Brenda Laurel — American Designer

Brenda Laurel, Ph.D. is an advocate for girl video game development, a "pioneer in developing virtual reality", a public speaker, academic, consultant, and board member of several companies and organizations. She is currently a chair and professor at the California College of the Arts Graduate Program of Design. She has worked for Atari, co-founded game development firm Purple Moon, and served as an interaction design consultant for multiple companies, including Sony Pictures, Apple, and Citibank... (wikipedia)

I think interactive television is doomed. It's a dead end.
I don't understand computers. I've been unable to construct a working mental model of how they do what they do. I can break software by looking at it. I can blow anything up. Without trying. It's sort of like being a dowser. And this extreme elaborate clumsiness on my part is actually something people will pay me for. It's quite wonderful.
Girls enjoy complex social interaction. Their verbal skills - and their delight in using them - develop earlier than boys'.
I learned in the computer game business early on that all senses are not equal. The best example is, you're listening to a radio play and you're driving down the road, and suddenly you realize you haven't seen the road in five minutes. It's because your visual cortex has been partying with your imagination, basically.
I fervently believe in research as a necessity for good design, and I teach it that way.