The Transformers' war continues in an older time, through a new generation. On pliocenic Earth, the heroic Maximals and the evil Predacons battle for survival against each other and against a violent planet.

Waspinator: Two-head throw Megatron in lava pit! Megatron want slag Two-head. Waspinator down with that!
Tarantulas: And just what are you planning to do with that?
Blackarachnia: I'm tired of being your slave. Either terminate the link between us or I'll crack this cube and you know what will happen then.
Tarantulas: You don't have the nerve. Besides, I can stop you with a single thought.
Blackarachnia: Really? I'm betting the energon radiation will interfere with our link.
Tarantulas: Okay. Let's find out.
[Tarantulas tries to enter Blackarachnia's head]
Blackarachnia: I warned you!
[upon cracking the energon cube, Blackarachnia starts to shriek]
Tarantulas: Oh, demond! What have you done? Stop this insanity, She-Spider. Throw the cube away.
Blackarachnia: Never! I will be free one way or another.
Tarantulas: Fine then. Go ahead and delete yourself for all.
[Tarantulas wails in pain]
Tarantulas: The cyberlink works both ways. I share your pain.
Blackarachnia: Then, sever the link, Tarantulas. Save us both.
Tarantulas: No, I can't.
Blackarachnia: Then we both go offline together.
Tarantulas: Fine! You win again. The link is broken. Get out of my mind. GET OUT!
Blackarachnia: [throws the energon cube away] I told you I'd be free.
Tarantulas: But you won't live to gloat about it.
Blackarachnia: [hanging from the ceiling] Hey, crumb-head! Want to play hide'n'seek?
Inferno: Huh?
[notices an opened door]
Inferno: She has gone outside.
Inferno: [Blackarachnia pushes the door shut behind Inferno. He bangs on the door] Let me in!
Blackarachnia: [sighing] The only thing worse than a salesman is a pushy Predacon. Autoguns online.
Inferno: Oh, no!
Blackarachnia: Another insect? How depressing.
Megatron: Quickstrike, you may lead.
Quickstrike: Yee-haw! now that's what I like to hear.
Inferno: [confused] Royalty, why was I not chosen?
Megatron: Because, Inferno, when expecting booby traps...
Megatron: [Quickstrike gets caught in the Maximal's booby trap] Always send the "boob" in first.
Rattrap: We're all gonna die...
[everyone glares at him]
Rattrap: Yeah, yeah, I know... "shut up, Rattrap!"
Rattrap: Hey, I don't think so.
Dinobot: And I really don't think so.
Rattrap: You'd never catch me letting a Predacon inside my circuitry.
Cheetor: Shut up, Rattrap.
Silverbolt: Listen to him, rat, if you value your spark.
Rattrap: Is that a threat?
Cheetor: Count on it.
Silverbolt: And still as welcomed as the moonlight.
[Rattrap smacks himself on the forehead]
Silverbolt: When I thought you were gone I...
Blackarachnina: It will take a lot more than that to get rid of me, Jojo. But when I have to come and rescue you when you're rescuing me my future may be in doubt so KNOCK IT OFF!
Megatron: The base is undermanned and unprotected - ours for the asking!
Quickstrike: Awwwww now, we ain't gonna ask, are we? How's about we just blast our way in, and slag everybody and TAKE IT!
Megatron: Mmm... okay!
Blackarachnia: Ready to rock and roll, insect?
Inferno: I don't rock and roll... I burn!
Cheetor: You did great out there and I kind of...
Blackarachnia: Listen, tabby, you're a nice kid, which is two strikes against ya so don't go looking for strike three, okay?
Cheetor: I am NOT a kid...
[Silverbolt snorts]
Cheetor: And maybe I'm not so nice either.
Inferno: Fool! Pain is my friend! Allow me to introduce YOU to it!
Blackarachnia: Now haul your hero hinny out of here. I don't remember inviting you to the picnic.
Rattrap: Nobody does that to my team, sister.
Silverbolt: Stop, you fiend.
Blackarachnia: What?
Silverbolt: I was listening to your plan to destroy us.
Blackarachnia: Oh. Why are the good-looking ones always such tube-heads? That was a diversion. I wanted to get Dinobot away from you.
Silverbolt: YOU SHOT ME.
Blackarachnia: If I didn't he would have blown your head off and you're still functional, aren't you?
Blackarachnia: Thanks for coming after me. It was sweet.
Silverbolt: As was the way you confessed the truth to Optimus. Oh we'll make a Maximal out of you yet.
Blackarachnia: In your dreams. I like myself just the way I am and I intend to stay this way. HOME, ROVER.
Rhinox: All of the equipment is on board but I'll need time to boot the Ark's main engine.
Airazor: Go on, spider. Make a move. PLEASE.
Waspinator: Waspinator not think this job so important!
Inferno: Every job for the Royalty is a gift,
Waspinator: [turning his head] Ant-bot is major suck up.
Optimus Primal: Sometimes 'crazy' works!
Inferno: For the glory of the royalty!
Cheetor: We've got to stop them before they reach the base.
Ratrap: That's your department, Sky Cat. Fire up. We'll be right behind you.
Dinobot: My weapon is depleted.
Cheetor: I need a running start.
Ratrap: Criminy, the pair of ya! I'VE GOTTA DO EVERYTHING?
Silverbolt: Although attacking your own comrade is no doubt business as usual in Predacon guides of villainy it is simply... unacceptable behaviour... in my book.
Blackarachnia: Oh no. You're not saving my life again? AFTER I SHOT YOU?
Silverbolt: It is my duty as a Maximal and a heroic character.
Blackarachnia: You know I like 'em big and stupid but you're really pushing it.
Blackarachnia: Oh, great. I let that sneaky lizard lead me right into Megatron's jamming zone.
Megatron: Blast that scheming spider! Again he defies me!
Inferno: Say the word, my queen, and he shall burn!
Megatron: Not just yet. And for the last time, STOP CALLING ME THAT!
Inferno: As you command, my qu...
[Megatron starts to strangle Inferno]
Blackarachnia: Trust isn't easy for a Predacon.
Silverbolt: You're only a Predacon because of Tarantulas. Inside you're a Maximal. When this is over you'll be one again as you were meant to be.
Blackarachnia: They're back just like Tarantulas always said they would be.
Rattrap: [watching the viewscreen] Whoo hoo! We've got Preds jumping out from every rock. I'm bringing the autoguns online.
Optimus Primal: Rattrap? What's the situation?
Rattrap: I can't get a good bead on them with the autoguns. They're shooting from cover and as far as I can tell they're aiming at the walls.
Optimus Primal: They're trying to disrupt our power. Somehow they know what we're doing. We've got to engage them.
Megatron: Good work, Inferno. Now go repair yourself
Inferno: Yes, my queen.
Megatron: ...I wish he wouldn't call me that
Rhinox: Is it just me or is our boy particularly happy today?
Rattrap: It's the spider lady that I'm worried about.
Rhinox: What do you mean?
Rattrap: Call me paranoid but I don't trust spiders, I don't trust Predacons, and I don't trust dames who sneak in and out of classified areas when they think that nobody is watching.
Blackarachnia: Optimus? Is it really you?
Optimus Primal: Yes, but Tarantulas has betrayed Megatron and taken control of Teletran 1. I don't know what he's planning...
Blackarachnia: But it isn't good.
Optimus Primal: Megatron?
Megatron: Leave here, Optimus Primal. I will deal with this.
Optimus Primal: Like you did last time? Dream on. All Maximals, *maximize*!
Megatron: Predacons, *terrorize*!
Silverbolt: Come on wings, work... Work, blast you... WOOOORRRRKKK.
Inferno: You're no match for me. Burn, traitor, burn.
Blackarachnia: [watching Dinobot coming] Uh-oh!
[ducks behind a fallen tree]
Blackarachnia: I don't know how you survived my cyber-venom but a triple-dose should drop you.
Megatron: Soon, very soon, I expect a visit from Cybertron.
Rampage: I eagerly anticipate your imminent demise, then.
Silverbolt: I can't pick up her signal. It's time to get back to basics. I'm picking up her scent, and I'm picking up another scent, a foul one, Dinobot.
Tarantulas: Oh, what a gullible fool he is.
Blackarachnia: Tarantulas!
Tarantulas: Forgotten about our mental cyberlink She-Spider? Well, I haven't.
Tarantulas: What do you want, quasar brain?
Tarantulas: Just to give you a quick reminder. Play whatever games you wish with him but dare to cross me and you will suffer for your treachery!
Blackarachnina: Sugar-bot! I told you to let me help you with that.
Blackarachnia: Oh, back off, robo-rube!
Blackarachnina: Huh? There just ain't no figuring females!
Tarantulas: A small fact of life, Fuzor.
Blackarachnia: Laugh while you can, ground crawler. I'll free myself from your control and then you'll pay!
Silverbolt: There you are. Have you anything to say for yourself?
Blackarachnia: Yeah. DUCK.
Silverbolt: HUH? Ow.
[repeated line]
Rattrap: We're all gonna die.
Tarantulas: Don't cats ever get tired of being stupid?
Rattrap: You should know, being his little eight-legged lieutenant.
Optimus Primal: Rattrap, be quiet.
Blackarachnia: Sorry, chunk-style, but I like being a bad girl. And you know something else? Somewhere, deep beneath this squeaky-clean armor plating of yours... I think you like it too. Hmmm?
Waspinator: Waspinator sees helpless target! Oooooh, happy day!
Rattrap: I hate to say it, but we're trapped like rats.
Blackarachnia: Easy for you to say. You like this hero stuff. Me? I'm just a bad girl.
Silverbolt: When I look in your eyes I see no evil. Only love.
Blackarachnia: Sappy as always. What did I ever see in you anyways? Oh yeah. I remember.
Silverbolt: NOOOOOOO.
Blackarachnia: Great. I get paired with the one cat who lands on his head.
Tarantulas: It's working... it's working... my spark is restored... my body is stronger than ever... I live... I *live*! He he he ha ha ha!
Blackarachnia: [after Tarantulas takes Blackarachnia in to a choke hold] You? What are you doing here?
Tarantulas: You have some information I need.
Megatron: Yes. Let's hear it.
Blackarachnia: Okay, Tarantulas, here's the scoop. Megatron is a slag-sucking saurian. Got it?
Megatron: Hmm? She'll pay for that one.
Tarantulas: Let's see if using you as a shield will improve your sense of reason.
Rampage: Ignore the pain. It's only going to get worse!
Megatron: You hacked the access codes from my data tracks before you destroyed my computer, didn't you?
Blackarachnia: So what if I did? What are you going to do? Slag me? You still don't have the codes.
Megatron: I had a more effective target in mind.
[Fires up and aims at Silverbolt's head]
Blackarachnia: Slag him if you want to. He means nothing to me.
Megatron: [aims at Silverbolt's head] The codes, Blackarachnia, produce them *now*!
Blackarachnia: Wait! Okay, I'll do it. Teletron 1: decrypt and transmit acess codes... *Now*!
Predacon Ship Computer: Acknowledged.
Megatron: Is it working?
Blackarachnia: It had better be working.
[during a battle]
Rattrap: This was the party I expected!
Optimus Primal: Let's mingle!
Optimus Primal: If I can just reach his spark.
Silverbolt: Easier said than done.
Rattrap: Would you lie down, and groan, for crying out loud; you're supposed to be half-dead.
Dinobot: If you do not shut up, vermin, you shall be my role model.
Rattrap: Oh, yeah, and who's gonna...
[Tigatron growls]
Rattrap: All right. All right. I'm shutting up. If it ain't the dinosaurs up your nose it's the felines.
Blackarachnia: Do Maximals always talk such slop?
Blackarachnia: Don't bug me, kid; your forehead slopes.
Silverbolt: Are you all right?
Blackarachnia: I always figured if anyone would survive the Beast Wars it would be me. It looks like I was wrong.
Silverbolt: Now you mustn't say such things. Rhinox will find a way... Just trust him.

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