A Japanese businessman, captured by modern-day pirates, is written off and left for dead by his company. Tired of the corporate life, he opts to stick with the mercenaries that kidnapped him, becoming part of their gang.

Dutch: We've been hired by an antique collector in Spain, and this guy's hobby happens to be collecting Nazi artwork.
Revy: That's a pretty fucked up hobby.
Balalaika: [Rock hands phone to Dutch] Hi there, Dutch! I hear you went on a wild goose chase, and you got stuck playing games with Mr. Chin
Dutch: Who told you about that?
Balalaika: [Chin is strapped to a bomb in his apartment] He told me himself. Let's just say he's a bit too loud to organize any kind of conspiracy. He was blabbing away to just about everyone in town. even the dead would have known what was happening. anyways... we'll make sure nothing like this happens again. It was a real pain for you, wasn't it?
Dutch: No, I wouldn't say that. It wasn't even enough to give me a headache.
Balalaika: Thanks Dutch. I realize it's hardly enough after what you went through, but I'll let you hear something amusing: they call this "Pleasure and Pain"
Dutch: Oh? Is it cooler than JB?
Balalaika: Of course.
[Balalaika pushes the button on the detonator]
Dutch: [Dutch hears the explosion over the phone] Yeah, that sounded cool.
Revy: Let's dance the jitterbug baby!
Sister Eda: [Janet Bhai is running away from gangsters while Revy, Rock and Sister Eda keep pace with her in Benny's car] Hey, sis. Jogging this late at night? How hard-working of you.
Janet Bhai: You! You tricked me!
Sister Eda: That's pretty disrespectful. How can you talk that way to your guardian angel?
Janet Bhai: Screw you! I thought I was going to die!
Sister Eda: Oh really? Do you want us to save you? Think hard. If you don't want to hand over the plates, I guess we don't have a choice. You'd better run to a mosque next time. What do you think?
Revy: [to Eda] How low can you go... really?
Janet Bhai: 30,000 dollars!
Sister Eda: Rock, it's almost my bedtime. I'm going back to the church.
Janet Bhai: You monster! 100,000!
Sister Eda: Don't insult me. Look, they're after you.
Janet Bhai: All right! I'll go with your conditions!
Sister Eda: [Rock stops the car and Janet tries to catch her breath] All right! Contract complete!
Janet Bhai: If you don't actually save me, I'll haunt you.
Sister Eda: I know. If I did anything more evil, I'd only scare away the customers.
Dutch: [to Luak] You just hit a dead end. Seems you were the one destined to dance the cha-cha with some hot lead.
Balalaika: [to Mr. Chin] Pray. That's about the only thing you can still do while you're alive.

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