That's my personal view I would say most in my caucus agree with that but there are some who don't and I've always said that on these kinds of moral issues, people have the right to their own opinions. Stephen Harper
I'm not a Democrat, I'm an Independent, but I caucus with the Democrats. Bernie Sanders
If it's necessary to join a caucus and get a committee assignment, I'll do it. Angus King
People are familiar with 'the stick' of the Tea Party... challenging incumbents, flooding the phone lines. What they're not so much familiar with, and what I want to expand, is 'the carrot.' So when a Mitch McConnell, or when a Republican caucus stands firm... we have to reward them. Niger Innis
A sailing ship is no democracy; you don't caucus a crew as to where you'll go anymore than you inquire when they'd like to shorten sail. Sterling Hayden

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