The outback once more becomes a place of horror as another unwitting tourist becomes the prey for crazed, serial-killing pig-hunter Mick Taylor.

[from trailer]
Mick Taylor: In this world, there's people like me, there's people like you. People like me eat people like you.
[from trailer]
Mick Taylor: What in the bloody hell are you buggers doing out here?
Mick Taylor: Welcome to Australia, cocksucker!
Mick Taylor: [grabs the sergeant and holds him up against the police car] Now, your little mate's right, I am a *pig shooter*! Ya know what I do to pigs when they start squealin'? I make 'em stop!
Cop #2: You shoot pigs for a living?
Mick Taylor: Ya bet your life!
Paul Hammersmith: So it's sort of like 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire'?
Mick Taylor: Yeah! Except you don't get to phone a friend if you get one wrong because you'll be too busy screaming in fucking agony!
Mick Taylor: [to the sergeant] Fuck me, you stupid pig bastards! Look at the fuckin' mess you made, now I gotta clean it up!
Mick Taylor: [as Kangaroos run across the road and get hit by Mick's truck] Oh, shit! Flying kangaroos!
Mick Taylor: [Mick chuckles] Sorry, Skippy!
Mick Taylor: [rolls down truck window] G'DAY!
Senior Sergeant Gary Bulmer Jnr: Get out of the vehicle...
Mick Taylor: No worries!
[first lines]
Cop #2: [Mick drives by; they check his meter] It's under.
Senior Sergeant Gary Bulmer Jnr: [smirks] He doesn't know that!
Jack: [cocking his shotgun while approaching Mick standing by the gate of his front yard] Get off my property!
Mick Taylor: [casually] Hey mate, the boy. Hand him over.
Jack: [angrily and defensive] I said... GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HERE!
[fires a warning shot with the bullet smashing through a porcelain d├ęcor in the yard]
Mick Taylor: [to the cop] Aw SHADDUP, ya big cry baby!
Mick Taylor: [points his shotgun directly at Jil's face and cocks it] Hey, baby. Could'a had a good time, you and me!
[Mick shoots her in the head]

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