Aaron Allston — American Novelist born on December 29, 1960,

Aaron Dale Allston was an American game designer and author of many science fiction books, notably Star Wars novels. His works as a game designer include game supplements for role-playing games, several of which served to establish the basis for products and subsequent development of TSR's Dungeons & Dragons game setting Mystara. His later works as a novelist include those of the X-Wing series: Wraith Squadron, Iron Fist, Solo Command, Starfighters of Adumar, and Mercy Kill. He wrote two entries in the New Jedi Order series: Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream and Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand. Allston wrote three of the nine Legacy of the Force novels: Betrayal, Exile, and Fury, and three of the nine Fate of the Jedi novels: Outcast, Backlash, and Conviction... (wikipedia)

Life is like an analogy.
When all else fails, complicate matters.
Lawyers are the first refuge of the incompetent.
Luck consists largely of hanging on by your fingernails until things start to go your way.
There are two types of people in the world, and I'm one of them.