you lose.
Peter Colt: Fuck a duck.
[Hammond's ball hits the ball boy after an ace]
Peter Colt: [thinking] Oh, you bastard. It's one thing to humiliate me, but you didn't have to mess with the boy. Now, you're going down, you bastard.
[Hammond serves a few aces]
Peter Colt: Or maybe not.
Chair Umpire: Colt to serve.
Country Club Tennis Lady: Some young men I find have a stamina that's really quite deceptive.
Peter Colt: Aren't we gonna have a workout?
Lizzie Bradbury: I thought we just had one.
[they've just had sex]
Peter Colt: [as they go for a jog] Now, are you sure about this? I usually do 10 miles.
Lizzie Bradbury: Why are you running behind me?
Peter Colt: I'm just enjoying the view.
Peter Colt: Ajay Bhatt, ever heard of him?
Dieter Prohl: Yeah, yeah, yeah - sitting over here.
Peter Colt: Oh, my God! Shouldn't he be off discovering masturbation somewhere?
Peter Colt: I'm not afraid, I'm old!
Lizzie Bradbury: My parents got divorced when I was 13. My mom was always on the road trying to become a singer.
Peter Colt: What went wrong?
Lizzie Bradbury: She couldn't sing.
Lizzie Bradbury: But I need you to go...
Peter Colt: No you need me to stay.
Peter Colt: [Lizzie's father is watching a replay of her losing match to find the fault in her game] She's dropping her arm too soon after the toss.
Lizzie Bradbury: Go out there and decide who you are.
Peter Colt: Who might that be?
Lizzie Bradbury: It might be a winner.
Lizzie Bradbury: Where do you come down on the whole "fooling around before a match" issue?
Peter Colt: Well, that's a very intriguing question
Lizzie Bradbury: 'Cause I think a little fooling around can be really good for your game. You know, help you relax.
Peter Colt: Um, I'm not sure I've done enough reasearch to have a definitive opinion.
Lizzie Bradbury: That's very sad.
Peter Colt: Yes, it is, isn't it
Lizzie Bradbury: It is... very sad...
Peter Colt: Don't get me wrong: I'm
[deep breath]
Peter Colt: very interested in doing the necessary research. Very intered in in doing the necessary research. Are you?
Lizzie Bradbury: I'm interested.
[Watching TV and Lizzy and Peter See Lizzy's father on Screen]
Peter Colt: It's surprising how much that actor looks like your father...
[realizing it is]
Peter Colt: Oh, shit.
[the camera pans on to the fron of a building]
Peter Colt: and how much that building looks like...
Peter Colt, Lizzie Bradbury: [Realizing] SHIT!
Betting Shop Girl: Can I take your picture?
Peter Colt: No, you bloody can't!
Betting Shop Girl: Digital!
Peter Colt: [talking about his parents] It's sad. Everything they used to love in each other now seems to drive them crazy.
Lizzie Bradbury: You're doing so great, you just have to...
Peter Colt: ...Keep winning.
Lizzie Bradbury: So keep winning!
Peter Colt: [the ballboy gives Peter his racquet] Thanks. I'll be needing that.
Peter Colt: I thought you'd gone.
Lizzie Bradbury: Me too. Having a tough day?
Peter Colt: Oh you know, disastrous.
Lizzie Bradbury: Except for the fact you didn't go gooey when the ballboy got hit.
Peter Colt: Yeah. Sorry.
Lizzie Bradbury: Why are you British apologizing all the time? Don't apologize to me, I love you. Apologize to all the fans out there who are rooting for you.
Peter Colt: What did you say?
Lizzie Bradbury: I said all those people...
Peter Colt: No, before that.
Lizzie Bradbury: I said I love you.
Peter Colt: Well that's very good news. I thought I was all alone in the love department.
Lizzie Bradbury: It turns out you've got company.
Carl Colt: Hundred quid on Cavendish in the quarters.
Bookmaker: So, still bettin' against your brother, are ya?
Carl Colt: It's tactical. If he loses, I get rich. And if he wins, I get laid.
[Winks at the Girl]
Bookmaker: Where the heck did you get a hundred quid anyway?
Carl Colt: [Mimics Camera Click] Photo Journalism.
Dieter Prohl: I... have a new theory of our life of tennis.
Peter Colt: Tell me.
Dieter Prohl: Well, it's simple, really. You... hit the ball back over the net, as hard, and as deep... and as often as possible.
Danny Oldham: Sorry to disturb you, Peter. The Members have invite you to use the number one dressing room.
Peter Colt: Oh, no, thank you, Danny. I think I'd rather stay here.
Danny Oldham: Right. That's what I told 'em you'd say.
Dieter Prohl: Good luck, my friend.
Lizzie Bradbury: I said I love you.
Peter Colt: See, that's very good news. I thought I was alone in the love department.
Lizzie Bradbury: Well, turns out you've got company.
Mary Carillo: What do you attribute this remarkable run to?
Peter Colt: Well, I had a bit of luck against Tom Cavendish in the quarters, and I played a more focused game, passionate game... But I suppose the real answer to your question... is... well, love. Really.
Mary Carillo: Love of the game?
Peter Colt: Yeah, love of the game... But listen, you may have read about Lizzie Bradbury and myself being... involved, so to speak... but I'd like to take this opportunity to set the record straight. I read the papers this morning, and they seemed to imply that Lizzie had let me down in some way. That's just not the case. The truth is I let her down. I let her down, and for that, I will always be truly sorry. Listen, I'm not in the habit of pouring my heart out on television. Or pouring my heart out at all... forgive me. Lizzie Bradbury... Lizzie is the reason that I'm here today. That's all I really came here to say, so thank you.
Mary Carillo: Thank you, Peter.
Jake Hammond: I tried to warn you about her. By the way, how's the weak back?
Peter Colt: It's fine. Thanks. How's the weak mind?
Danny Oldham: Gentlemen.
[they walk to the court]
Lizzie Bradbury: He's out of my head. It's over.
[Switches her mp3 player on and tunes into radio station]
Dennis Bradbury: What's the score, honey?
Lizzie Bradbury: Match point...
[last lines]
Peter Colt: [voiceover] Nothing could possibly match that moment. It's everything you wait a lifetime for. That dream finally come true. What else could ever come close? Except this, maybe.
[Seeing his child playing tennis with Lizzie]
Peter Colt: I did take a job at a club, but teaching young kids like my own, not old ladies. And I love it.
Lizzie Bradbury: I beat you!
Peter Colt: Rubbish, the ball was in, it was... Ow!
[His child hits him with a raquet]
Peter Colt: [voiceover] Well most of the time. A part of me was afraid my life would be over if I wasn't playing tennis. The truth is, it was really just beginning. Oh, and by the way, Lizzie did win the US Open. And Wimbledon. Twice.
Peter Colt: [voiceover] Nothing could possibly match that moment. It's everything you wait in a lifetime for. That dream finally came true. What else could ever come close?
Peter Colt: [Rising from his chair to play a match that Peter is almost sure he will lose] Right then.

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