Casey Kasem — American Actor born on April 27, 1932, died on June 15, 2014

Kemal Amen "Casey" Kasem was an American disc jockey, music historian, radio celebrity, voice actor, and actor, known for being the host of several music radio countdown programs, most notably American Top 40, from 1970 until his retirement in 2009, and for providing the voice of "Shaggy" Rogers in the Scooby-Doo franchise from 1969 to 1997, and again from 2002 until 2009... (wikipedia)

Anytime in radio that you can reach somebody on an emotional level, you're really connecting.
Growing up, I actually wanted to be a professional baseball player instead of a radio DJ. Believe it or not.
For the most part, that message hasn't changed a lot over the years - love is still love, and heartbreak is still heartbreak.
Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.
We tell stories. We talk about statistics. And in 1978, we added an element of the show that gave it its heartbeat: the long distance dedication.