The misadventures of a milkshake, an order of fries, a meatball, and their retired next door neighbor in the suburbs of New Jersey.

Carl: You think you're gonna live forever, but you won't. Someone'll kill ya. Someone'll kill ya with a knife.
Master Shake: I wasn't born yesterday, you know - I've seen movies.
Meatwad: [In front of a closet that has a sign that says "WARNING! DO NOT ENTER!] Carl, in here, no one won't ever think to look in here.
[Opens the door to reveal a pink intestinal-like surface with a gaping black hole]
Meatwad: No one won't ever want to get near here.
Carl: You, uh, you sure about this?
Meatwad: Aww, just do it.
[Master Shake pushes Carl in and closes the door. A second later, the door opens up again, and Carl comes flying out of the closet screaming]
Meatwad: Whoops, my bad.
Frylock: [angrily closing the door] I told y'all: this closet is not to be opened, it is a horrible horrible place in there!
Meatwad: Well there's a knob there.
Frylock: Why do you think I put the sign there? You think I was being cute?
Meatwad: I don't know.
Meatwad: I don't have any real dolls, I prefer to use my infinite imagination... cause I ain't got no damn money.
Master Shake: Ding dong! The dick is dead Carl!
Master Shake: [Frylock is about to revive Carl, whose body has been recreated from a mass of eyeballs] What a minute. Before you turn him on - do you think he'll be able to be able to see us?
Frylock: In ways you can only imagine.
Master Shake: But look, I mean - is he going to be able to chase us? 'Cause if I woke up lookin' like that, I would just run towards the nearest living thing and kill it.
Frylock: [on the Plutonian spaceship] Which one of these buttons beams me out of here?
Oglethorpe: Those buttons are red! YOU'LL DESTROY US ALL!
[Frylock presses a button and party music plays while balloons and confetti fall out of the ceiling]
Emory: Alright, party time.
Oglethorpe: Whose birthday is it? Someone gets a spanking!
[Frylock presses some more buttons until Master Shake beams in]
Master Shake: Hey! Happy birthday! Who's the lucky boy?
Frylock: SHAKE! How'd you get in this beam?
Master Shake: Look, that beam came from space. You don't own space, so stop acting like you do!
Frylock: I'm outta here.
[his first line of the series]
Carl: What happened to my friggin' car?
[repeated line]
Master Shake: That's what it does!
Master Shake: Teeth are for gay people. That's why fairies come and get them.
Master Shake: You're about to not have a mouth! And I mean it! I'LL RIP IT OFF!
Master Shake: You're both yo-yos. Shut up ya yo-yos.
ignignokt: The innocent shall suffer - big time.
Frylock: You know I'm further my education online? Learn How To Be A Surgeon?
Carl: Write yourself a prescription for shutting the fuck up.
Meatwad: Hey, Frylock...
Frylock: What?
Meatwad: ASS.
Frylock: MEATWAD!
Master Shake: Animal sex? Don't have time for that, man!
[repeated line]
Carl: Tonight!
[repeated line]
Frylock: Damn it, Shake!
Master Shake: Dancing is forbidden!