The lives of the kids at Degrassi Community School dealing with the serious and sometimes taboo issues that plague teenagers.

Toby: I got those condoms because if I ever did want to do that with Kendra... which I'm not saying I do... I'd wanna take care of her.
Spinner: So you live another day.
Marco: Even strangers know, Spin. And last night wasn't about my shoes. Those guys, they knew... and they bashed me because they hated it, just like you do.
Spinner: Dude, that's brutal, but you can't compare me to those guys.
Marco: Really? Why not?
Craig: For once I wanna do the right thing... you know
Spinner: But you don't have to keep the kid... there are other things you can do
Craig: This is what I want to do Spin... you don't get it
Spinner: No I don't... at all
Craig: You got a family... I just stay at some guys house... but manny and the baby... their mine... their for me
Bianca DeSousa: Highschool sucks. Spend time with people here who don't.
Hazel: Paige, I just saw Spinner. He was completely out of line.
Paige: [crying] It wasn't what I thought, you know? First time, I thought it would be beautiful or something. It's so stupid.
Hazel: It's not stupid
Paige: Those shoes, I wanted it to work. I wanted him to want to be with me.
Hazel: He did want to be with you.
Paige: Yea, sure.
Hazel: He'll call you. You don't have to worry.
Paige: I didn't even want to do it Hazel. I said No, over and over and over.
Hazel: You said no? and he didn't listen?
Paige: He just pushed me down, harder, and he wouldn't stop. He just wouldn't stop.
Hazel: Paige, Honey. If you said no, that's rape.
Clare Edwards: What are you doing here?
Eli Goldsworthy: Hi Eli, how are you? Fine Clare thanks for asking.
Clare Edwards: Hi!
Paige: I saw better dancing at Heather Sinclair's grade three sock hop.
Craig: Somethin' 'bout the way you shine / When the lights go out / I wanna make you mine / Somethin' 'bout the way it seems / You're always here in my dreams / When there's no one there / No, I'm not scared / But I'm in love / With you
Paige: What you did to me changed my life. I still can't sleep without my light on. Sometimes I even look under the bed to make sure you're not there. Dean, I made a mistake going upstairs with you, but you made more than a mistake. You made a choice.
Spinner: I can't, man. My bat... it's wooden.
Jimmy: Sorry, my ears were plugged this morning. Sorry?
Spinner: I have a boner.
Jimmy: Oh.
Spinner: And it's been like this all week. A girl walks by and just, bam! It's all because of Emma's stupid science fair project.
Jimmy: What does the project have to do with it?
Spinner: She made me eat granola and fruit.
Jimmy: Bananas don't give you boners. Hormones do.
Spinner: All I know is that I ate some healthy food and now I'm like, a sex Superman.
Paige: So, what, you're just forgiving creep boy for beating you up?
Terri: He apologized.
Paige: Of course... his kind always does, so they can get another shot in at you.
Rick Murray: One, you have no right to dictate who Terri's friends are, and, two, you're a vicious backstabber.
Paige: Oh I'm vicious.
Rick Murray: Everything you say is a judgment... you think you're so perfect.
Paige: What?... well I'd rather be that than a psycho...
Joey: I know that you thought The Zits were a joke...
Caitlin: I did not!
Joey: But if we had some guidance back then, maybe things would have been different.
Caitlin: And maybe if you'd written more than one song.
Spinner: In the bathroom after we dumped that stuff on Rick, me and Jay... told him you were behind it.
Jimmy: And then he shot me.
JT: Teachers aren't people; they're... teachers.
Kevin Smith: [talking to Craig about girl trouble] I'm a fat guy from New Jersey, I've had girl trouble.
Ashley: Hey Jimmy!
Jimmy: Don't talk to me, you slut.
Ashley: What did you say?
Jimmy: That's the word for girls who cheat on their boyfriends.
Ashley: You're not my boyfriend.
Jimmy: Well I was last year when you messed around with Sean, and now you want to go and do it all over again?
Manny: I'm going to be an actress. Like, Academy Award winning. And you can sell this for a million dollars 'cause I'm going to be famous!
Manny: Liberty sees an opportunity. She goes for it. She's like a rabid wolverine.
Mohammed: Hey it's the More of Everything Girl! I think you should join the sumo team. Seriously.
Terri: Hey! Most girls on the planet look like this, so get used to it!
Paige: No kidding.
Terri: I made 500 bucks today as a plus-sized model! Yeah, plus-sized! What do you make, ice cream boy?
Craig: [to Marco] So when it doubt you kiss Craig?
Ashley: You know, you guys should try going a little more post-Emo. Still punk, but less mopey.
Craig: I don't think the other guys even know what regular Emo is. Spinner probably thinks it's a muppet.
Paige: What are you looking at?
Dean: Your eyes. Are they green or blue?
Paige: It depends on the light.
Dean: They are the most amazing colored eyes I've ever seen. You're very beautiful.
Dean: Come on, Spirit. We had fun.
Paige: Fun? You call what you did to me FUN?
Manny: Why are you trying to hurt me?
Kevin Smith: Spinner, the only thing I know is that making a movie with a bunch of high school kids is worse than making a movie with Ben Affleck... way worse.
Paige: Even I'm amazed at my brilliance.
Ashley: Listen, I didn't mean to be all weird yesterday.
Craig: You weren't weird. You just ignored me... which I guess is sort of weird. Sorry, now I'm being weird.
Craig: Well, my freak of a dad left me this check for 10 grand in his will.
Ashley: Are you serious?
Craig: Yeah, the guy is half eaten by worms and he's still trying to buy me. Pathetic.
Jimmy: You don't know what you're saying... it's not you, it's the drugs.
Ashley: Oh, yeah, keep going, dad... keep telling me who I am.
Jimmy: Ash... look.
Ashley: No, no... this is why me and Sean... he gets me.
Craig: I'm fine.
Joey: No one is fine after losing someone. I wasn't there with your mom. I just think the pain's gonna catch up to you.
Sean Cameron: You don't seem scared of me.
Ellie: Nope. You don't seem freaked by me.
Sean Cameron: Nope.
Paige: [referring to Hazel celebrating Ramadan] Christmas could learn a thing or two from Ramadan. After all that food, I could use a fast!
Liberty: Some advice: Find a dictionary and look up "pathetic".
Spinner: Being an idiot is OK sometimes.
Paige: Hello oldest friend and fabulous boyfriend? What on earth are you talking about?
Dean's Friend: He's a little old for you.
Paige: And you're a little jealous.
Spinner: Paige.
Paige: Hey spin.
Spinner: How's your Grandma?
Paige: What?
Spinner: You know, you're grandma. The one who was sick on saterday night.
Paige: Oh, she's ok, thanks.
Spinner: And Dean, How's he doing? I know what happened, ok?
Paige: Yea, were you in th room with me? because I don't think you were.
[Paige walks away, Spinner grabs her arm to turn her around]
Spinner: You lied to me.
Paige: Don't touch me. Don't ever touch me.
Spinner: Why not? Everyone else does.
[Paige slaps spinner in the face and goes into the girl's bathroom]
Craig: No lip, or I'll smother you in sweat.
Alex: I don't play well with others.
Manny: Liberty's losing her math. It must be love.
Kevin Smith: Even in my own films I don't get the girl. I get Jay, and sometimes a monkey.
Ellie: Guys suck, Ashley. They enjoy messing with our feelings - and then sticking us with the rent.
Ashley: Craig, I asked you here because I need to talk to you.
Craig: Great, every guy's favorite words
Danny Van Zandt: [when Manny finds out Danny is her computerized match for the date] Oh, Manuela.
Manny: I used to babysit you.
Danny Van Zandt: So let's take it to the next level.
Manny: One last thing. Do not talk about the environment. The environment is not sexy. Do NOT talk about it.
Liberty: Emma lives for stabbing you in the back, ripping out your heart and then stomping it bloodless with her pointy ballerina feet.
Ashley: It's just been one disaster after another after another. That school is cursed.
Jay: Oh, Snap, Silent Bob! Canadian Ninja's. Hip Hip *doogin*!
[pulls samurai sword out]
Craig: And who says money can't buy you happiness
Marco: You know, Alex, I can pick my Vice President...
Alex: And I can pick my nose.
Ashley: Jimmy, you just don't have what Sean has, and you never will... you're just not enough for me...
JT: Hey Liberty, girlfriend!
Dylan: What is this, hug the homo day?
Sean Cameron: Poetry is crime. No idea how to rhyme. Stupid waste of time.
Ms. Laura Kwan: A poem about hating poetry?
Ellie: I was thinking, we need a pet. A dog or a ferret.
Sean Cameron: I thought you stopped cutting.
Ellie: I did. I just didn't want to leave it there.
Ellie: I wouldn't lie to you about this.
Marco: OK, what did you write on the card?
Craig: Okkkk, you ARE a girl.
JT: Paige. Help. I'm stuck in a box.
Paige: Does it say, "Caution: Freak inside?"
Kevin Smith: Wow... I must be the worst kisser in the world.
Caitlin: Kevin, no...
Kevin Smith: I've got to set up the next shot.
Kevin Smith: [hurrying away] Hey, uh... Mewes!
Terri: Why do you have to be so mean?
Paige: I'm not mean, I'm right.
Jimmy: Our homie is a player, and that is all. So why'd you have to go and kick his
Spinner: Ball and chain, ain't that ya name? Cause you a playa hater, and that's a shame.
Jimmy: And chicks like you ain't worth too much, so shut up girl
Spinner, Jimmy: And make my lunch! Yeeeeaaaah!
Jay: You are the ones who are the filthy potty mouths!
Spinner: Paige, what's going on?
Paige: Nothing.
Spinner: J.T in a mascot outfit attacking Dean. That's not nothing Paige.
[Paige turns around to walk away and Spinner grabs her arm to turn her around]
Paige: [crying] Spin, can you please?
Spinner: He took it too far, like Hazel said, right? Didn't he?
Paige: A big romantic with a disposable income. The best kind.
Paige: New year, new look, new Paige.
Hazel: We should go see that movie again, even though I don't really like subtitles.
Paige: Yeah, they involve reading.
Ashley: Yolanda stared into the soul of the eclipse, and saw the world for what it was: a shadow of black, empty, dissapearing, nothingness.
Alex: It's OK to be single for twenty minutes.
Spinner: Then stop being gay.
Marco: Oh right Spin I'm just gonna go do that.
Marco: Ellie, I'm gay. And you and me...
Ellie: Will always just be friends.
Ashley: I broke all my fingers. In a freak... a freak cupboard-closing incident.
Craig: Why are they teaching us about soil erosion? I'm not a farmer, I'm never gonna be a farmer.
Spinner: What are you doing? Terri's in the hospital and you're just sitting here.
Rick Murray: Spinner, stop, please.
Spinner: Oh, did Terri tell you stop? Did you listen?
Emma: Let's declare the revolution begun. To heck with guys!
Alex: We'll ask the crowd at the assembly tomorrow... who would they rather vote for? The freak... or the queer. By the way, I'm the freak.
Kevin Smith: [dismissing J.T] Go. Adults are talking.
Paige: Four years of high school. Will you spend them cool with us? Or as a social loser outcast with her? You decide.
Craig: [manic, seeing Kevin Smith and Joey on TV] I know that guy, eh! Kevin. Kevin Smith, I'm writing a song for his movie.
Ashley: This is gonna be the best year ever!
Marco: Come on, man. A little romance is not gonna kill ya.
Kevin Smith: I'm trying to get the Canadian flag into every shot because I'm a really big fan of the Canadian flag. So was Mewes until he figured out it was a maple leaf... instead of the wacky.
Liberty: Jealousy's really ugly, Emma.
Spinner: Man, any more bitter and she'd be a lemon.
Paige: This is my school, and I don't want to see you or talk to you again.
Liberty: You never stop surprising me, J.T. You're normally such - how do I put this nicely? - a slob.
Emma: I think I've sustained enough head injuries for one day.
Toby: Just what the country needs - more J.T.
Marco: Spin, stop being a drama queen, OK?
Joey: I don't want her to go.

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