Debbie Harry — American Musician born on July 01, 1945,

Deborah Ann "Debbie" Harry is an American singer-songwriter and actress, best known as the lead singer of the new wave and punk rock band Blondie. She recorded several worldwide number one singles with Blondie during the 1970s and 1980s. She is sometimes considered the first rapper to chart at number one in the United States due to her work on "Rapture". She has also had success as a solo artist before reforming Blondie in the late 1990s. Her acting career spans over thirty film roles and numerous television appearances... (wikipedia)

Music has its own emotional embodiment. It carries an emotion with it. When you associate a lyric with the music, it's much easier; but when you're standing there completely dry in front of the camera with no musical background, just a fine-tuned, get-this-emotional-story across, it's a very, very intense kind of focus.
I don't mind if my skull ends up on a shelf as long as it's got my name on it.
I guess people assume I have some sort of totally magical life, but I'm a working musician, fortunately. I've worked on my craft, and I'm very fortunate I've been able to survive in a very competitive industry and enjoy my success. It's not easy.
I have a lot of regrets, but I'm not going to think of them as regrets.
The only person I really believe in is me.