A demonic djinn attempts to grant its owner three wishes, which will allow him to summon his brethren to earth.

Djinn: Run, insect. Run and tell those you will, what you will. Tell them there is something loose in their city which feeds on wishes. But tell them quickly, while you still have a soul.
Djinn: Listen to their screams, child, listen to the music of their agony.
[first lines]
[first title card]
Narrator: Once, in a time before time, God breathed life into the universe. And the light gave birth to Angels. And the earth gave birth to Man. And the fire gave birth to the Djinn, creatures condemned to dwell in the void between the worlds. One who wakes a Djinn will be given three wishes. Upon the granting of the third, the unholy legions of the Djinn will be freed to rule the earth. Fear one thing in all there is... FEAR THE DJINN.
Djinn: You wish to know what I am? To you, I am this: The cry of the abandoned child. The whimper of the whipped beast. I am the face that stares back at you from the shadows of your mirror. The hollowness at the heart of all your hopes, Alexandra. I AM DESPAIR.
Homeless Man: You left customers in there. That's not a very good way to run a business.
Pharmacist: Don't you tell me how to run my business, you're a fucking bum!
Homeless Man: Well, you don't tell me how to run my life! You're a fucking prick! I'll talk to whoever I want to! You don't own this fucking sidewalk!
Pharmacist: You wanna know something? I do own this fuckin' sidewalk. You wanna know why? Cause I pay fuckin' taxes!
Homeless Man: Fuck you!
Pharmacist: No, fuck you!
Homeless Man: I hope you die, you sack of shit. I hope you die, and I hope you float down the gutter, so I can fuckin' piss on you!
[the Pharmacist loses interest and leaves]
Homeless Man: You big, bald-headed baboon! Miscomplected afterbirth of a Chinese gang-banger! Educated idiot!
Alexandra Amberson: What happens if I wished you dead?
The Djinn: Why, how remarkably original of you, Alexandra. I'll tell you what. I'll give you one free wish. A sample. Just to get you in the spirit of the game.
Alexandra Amberson: All right. I want you to destroy yourself. Blow your brains out. Right now
The Djinn: Very well.
[He picks up a gun, presses it under his chin, and pulls the trigger, blowing off the top of his head]
The Djinn: [wound heals instantly, surprising Alexandra] That which is eternal cannot die. But if it's any consolation sweet Alex, THAT HURT LIKE HELL!
Alexandra Amberson: A djinn? A genie?
Wendy: Now hold on a minute. Forget what our culture has made of the Djinn. Forget Barbara Eden. Forget Robin Williams. To the people of ancient Arabia, the Djinn was neither cute not funny. It was something else entirely. It was the face of fear itself.
[after encasing Johnny Valentine in a steel-and-glass box filled with water, with Valentine in a straitjacket]
Nathaniel Demerest: Houdini did it in two and a half minutes.
[calmly walks up the steps and into Beaumont's party]
Alexandra Amberson: If there's no hope, no magic, I'll have to rely on myself.
Djinn: [as Wendy] Match wits with a creature older than time? Match wits with a prince of the dark dominions? Pit your tiny twentieth century mind against one who walked the spaces between the worlds, and trod the wings of angels beneath his conquering feet? Alexandra, you're a delight! Really, you are.
Ed Finney: Does the word dumbass mean anything to you?
Alexandra Amberson: Why don't you go to bed? I don't want you to worry.
Shannon Amberson: Can you can the big sister act for one night?
Nathaniel Demerest: Step aside, doorman.
Johnny Valentine: Doorman? The name is Valentine. Johnny Valentine. You'd better remember when they ask you how you lost your eye!
Djinn: [referring to the curses the homeless man shouted] What would you do to have them come true?
Homeless Man: Cigarette and a handshake's about all I got, pal.
Djinn: Not quite. You have a soul.
Homeless Man: That I'd trade for a shower and a jug of jack.
Djinn: Then the death of your enemy you would consider a bargain?
The Djinn: I claim that which is owed.
The Djinn: Going my way?
The Djinn: So, how do you like me so far?
Alexandra Amberson: Where's Wendy?
The Djinn: Bedroom. But I wouldn't go in there if I were you. Messy. I needed her face.
Alexandra Amberson: You killed her.
The Djinn: Actually, I can't kill anyone. Not unless they wish me to. Your research should have told you that.
Alexandra Amberson: She didn't wish to be dead, you lying sack of shit!
The Djinn: I showed her my true face. Her reaction wasn't very flattering. As a matter of fact, she got downright hysterical! I merely asked if she wished to be released from her fear. You're a dangerous person to know, Alexandra. Your scientist friend, your boss, the policeman, Wendy. By the by-where is that tasty little sister of yours today?
[licks upper lip slowly]
Djinn: Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have unlimited power, and only be able to use it when some worm asks you for something?
Merritt's Guard: No, I can't say that I do. I can't say that I give a shit, either.
[after the end credits roll]
Djinn: Careful what you wish for.
The Djinn: We have unfinished business.
Alexandra Amberson: It's gonna stay unfinished!
Wendy: [referring to Raymond Beaumont] What an insufferable prick that man is. Still, it's not your problem. Unless, of course, you're stupid enough to be working for him.
Alexandra Amberson: [shaking her head] No.
Wendy: Or sleeping with him.
Alexandra Amberson: [slightly disgusted] No.
Wendy: Oh good. Well, that establishes your discerning good taste.
[turns her attention to something else, then addresses Alex without looking at her]
Wendy: Uh-huh. What can I do for you?
Alexandra Amberson: [assertively] Absolutely nothing at all until I can get your full attention.
Wendy: [turns and stares at her, Alex stares right back] I like you.
Alexandra Amberson: If you harm Shannon, I'll kill you.
Djinn: [showing Alexandra his Djinn form] Spare me child. Behold my true face
Alexandra Amberson: [scared] Oh my God.
Djinn: Yes. The shit just... hit the fan, didn't it?
Beaumont: My God!
Djinn: Not yet, human. Soon... very soon I will be.
Djinn: My patience wears thin.
Alexandra Amberson: What are you going to do, kill me? Where's your third wish then?
Djinn: I don't need you dead, Alexandra. I just need you to wish you were.
[last lines]
Alexandra Amberson: So what are we doing tonight?
Josh Aickman: 'We?'
Alexandra Amberson: Oh, what's the matter, Josh? Are you afraid of the complications?
Josh Aickman: Um...
Alexandra Amberson: You know what? I think this could help.
[puts hat on Josh's head]
Alexandra Amberson: Does that help?
Josh Aickman: ...Yeah. Yeah, where are we going tonight?
Alexandra Amberson: Dinner and movie?
Josh Aickman: With me?
Alexandra Amberson: Yeah.
Josh Aickman: Yeah, yeah. I was thinking more about, um... about hot dogs and a ball game.
Alexandra Amberson: [laughs, kisses Josh] Yeah.
Josh Aickman: Um, are you... Are you alright?
Alexandra Amberson: [winks]
Josh Aickman: Alex?
Etchison: [about the fire opal] Hey. Clegg gave me a couple hundred. Did I get fucked?
Alexandra Amberson: [walking away] Royally!
Djinn: Where is Alexandra?
Nick Merritt: Uh, well I'm sorry, but I don't really feel comfortable telling you.
Djinn: What would make you comfortable, Nick? Name it.
Nick Merritt: What's my limit?
Djinn: Your imagination.

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