The Caped Crusader battles evildoers in Gotham City in a bombastic 1960s parody of the comic book hero's exploits.

Commissioner Gordon: You know I'm violently opposed to police brutality.
[Figuring out a riddle]
Robin: The opposite of a girl is a boy!
[Repeated line]
Batman: Quick! To the Batmobile!
Catwoman: I'm not just pussyfooting around this time, Batman!
Alfred Pennyworth: [whispering to Bruce Wayne at the beginning of most every episode] It's the Bat-Phone.
[about to zoom out of The Batcave!]
Robin: Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed.
Batman: Roger. Ready to move out.
Commissioner Gordon: By the way, Batman, have you seen millionaire Bruce Wayne? He doesn't answer the phone at his stately manor.
Alfred Pennyworth: [answering the Bat-phone] I shall solicit his presence.
Robin: Holy atomic pile, Batman!
[repeated line]
Batman: Precisely, Robin!
Batman: Come on, Robin, to the Bat Cave! There's not a moment to lose!
Batman: [after Batgirl has come and gone secretly] How does she DO IT?
[repeated line]
Batman: To the Batcave!
Batman: Nothing's sacred to those devils.
Batman: The miserable weakling. He fainted dead away!