A drama centered on a classical pianist who has been diagnosed with ALS and the brash college student who becomes her caregiver.

Kate: Why is it that we want the ones that don't see us, instead of the ones that do?
Bec: I know it's not my place, because I'm not the one who has this thing, but... please don't give up.
Kate: That's the thing about giving up, you don't realize you've done it until it's to late.
Wil: [to Bec] Maybe some day you'll stop punishing me for liking you as much as I do.
Kate: [sitting in the park] I've never done this.
Bec: What?
Kate: Nothing.
Bec: Maybe that's what's wrong with my life. I didn't know this was doing nothing.
Bec: The only other person I saw up-close like this was my grammy. Every Thanksgiving my redneck cousins would bet against her lasting until Christmas. And 12 years straight they lost. 'Cause she didn't take shit from anyone.
[last lines]
Bec: Now you gotta promise me something. I'm gonna pay you a compliment, and you just gotta lay there and take it. Thanks for the manolos, and for teaching me how to cook. But the biggest thing that I have to thank you for is that you didn't let me fuck this up. 'Cause no one in my life has ever done that for me.
Kate: [nod] Go now...
Bec: [to her professor] Do you think God invented sex so we could bare each other's short-comings? 'Cause every time we do that I forget all the stuff I hate about you.
Bec: Personally, I'd rather staple my tits to a burning building than have Christmas or Thanksgiving at Keely's.
Bec: [not realizing they are on the baby monitor] I'm doing something positive. Something good. I'm helping another human being.
Elizabeth: No, Rebekah my darling, you're not. What you *are* doing is exactly what you've done your entire life. You're focusing all of your energy, all of your time, on something that is doomed to fail. That poor, poor woman out there is going to die. And when she is gone, where does that leave you? With no future, no degree, and no means of supporting yourself. Nothing.
Bec: Merry Christmas to you too, mom...

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