An Atlantic City politician plays both sides of the law, conspiring with gangsters during the Prohibition era.

James 'Jimmy' Darmody: You can't be half a gangster, Nucky. Not anymore.
Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: What's 'Motherfucker' mean?
Arnold Rothstein: [referring to D'Alessio brothers] Do you know what the nice thing is about the Bronx zoo, Charlie? There are bars between you and the monkeys.
Lucky Luciano: There's another 50 in the car. They're ingersolls.
Meyer Lansky: I wish you would stop with this. We schlep around with a box of watches, what do we look like?
Lucky Luciano: Fellas who know what time it is.
Meyer Lansky: Might as well set up a pushcart.
Benny Siegel: [comes in, surprised] Arnold Rothstein's here.
Meyer Lansky: We're talking, Benny.
Benny Siegel: Oh. So I should tell him go fuck a duck?
Lucky Luciano: Enough with the crazy shit already, huh?
Meyer Lansky: [glancing at Rothstein through the window] Bring him in before he breaks the house.
[they scramble to look presentable]
Meyer Lansky: A.R., did you come to sit in?
Lucky Luciano: You know you're always welcome.
Arnold Rothstein: I'm afraid those sharpers out there'd fleece me. Owing to his present difficulties, I've made a deal with Nucky Thompson. He'll be offloading his liquor shipments in Philadelphia. Waxey Gordon will ensure safe arrival. The route to Atlantic city will be my responsibility.
Meyer Lansky: And you'd like us to recruit the muscle?
Arnold Rothstein: I would like you to be the muscle.
Lucky Luciano: A.R., we, uh, got some business going on just now.
Arnold Rothstein: I can see that. But Mr. Thompson is paying me a premium.
Lucky Luciano: Anybody could ride shotgun.
Arnold Rothstein: Until you encounter Indians.
Meyer Lansky: We're honored by your trust, A.R., and flattered that you would come below 14th street to discuss it personally. Aren't we, Charlie?
Lucky Luciano: Sure.
Arnold Rothstein: As it happens, I was down here having dinner with Joe Masseria, who left me with the distinct impression he'd still like both of you dead.
Lucky Luciano: You broke bread with that prick?
Arnold Rothstein: We were served a native dish of tripe, which I cannot abide. But I ate it anyway, to keep the peace. Some things, Charlie, you just have to swallow.
Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: The puppies have grown fangs.
Arnold Rothstein: [during a card game] What should I do here, Charlie?
Lucky Luciano: Depends on what the other guy got.
Arnold Rothstein: Depends on what the other gentleman has.
Lucky Luciano: Right.
Arnold Rothstein: Well? What does he have?
Lucky Luciano: How should I know? I'm no swami.
Arnold Rothstein: The very reason this game is so challenging. There's a lot of money in that pot. How much do you think is in there?
Buck: Plenty.
Arnold Rothstein: 22,500$. How much mining equipment do you have to sell to make 22 grand, Buck?
Buck: A lot. Now are you gonna call or fold?
Arnold Rothstein: I'll see your two... And raise you five.
Buck: Take it. I was bluffing.
Arnold Rothstein: I know. So was I.
Arnold Rothstein: Meyer, Charlie, I believe you know Mr. Masseria.
Lucky Luciano: Everybody knows Joe the boss.
Arnold Rothstein: Then perhaps you also know, though it is of course news to me, that a card game you operate is located in territory that Mr. Masseria considers to be his.
Joe Masseria: Not considers! Is mine.
Arnold Rothstein: My thinking was, before any more blood is shed, that a compromise can be reached.
Meyer Lansky: More blood?
Joe Masseria: Tompkins Square Park, my two nephews?
[imitates throat-cutting]
Lucky Luciano: I don't know what you're talking about.
Arnold Rothstein: Apparently two of Mr. Masseria's emissaries to your establishment were murdered shortly after their visit.
Meyer Lansky: We do operate a game in what might be termed a grey area territorially. But as to any violence in the neighborhood...
Joe Masseria: They stab themself, eh?
Lucky Luciano: A coincidence then. It happens.
Joe Masseria: On my streets, no coincidence.
[indicates Charlie]
Joe Masseria: This little prick, since he's 10 years old he causes problems.
Arnold Rothstein: It seems to me you boys ought to extend a token of goodwill towards Mr. Masseria. Shall we say a one-time fee of $2,000 for the families of those gentlemen and a tax of 10% on the game going forward?
Lucky Luciano: Hold on a fuckin' second...
Arnold Rothstein: Charlie.
Joe Masseria: 10% is okay. For now.
Arnold Rothstein: Then we have an agreement?
[shake hands]
Joe Masseria: [in Italian] What are you doing with these Christ-killers? Come with me, I'll make you rich.
Lucky Luciano: [in Italina] With your other hand in my pockets.
Joe Masseria: [in Italian] I'm watching you, boy. Every fucking step.
[Luciano stands up angrily]
Arnold Rothstein: Charlie.
Lucky Luciano: A.R., two grand is bad enough, but 10% of the fucking game?
Meyer Lansky: We already pay half the take on that game to you.
Arnold Rothstein: Yes. And now you boys know why.
Margaret Schroeder: I would be honored to name my child after you.
Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: Enoch? You couldn't possibly be so cruel.
Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: You're sensitive.
Chalky White: Like a baby's ass, motherfucker.
Lucky Luciano: You wanted to see me?
Arnold Rothstein: Yeah, it turns out my sister-in-law's nephew, for a time at least, survived the shooting in the woods.
Lucky Luciano: Well, I'm sorry about your loss. Obviously, if there's anything I can do...
Arnold Rothstein: There is actually. You can kill someone for me to settle a debt. I have it on good authority that a James Darmody of Atlantic City was one of the two shooters.
Lucky Luciano: Who was the other one?
Arnold Rothstein: I don't know. But I'd bet you're persuasive enough to get Darmody to tell you.
Lucky Luciano: That's a good bet.
Arnold Rothstein: The only kind I make.
Chalky White: These here are my daddy tools.
Klan leader: [nervously] What are you going to do with them?
Chalky White: Well, I ain't building no bookcase.
James 'Jimmy' Darmody: To the lost.
Al Capone: [after killing a few enemies] Well I got that out of my system!
Chalky White: You and me both.
[coming in to speak with her husband, Arnold Rothstein]
Carolyn Rothstein: Arnold, a Nucky Thompson on the telephone.
Arnold Rothstein: I'll take it in here, darling.
Carolyn Rothstein: [about his diet, with a smile] How's that stomach?
Arnold Rothstein: It's still a little tentative.
Carolyn Rothstein: So much apple bread.
Arnold Rothstein: [laughs lightly] It has a binding effect.
Carolyn Rothstein: Is that the best thing right now?
Arnold Rothstein: A sound elimination is the basis of good health.
[Carolyn looks at him amusedly before exiting]