Ann Wilson — American Musician born on June 19, 1950,

Ann Dustin Wilson is an American musician, best known as the lead singer, flute player, songwriter, and occasional guitar player of the hard rock band Heart. Regarded as one of the best female vocalists in rock music history, Wilson was listed as one of the "Top Heavy Metal Vocalists of All Time" by Hit Parader magazine in 2006... (wikipedia)

It was darn nigh impossible for women in rock in the '70s. There wasn't a mold if you were a woman and you were in the entertainment in the '70s. You were probably a disco diva or a folk singer, or simply ornamental. Radio would play only one woman per hour.
I'm a little bit more unusual so I consider myself as the black sheep.
Fleetwood Mac are more like a folk-rock band.
People can't just listen to the music and have their own imagination and take them where they wanna go.
Heart has always been a rock band. It's always been hard-rock.