When a cure is found to treat mutations, lines are drawn amongst the X-Men, led by Professor Charles Xavier, and the Brotherhood, a band of powerful mutants organized under Xavier's former ally, Magneto.

Logan: Who's the furball?
Dr. Hank McCoy: Hank McCoy, Secretary of Mutant Affairs
Logan: Right, right. The secretary. Nice suit.
Prof. Charles Xavier: Henry, this is Logan. He's, uh...
Dr. Hank McCoy: Wolverine. I hear you are quite an animal.
Logan: Look who's talkin'.
Eric Lensherr: Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you will ever know. My single greatest regret is that he had to die for our dream to live.
Logan: [talking about "The Cure"] Well, for all we know, the government helped cook this up.
Dr. Hank McCoy: I can assure you, the government had nothing to do with this.
Logan: I've heard that before.
Dr. Hank McCoy: My boy, I have been fighting for mutant rights since before you had claws.
Logan: [to the Professor] Did he just call me boy?
Logan: [while he and Beast are fighting off Magneto's forces] I thought you were a diplomat.
Dr. Hank McCoy: As Churchill said, "There comes a time when every man must..."
[pauses to fight off another baddie, then another, then another]
Dr. Hank McCoy: Oh, you get the point!
Logan: [to Colossus] This is it! Let's make it a strike!
[Colossus uses the Fastball Special and throws Wolverine at Magneto... who stops him]
Eric Lensherr: You never learn, do you?
Logan: ...actually, I do.
[Beast jumps Magneto from behind and injects him with the Cure]
Eric Lensherr: [powers fading] I'm...
Logan: One of them?
Ororo Munroe: We live in an age of darkness: a world full of fear, hate and intolerance. But in every age, there are those who fight against it. Charles Xavier was born into a world divided, a world he tried to heal... a mission he never saw accomplished. It seems it's the destiny of great men to see their goals unfulfilled. Charles was more than a leader, more than a teacher. He was a friend. When we were afraid, he gave us strength. When we were alone, he gave us a family. He may be gone, but his teachings live on through us, his students. Wherever we may go, we must carry on his vision. And that is a vision of a world united.
Eric Lensherr: [moving the Golden Gate Bridge towards Alcatraz] Charles always wanted to build bridges...
John Allerdyce: You're in over your head, Bobby.
[starts throwing fire even harder]
John Allerdyce: Maybe you should go back to school.
Bobby Drake: [Bobby turns his entire body into ice, grabs John's arms and headbutts him] You never should have left.
[last lines]
[Wolverine watches a TV]
The President: And now, it's my great pleasure to introduce the American Ambassador for the United Nations: Dr. Hank McCoy!
Dr. Hank McCoy: Thank you...
Logan: Way to go, furball.
Limb-Growing Mutant: [Wolverine is slicing the arms off a mutant who grows them back] Come on.
Logan: [Wolverine, using all his strength, kicks him in the balls. The mutant falls over] Grow those back.
[after credits]
Dr. Moira MacTaggart: Good morning.
[tends to her patient, who suddenly looks at her]
Prof. Charles Xavier: Hello, Moira.
Dr. Moira MacTaggart: ...Charles?
Phoenix: [levitating everything in the room, the dropping it when The Professor and Magneto enter the room] I knew you'd come.
Prof. Charles Xavier: Of course. I've come to take you home.
Phoenix: I have no home.
Prof. Charles Xavier: Yes, you do. You have a home, and a family.
Eric Lensherr: You know he thinks your power is too strong for you to control.
Prof. Charles Xavier: Eric...
Eric Lensherr: I don't believe your mind games are going to work anymore, Charles.
Phoenix: So you want to control me?
Prof. Charles Xavier: No.
Eric Lensherr: He does.
Prof. Charles Xavier: No, I want to help you.
Phoenix: Help me? What's wrong with me?
Eric Lensherr: Absolutely nothing.
Prof. Charles Xavier: Eric, stop!
Eric Lensherr: No, Charles, not this time. You've always held her back!
Prof. Charles Xavier: For your own good, Jean.
Phoenix: [throws a lamp across the room telekinetically] Stay out of my head!
Logan: [to Rogue] I'm not your father. I'm your friend.
Eric Lensherr: In chess, the pawns go first.
Prof. Charles Xavier: [final words to Jean] Don't let it control you.
[gets disintegrated]
Raven Darkholme: [as the President of the United States] Let me out of here! I demand that you release me! Do you know who I am? I am the President of the United States!
Prison Truck Guard: Oh, Mr. President... shut up!
Raven Darkholme: [as a little girl] Why are you doing this? Let me down! I'll be a good girl! Please!
Prison Truck Guard: Keep it up and I'll spray you in the face, bitch!
Raven Darkholme: [still as a little girl] When I get out of here, I'm gonna kill you myself.
Prison Truck Guard: Yeah, right!
[Later, she fulfills her vow]
Raven Darkholme: Told you so.
Cain Marko: Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!
John Allerdyce: Gettin' the cure so you can go back home to Mommy and Daddy?
Bobby Drake: I'm lookin' for someone.
[looks around, sees mutants lining up to get cure]
John Allerdyce: Oh. I get it. Your girlfriend. I figured she'd want the cure. She's pathetic.
Bobby Drake: [clenches fist angrily, starts to freeze up]
John Allerdyce: [lights a fireball] Come on, Iceman. Make a move.
Bobby Drake: [long pause, then turns and walks away]
John Allerdyce: Same old Bobby. Still afraid of a fight!
[turns around and ignites "The Cure" building]
The Interrogator: Where is Magneto? Raven? Raven, I asked you a question.
Raven Darkholme: I don't answer to my slave name.
The Interrogator: Raven Darkholme. That's your real name, isn't it? Or has he convinced you you don't have a family anymore?
Raven Darkholme: My family tried to kill me, you pathetic meat sack.
Eric Lensherr: [regarding Mystique] Such a shame. She was so beautiful.
Eric Lensherr: Did you think you were the only one of your kind, young lady?
Prof. Charles Xavier: We're mutants, Jean. We're like you.
Young Jean Grey: Really? I doubt that.
[everything behind her begins to levitate]
Eric Lensherr: Oh, Charles, I like this one.
Ororo Munroe: [greets Dr. McCoy] I love what you've done with your hair.
Dr. Hank McCoy: Mmm. You too.
Raven Darkholme: [after she's intercepted a cure meant for Magneto] Eric?
Eric Lensherr: I'm sorry, my dear. You're not one of us anymore.
Phoenix: You would die for them?
Logan: No. Not for them. For you. For you.
Dr. Jean Grey: [surfacing] Save me.
Logan: I love you.
[stabs Jean]
Mutant Theatre Organizer: This cure is voluntary. Nobody's is talking about extermination.
Eric Lensherr: No one ever talks about it. They just do it. And you go on with your lives, ignoring the signs all around you. And then, one day, when the air is still and the night has fallen, they come for you.
Mutant Theatre Organizer: [interrupting] Excuse me, but...
Eric Lensherr: It's only that you realize, while you were talking about organizing and committees, the extermination has already begun. Make no mistake, my brothers. They will draw first blood. They will force their cure upon us. The only question is, will my brotherhood and fight, or wait for the inevitable genocide? Who will you stand with - the humans... or us?
John Allerdyce: Nice helmet.
Cain Marko: Keeps my face pretty.
Logan: It's over, Jean. It's over.
[Soldiers come up the hill and try to shoot at Jean with the cure]
Logan: No! Don't shoot!
[Jean disintegrates the cure that was shot at her and starts to fly; then she disintegrates the soldiers]
Logan: Noooo!
Logan: [to Rogue] Need a lift kid?
Marie: No
Logan: Where are you going?
Marie: You don't know what it's like to be afraid of your powers... afraid to get close to anybody
Logan: Yeah, I do
Marie: I want to be able to touch Logan... a hug... a handshake... a kiss
Logan: I hope you're not doing this for some boy
Logan: Look, if want go, then go... just be sure it's what you want
Marie: Shouldn't you be telling me to stay... to go upstairs and unpack?
Logan: I'm not you father, I'm your friend
Logan: Just think about what I said Rogue
Marie: Marie
Logan: Marie
Logan: I'm the only one who can stop her.
Cain Marko: [on the Golden Gate Bridge, looking over at Alcatraz] How we supposed to get there? Cause I don't swim.
Eric Lensherr: I think I can take care of that...
Prof. Charles Xavier: Since the dawn of existence, there have always been moments when the course of history shifted. Such a turning point is upon us now: the conflict between the better and worst angels of our very nature, whose outcome will change our world so greatly there will be no going back. I do not know if victory is possible. I only know that great sacrifice will be required. And because the fate of many will depend on a few, we must make the last stand.
Eric Lensherr: [as the Dark Phoenix rises, Magneto looks shocked] What have I done?
[first lines]
Eric Lensherr: I still don't know why *I'm* here. Couldn't you just make them say yes?
Prof. Charles Xavier: Yes, I could, but it's not my way. And I would expect you, of all people would understand my feelings about the misuse of power.
Eric Lensherr: Ah, "power corrupts" and all that. Yes, I know, Charles. When are you going to stop lecturing me?
Prof. Charles Xavier: When you start listening. And you're here because I need you.
Dr. Jean Grey: [Jean Grey awakes, Logan being the first person she sees] Back where we first met... only I'm in your place, and you're in mine.
Eric Lensherr: [to Phoenix] Do you remember when we first met? Do you know what I saw when I looked at you? I saw the next stage of evolution both Charles and I dreamt of finding. And I thought to myself, "Why would Charles want to turn this goddess into a mortal?"
[He holds up the cure gun]
Eric Lensherr: I can manipulate the metal in this, but you, you can do anything. ANYTHING you can think of.
[the Phoenix telekinetically breaks apart the gun, and steers its cure darts towards Magneto... ]
Eric Lensherr: [alarmed] That's enough, Jean... enough! ENOUGH!
Phoenix: [At the last moment, she stops] You sound just like him.
Eric Lensherr: Nooo, HE wanted to hold you back.
Phoenix: And what do you want?
Eric Lensherr: I want you as you are. As nature intended.
Prof. Charles Xavier: [to Class] When an individual acquires great power, the use or misuse of that power is everything. Will it be used for the greater good? Or will it be used for personal or for destructive ends? Now this is a question we must all ask ourselves. Why? Because we are mutants.
Kitty Pryde: But Einstein said that ethics are an exclusive human concern, without any superhuman authority behind it.
Prof. Charles Xavier: Einstein wasn't a mutant, so far as we know.
Eric Lensherr: [Magneto captures Logan, who was sneaking around his camp and pulls Logan towards him] I know the smell of your adamantium from a mile away!
Logan: I didn't come here to fight you!
Eric Lensherr: Smart boy.
Logan: I came for Jean!
Eric Lensherr: You think I'm keeping her here against her will? She's here because she wants to be.
Logan: You have no idea what you're dealing with!
Eric Lensherr: I know full well. I saw what she did to Charles.
Logan: And you just stood there and let him die?
Dr. Hank McCoy: Oh, my stars and garters.
Dr. Moira MacTaggart: [on a videotape] Mutant ethics arise when discussing which of two rights is for a greater good. For instance, would it be wise to transfer the mind of a dying father, into a comatose patient? The answer to this question is the core of mutant ethics...
Logan: Hey Scott, they were lookin' for you downstairs. You didn't show.
Scott Summers: What do you care?
Logan: Well, for starters, I had to cover your ass.
Scott Summers: I didn't ask you to.
Logan: No, you didn't. The Professor did. I was just passing through.
Scott Summers: So pass through, Logan.
[Scott turns away]
Logan: [Logan grabs his arm] Hey, look. I know how you feel.
Scott Summers: Don't.
Logan: When Jean died...
Scott Summers: I said don't.
Logan: Maybe it's time for us to move on.
Scott Summers: [Scott walks away, then turns back to Logan] Not everybody heals as fast as you, Logan.
Dr. Hank McCoy: [wearing his old X-men jacket] Hard to believe this once fit me.
Callisto: I just sensed a mutant, off the charts. Whoever it is, they're more powerful than even you are...
Eric Lensherr: [remembering] Where is she?
Eric Lensherr: Humans and their guns...
[sees his magnetism is ineffective]
Eric Lensherr: Plastic. They've learnt.
Kid Omega: [to Magneto] You talk pretty tough for a guy in a cape.
Pyro: [ignites a fireball] Back off!
Raven Darkholme: This man robbed seven banks...
[five copies of Multiple Man walk out of the cell]
Raven Darkholme: at the same time.
Eric Lensherr: I could use a man of your talents.
Multiple Man: I'm in.
Logan: Don't get your panties in a bunch.
Cain Marko: You gonna let me outta here? I need to pee.
Bobby Drake: You don't seem fine; you seem like you're avoiding me. I mean, something's wrong.
Marie: What's wrong is I can't touch my boyfriend without killing him. Other than that, I'm wonderful.
Bobby Drake: Hey, I don't think that's fair. Have I ever put any pressure on you?
Marie: You're a guy, Bobby. Your mind's only on one thing.
Bobby Drake: There's only six of us, Logan.
Logan: Yeah. We're outnumbered. I'm not gonna lie to you. But we lost Scott. We lost the Professor. If we don't fight now, everything they stood for will die with them. I'm not gonna let that happen. Are you?
[Bobby shakes his head]
Logan: Then we stand together... X-Men, all of us.
Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!
Logan: You're talkin' about a person's mind here, about Jean.
Prof. Charles Xavier: She has to be controlled.
Logan: Control? You know, sometimes when you cage the beast, the beast gets angry.
Logan: The Professor can help. He can fix it...
Phoenix: I don't want to fix it!
[slams Logan against the wall and walks off]
John Allerdyce: Now, check this out. "Prisoner must be confined at all times. If he builds any momentum, no object can stop him."
Eric Lensherr: How fascinating. And what do they call you?
Cain Marko: Juggernaut.
Eric Lensherr: I can't imagine why.
Scott Summers: Jean?
Dr. Jean Grey: Scott?
Scott Summers: How...?
Dr. Jean Grey: I don't know...
[they kiss - Scott screams... ]
Juggernaut: I'm the wrong guy to play hide and seek with!
Kitty Pryde: Who's hiding?
Kitty Pryde: dickhead!
Young Angel: [after he cuts the wings off his back] Dad, I'm sorry.
Warren Worthington, Sr.: Warren, it's a better life. It's what we all want.
Warren Worthington III: No. It's what YOU want.
[flies off]
Dr. Jean Grey: [sobbing] Kill me.
Logan: What?
Dr. Jean Grey: Kill me before I kill someone else.
Logan: Don't say that.
Dr. Jean Grey: Please.
Logan: Stop it.
Dr. Jean Grey: [turning into Dark Phoenix] Kill me.
Eric Lensherr: [addressing the Brotherhood] They wish to cure us. But I say to you, WE are the cure! The cure for that infirm, imperfect condition called "Homo sapiens"! They have their weapons...
[gestures to the Phoenix]
Eric Lensherr: ... we have ours. We will strike with a vengeance and a fury that this world has never witnessed! And if any mutants stand in our way, we will use this poison against them! We shall go to Alcatraz Island, take control of the cure, and destroy its source! And then, nothing can stop us!
Trask: [about the upcoming raid on Magneto's camp] Two minutes to rendezvous, Mr. President. We have a satellite feed of Magneto's base of operations.
The President: How did we find it?
Trask: [glances at another monitor] She gave us everything we wanted and more.
[the monitor shows Raven, fully human, undergoing a debriefing]
The President: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Ororo Munroe: We work together as a team!
Logan: Best defense is a good offense.
[Later in the final battle on Alcatraz]
Logan: We work together as a team!
Ororo Munroe: Best defense is a good offense.
Mr. Grey: We don't know if you can treat her sickness...
Eric Lensherr: Sickness?
Logan: [shocked] She killed Scott...
Prof. Charles Xavier: What have you done?
Prof. Charles Xavier: I don't have to be psychic to see that something's bothering you.
Dr. Jean Grey: [turning from Phoenix into a confused Jean] Where am I?
Logan: You're in the mansion. You need to tell me what happened to Scott.
Multiple Man: [as him and his decoys are surrounded at the Brotherhood camp] Okay. I give up.
Dr. Hank McCoy: [to Wolverine] You're saying you saw Magneto?
Logan: [to Colossus and Rogue] The whole world's goin' to hell, you're just gonna sit there?
Logan: This isn't training anymore, guys. This is the real deal... You may never come back.
Bobby Drake: Logan, we're not kids anymore.
Logan: They're ready.
Ororo Munroe: Yeah, I know. But are you ready to do what's necessary when the time comes?
Eric Lensherr: [the X-Men stand between Alcatraz and the Brotherhood] Traitors to their own cause...
Raven Darkholme: About time
Eric Lensherr: I've been busy. Did you find what you were looking for?
Raven Darkholme: The source of the cure is a mutant, a child at Worthington Labs. Without him, they have nothing.
Eric Lensherr: [to Pyro as he levitates to him the prisoner manifest] Read off the guest list.
Logan: [to Colossus] Hey, Tin Man! Come here! How's you're throwing arm?
Ororo Munroe: Logan, we work as a team.
Logan: Yeah, good luck with that. Throw me. Now!
Ororo Munroe: Damn it, Logan! Don't do this!
Logan: [Colossus grabs Logan and throws at the incoming Sentinel robot, Logan slices off its head and it falls to the ground; he comes from behind the giant head] Class dismissed.
Callisto: If you're so proud of being a mutant, where's your mark?
Eric Lensherr: I have been marked once, my dear, and let me assure you,
[pulls back his sleeve to reveal the Nazi concentration camp serial number tattooed on his arm]
Eric Lensherr: no needle shall ever touch my skin again.
Ororo Munroe: I don't understand. Magneto's a fugitive. We have a mutant in the cabinet, a president who understands us. Why are we still hiding?
Prof. Charles Xavier: We're not hiding. But we still have enemies out there. And I must protect our students. You know that.
Ororo Munroe: Yes, but we can't be students forever.
Prof. Charles Xavier: [chuckles] Storm, I hadn't thought of you as my student for years. In fact, I thought that, perhaps, you might take my place some day.
Ororo Munroe: But Scott's...
Prof. Charles Xavier: Scott's a changed man. He took Jean's death so hard. Yes, things are better out there. But you, of all people, know how fast the weather can change.
Ororo Munroe: There's something you're not telling us.
Dr. Hank McCoy: Not all of us can fit in so easily. You don't shed on the furniture.
Dr. Hank McCoy: He's going for the boy!
Kitty Pryde: Not if I get there first!
Warren Worthington, Sr.: [as Psylocke and Arclight dangle him from a rooftop] I was only trying to help you people.
Kid Omega: Do we look like we need your help?
Logan: That was my last cigar.
Dr. Jean Grey: Logan, you're making me blush.
Logan: This isn't you...
Phoenix: No, it is me.
Logan: No, it isn't. Maybe you should take it easy. The Professor said you might be... different.
Phoenix: He would know, wouldn't he? What, you didn't think he's in your mind too? Look at you, Logan. He's tamed you.
Bobby Drake: Where's Marie? Did she...?
Peter Rasputin: Yeah. She took off.
Marie: Is it true? Can they cure us?
Prof. Charles Xavier: Yes, Rogue. It appears to be true.
Ororo Munroe: No, Professor. They can't cure us. You want to know why? Because there's nothin' to cure. Nothing's wrong with you. Or any of us, for that matter.
Marie: [cured] I'm sorry, I had to.
Bobby Drake: Marie, this isn't what I wanted...
Marie: I know. It's what I want.
Ororo Munroe: [about the cure] Since when did we become a disease?
Dr. Hank McCoy: A major pharmaceutical company has developed a mutant antibody - a way to suppress the mutant "X" gene.
Logan: Suppress?
Dr. Hank McCoy: Permanently. They're calling it a cure.
Dr. Hank McCoy: Have you even begun to think what a slippery slope you're on?
The President: I have. And I worry about how democracy survives when one man can move cities with his mind.
Dr. Hank McCoy: As do I.
Cain Marko: I'm the wrong guy to play hide-and-seek with.
Kitty Pryde: Who's hiding... tinhead?

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