Arthur Rimbaud — French Poet born on October 20, 1854, died on November 10, 1891

Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud (/ræmˈboʊ/ or /ˈræmboʊ/; French pronunciation: ( listen) ; 20 October 1854 – 10 November 1891) was a French poet born in Charleville, Ardennes. He influenced modern literature and arts, inspired various musicians, and prefigured surrealism. He started writing poems at a very young age, while still in primary school, and stopped completely before he turned 21. He was mostly creative in his teens . His "genius, its flowering, explosion and sudden extinction, still astonishes"... (wikipedia)

Only divine love bestows the keys of knowledge.
Life is the farce which everyone has to perform.
But, truly, I have wept too much! The Dawns are heartbreaking. Every moon is atrocious and every sun bitter.
I have stretched ropes from steeple to steeple; garlands from window to window; golden chains from star to star, and I dance.
Idle youth, enslaved to everything; by being too sensitive I have wasted my life.