A group of young teens is unexpectedly sent to the mysterious Digital World and paired up with their own powerful, morphing monster called the Digimon. Together the entire group set out on an adventure to fight evil and save the world.

Wizardmon: Are you okay, Gatomon?
Gatomon: You saved me. I'm sorry.
Wizardmon: For what?
Gatomon: Sorry I got you involved in this.
Wizardmon: Don't be sorry. I don't have any regrets. If I hadn't met you, my life would've had no meaning. I'm glad that you and I became friends.
Gatomon: That's forever.
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: When you can't think of anything to say, do you always resort to fighting?
Ken: I guess...
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: That's your problem. You don't know when to talk and when to fight. Now's a good time to talk... on the other hand... it's also a good time to fight.
[TK sniggers]
Ken: What's so funny?
TK: You claim to be the Digmon Emperor. You turn good Digimon into your slaves. You see Ijijoudji you're a pretender. You have no idea of the powers that you're up against.
Ken: You will bow before me.
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: Sorry, the floor's kind of dirty.
Matt: I've been living a lie.
Gabumon: You're not a natural blonde?
Recording on telephone: This number only exists in your imagination. Please hang up and don't call back.
[while falling]
Terriermon: Momentie.
Rika Nonaka: You're kidding right?
Tai: Izzy.
Izzy: Look, it's Tai. Where are you?
Tai: I'm home, but I got your message that you're in danger. I'm trying to find you.
Izzy: Tell me about it, I'm trying to find myself... don't bother coming back to the digiworld, Tai. You'll just corrupt the universe.
Mimi: I knew I should have gone to cheerleading camp.
Digimon Emperor: Hahahahahahahahahahaaaa... oh, it's not that funny.
Matt: No offence, but even if I felt like talking, it wouldn't be to a tree.
[opening narration]
Tai Kamiya: That's home, planet Earth. But I'm not sure that's where I am just now.
Mimi: I want my own bed, my own bathroom, and I'm even starting to miss my baby brother.
Digimon Emperor: Like sands in the hourglass, so are your friends' lives.
Koromon: My name's Koromon. And we're partners.
Tai: Koromon? That means... talking head?
Koromon: It means brave little warrior. And don't forget it, Tai.
Kari: I need you, Tai... Gatomon... the National Guard.
Puppetmon: All I wanted to do was play a little game of war with T.K.
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: Oh, play? You mean like... pretend?
Puppetmon: But of course. At least at first it will be make believe, anyway. But then it's bye bye, and it will be time to destroy you for real. If I got rid of you now, I'd have no fun.
Vademon: All those that are greedy fall into the pit.
Izzy: I'm not sure I comprehend what you're talking about. What are you accusing us of being greedy for?
Vademon: Wanting to know too much of course. You're sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.
Izzy: What could possibly be wrong with gaining knowledge and information?
Vademon: See, you're doing it again. You can't seem to stop yourself. You're headed straight into the pit if you don't learn to control yourself.
Izzy: How come?
Vademon: You don't even know that you're doing it.
Izzy: I don't?
Vademon: It's like a disease with you. Oh well, nice knowing you.
BlackWarGreymon: I'm going to a darker place for me.
Davis: You should try my sock drawer.
Davis: Sorry I'm late. I was supposed to get a haircut but when I looked in the mirror, I realized my hair was already perfect.
Yolei: The only thing is he was staring in the mirror for over an hour.
Flamedramon: [prepares to attack Digimon Emperor] Fire...
Davis: Flamedramon wait. There's a chance you'll miss and hit Patamon.
Flamedramon: I'm such a hot-head.
Cherrymon: What? You mean you've never seen a talking tree?
Matt: Not many...
Demidevimon: Everyone makes mistakes. Remember disco?
Arukenimon: I'll be back to destroy you in a minute.
Mummymon: Yeah, ditto that.
Davis: Destiny Stones can break my bones, but you guys are real losers.
Matt: Enough. Why don't you stop and think about other people's feelings for a change?
Tai: Huh? What are you talking about?
Matt: We all know you're right, Tai, but just give us a little space.
Tai: Wha?
Matt: We miss our friends who fought along side of us. Not everyone has ice running through their veins like you do.
Tai: Wha?
T.K.: Calm down.
Matt: You're so busy looking forward, that you never take time to look back. We've lost some good friends here, Tai and it's nice to remember them once in awhile.
Tai: If we always stop to do that, we'll never have enough time to save the world.
Matt: You still don't get it. I know you hear me, but you're not listening.
Henry: Maybe it doesn't matter what card we use, Rika.
Rika: Okay, did that pig monster eat your brain?
TK: I care too much about you to let you go down without a fight.
Takato Matsuki: Sorry to wake you up so late.
Henry Wong: That's okay. I was just sleeping.
Terriermon: And not just sleeping... snoring too.
Sora: Now that you boys have holes in your heads, maybe your brains will get more oxygen.
Davis: All right, if you're gonna destroy me, then will you please proceed to wash your hands first? I like to keep things clean.
Veemon: Good thing he hasn't seen your room...
Takato Matsuki: Mom, Dad, why are girls so crazy?
Yoshie Matsuki: They're not. Their husbands make them that way.
Rika: I don't get it. Where could he have gone?
Henry: Not too far I imagine. Looks like he was hurt pretty bad.
Rika: It's his own fault. It wouldn't have been so bad if he had a partner.
Henry: Rika... you do have a heart.
Davis: You can't do this. You're just a kid like me.
Digimon Emperor: No, I'm not just like you. If I was, I would be the one hanging off the cliff.
Wargreymon: There is no need for us to fight.
Metalgarurumon: I must.
Davis: Hey, it's getting pretty dark in these woods. Here, Kari, I'll hold your hand so you won't get scared.
Kari: I'm not scared.
T.K.: And it's not her hand... it's mine.
Tentomon: The name's Mon... Tento Mon.
Kari: What could be worse than living your life without a single friend?
Gatomon: A litter box full of fly paper.
[Ken and Davis are playing football, Ken scores]
Davis: Huston, we have a problem.
[about Rika]
Guilmon: You going to fight her, Takato?
Takato: No way, she's a girl. Besides, she'd kick my butt.
[about Piedmon]
Joe: He made them all disappear.
Tentomon: Well, at least he didn't saw them in half.
Davis: Did you see that? I got a noogie, that means I'm one of the guys now.
DemiVeemon: I have a question. If you're one of the guys now, does that mean you used to be one of the girls, and how come you never told me about it? I wish you humans would just make up your minds.
Sora Takenouchi: Too bad your brain isn't as big as your hair.
Tai: Good thing we're in a hospital, cause it looks like we may need one.
Icedevimon: Why waste yourself with beauty when you can tame the beast?
Kari: I know you have to leave,
Tai: I really do. O.K?
Kari: O.K.
Tai: Agumon can't digivolve without me. This is my fight too.
Henry: You better just back off, Rika.
Rika: Or else what? You'll go run off and hide on me? Ooo... I'm so scared.
Gomamon: [in his sleep] Mmm, delicious food. Mine, all mine.
Tai: Are you analyzing something on your computer again?
Izzy: Well, I'm not playing Solitare.
Tentomon: Whenever my skin gets dirty, I just shed it.
Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi: That would be difficult for me.
Davis: So Patamon can Digivolve to Angemon?
TK: Yup.
Davis: And Gatomon, what about her?
TK: Oh, she can Digivolve to Angewoman.
Davis: Then I have one question: Is there an Angebabymon too?
Patamon: Sometimes, he says the strangest things.
Davis: Veemon, tell me you can Digivolve into Ange-something too!
Veemon: Uh...
Davis: [picks up Veemon and shakes him around] Ange-Dinosaur-mon? Ange-Soccer-Player-mon? C'mon!
Veemon: I just don't have it in me!
TK: He's still got a lot to learn.
Patamon: [laughs]
Takato Matsuki: Try this card.
Henry Wong: The last one almost killed him.
Takato Matsuki: Hey, I'm just trying to help.
Mercurymon: If only thy mouth were thy weapon, then truly thou couldst never be defeated.
Matt: What planet did I dial?
Izzy: Does it bother you that Sora's with Tai instead of you?
Matt: Come on Tai's my best friend and he knows how I feel, besides I completely trust Sora, I'm not worried at all Izzy.
Tentomon: Find an outlet, stop the gear... is "find our friends" on that list?
Ken: [reading] Dear Ken, I hope that someday you'll join the Digidestined. Signed Yolei.
June Motomiya: Hey, Matt. I made it.
Matt: [about June] No, she followed us. She's like a boomerang that keeps coming back.
Palmon: You just like playing on your computer. That's all.
Izzy: You think I'm just playing around here?
Palmon: I think you like computers more than people.
Izzy: All you need to know, whether you like it or not.
Henry Wong: Terriermon. It's not wise to mouth off to someone who's bigger than you.
Kumbhiramon: Is that any way to greet your worst nightmare?
Jeri: Are you my partner?
Kumbhiramon: I am a mighty Deva sent here by the all-powerful Sovereign. Why would I join forces with a pathetic human?
Sora: What kind of sicko turns people into keychains?
Piedmon: I'm not a sicko, I'm a collector of these new items of such sentimental value to me.
Hawkmon: I'm going to have seconds and thirds before I even have my firsts!
Puppetmon: I've got a riddle for you - what has four strings and is made of wood?
Mimi, Joe, Gomamon, Palmon: Puppetmon!
Puppetmon: No, a violin. But that's a good guess.
Mimi: This is going to ruin my hair all the way to the roots!
Palmon: Use my roots.
Mimi: You're a plant!
Izzy: Part Wargreymon...
T.K.: and part Metalgarurumon.
Izzy: They digivolved together to become...
Omnimon, Omnimon: OMNIMON.
Tai: I'm only doing this to honor all the brave digimon that have helped us. They trusted us and believed in our commitment. We can't let them down.
Gatomon: [singing with Matt accompanying on harmonica] Cats always land on their feet but sometimes Digimon need to eat. Tis Gatomon's wish to catch a big flying fish. I'm a kitty, a digi-kitty.
[Gatomon jumps and slices up the flying fish]
Gatomon: Oh, yeah!
Gabumon: Be careful, that's Cherrymon, lord of the forest and the best reason for the existence of termites.
Armadillomon: How about we play a game of Checkers? We can use my shell as the board.
Yolei: [thinking to herself] I just don't know if I can truly trust Ken. After all of the destruction he caused in the digital world. The way he destroyed Rockmon. I thought that he was more ruthless than ever. Maybe I am being too hard on him. After all he did save the day.
Armadillomon: [Hawkmon groaning] Hawkmon are you okay?
Hawkmon: Hmm? I feel rather strange. Hawkmon digivolve to... Aquilamon.
Rika: Renamon, I'm going to be very vexxed if you lose.
Davis: Have you noticed that T.K. and Kari are always hanging together? What's up with that?
Veemon: Maybe they're identical twins that look completely different.
Henry Wong: I think I was pretty selfish when I was younger. I had so many brothers and sisters,, the only way I could be heard was to assert myself. When I learned martial arts from Sensei, he taught me that we learn to fight in order to avoid fighting. But I used my power against the neighborhood kid... and I hurt him. After that, I always felt that I had to hold back, that fighting was wrong. But this is different. This is a battle that needs something. Fighting for a purpose is different than just fighting to fight. This is something I have to do. Something only Terriermon, my friends and I can do.
Puppetmon: [dying] Cherrymon... what is it that those kids have... that I don't?
Cherrymon: Friends.
Tentomon: Izzy, when I first met you, I thought you were just one of those computer geeks, but after I got to know you better, I just realized that you are one of those computer geeks!
Jeri: Lonely... is my destiny...
Michael: Davis, do you know where Times Square is?
Davis: Actually, I haven't a clue!
Palmon: That's typical Davis.
[about Rika and Renamon]
Takato Matsuki: I don't get it.
Henry Wong: It's obvious that they were worried about each other. Problem is, they're too hard-headed to admit it. They'll go on playing silly games until they drop.
Takato Matsuki: Being honest with each other would be too hard.
Joe: Now that we're home, we don't have to eat leaves anymore. We can eat cheeseburgers!
Mimi: That's right! And pepperoni pizza!
T.K.: And French fries!
Matt: And ice-cream!
Sora: Yeah, and broccoli.
Joe, Mimi, T.K., Matt: *Broccoli*?
Tai: Broccoli?
Rika Nonaka: It's not funny, you know. I don't want to walk all the way to the next town just to find your little friend.
Henry Wong: Well, if it makes your feel any better, Rika. The tunnel might flood and we can all swim there.
Rika Nonaka: It's just my luck to be stuck down here with a couple of comedians.
Cherrymon: Young man, didn't anyone ever tell you, you should listen to your elders? Or was it redwood you should listen to, I can never get those two straight.
Tai: [feeling Whaemon swallowing them up] Whoah! It's Whaemon. I never thought that I would be glad to be swallowed up by a fish but we'll be safe in here.
Izzy Izumi: Technically speaking it's a *mammal*.
Henry Wong: Jeri's a Tamer, are you sure? She's chasing him, making eyes? Tamers don't do that.
Takato Matsuki: Wait, I'll ask.
Takato Matsuki: Hey Jeri?
Jeri: Yeah?
Takato Matsuki: Are you sure he's your partner?
Jeri: Yeah.
Takato Matsuki: How come?
Jeri: Cause it's destiny!
Takato Matsuki: Okay thanks!
Jeri: [resumes chasing Leomon] You can't escape destiny Mr. Leomon.
Takato Matsuki: [into the receiver] She says it's destiny.
Henry Wong: That doesn't sound good at all. Okay I'll be right there.
Takato Matsuki: Henry's on his way. I guess I should tell Rika too.
Rika: Jeri? That just isn't possible.
Takato Matsuki: Wait I'll ask. Hey Jeri?
Jeri: Yeah?
Takato Matsuki: Do you have a Digivice?
Jeri: No I don't.
Takato Matsuki: [into the receiver] That's a negative.
Jeri: Anything else?
Takato Matsuki: No that's all!
Jeri: Mr. Leomon, wait up!
Rika: No Digivice? She's obviously not a Tamer she's delusional. Oh whatever I'm coming right down.
Takato Matsuki: Rika's coming too.
Metal Garurumon: I meant what I said, Matt. Cherrymon was wrong. Friendship, loyalty, they're more than just words, they're real, and they matter. I'm going to prove it to you.
Hawkmon: Why do I always get stuck with a defected human?
Palmon: It's been so long since I've seen you. My you've... shrunk.
[Joe is doubled up on the floor in pain and clutching his stomach]
Kari: Joe what is it?
Joe: My stomach.
Kari: What's wrong does it hurt?
Joe: No. I'm just doing this coz it's fun
Cody: [crying] I did the worse thing I could ever do. I told a lie.
Joe: That's okay Cody. You told a lie to help other people
Cody: But my grandfather says that the worse thing you could ever do is tell a lie.
Joe: When I get back to school we'll tell the principal everything.
Takato Matsuki: How could you... how could you do this horrible thing? I'll make you hurt. I'll make you pay.
Koromon: How did you know my card was the fake, Tai?
Tai: I didn't. I kept your card because you're my friend.
Tai: Thanks a lot, Piximon. We've learned a lot from you.
Joe: Yeah, like how to clean floors and starving half to death.
Mimi: That's just Joe's stomach talking.
Davis: Let's go, T.A.!
TK Takashi: T.A.?
Kari: He forgot how to spell T.K.!
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: Patamon, help!
Patamon: [thinking] What am I going to do? Devimon is so big and I'm so small. I can't do anything in this size I know. Patamon, digivolve to... Angemon!
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: Oh!
Angemon: Your reign of terror has gone on long enough, Devimon. Now I must do everything I can to protect the children.
[Angemon draws his power from the other digimon returning them to their rookie forms]
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: Oh, Angemon! Please don't do it.
Devimon: [laughing] Not only did you destroy me but you destroyed yourself in the process.
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: Oh, Angemon!
Angemon: Don't worry, T.K. I'll be back if you want me back.
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: [crying] Oh, Angemon! Angemon!
[Angemon's feather falls and turns into a digi-egg]
Gabumon: Don't you worry, T.K. Angemon will be back.
Agumon: Yeah, he's just resting in his digi-egg. If you take care of it he'll come back as good as new.
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: [rubbing his digi-egg] Don't worry. I'll take good care of his digi-egg. You saved my life.
Joe: Ready? Heave!
Ikkakumon: Go!
Joe: No! Not go! Ho!
Ikkakumon: Joe?
Joe: No! Ho!
Izzy: It's some kind of Marco Polo experience.
Tentomon: I know what he's famous for! Marco!
Agumon: Polo!
Tentomon: Marco!
Patamon: Polo!
Tentomon: Marco!
Biyomon: Polo!
[Sora, Yolei, Hawkmon and Biyomon are crying hysterically]
Matt: Let's get them out of here before their eyelids freeze.
Recording over telephone: At the tone, the time will be exactly 45 miles per hour and 90 seconds.
Tai: [looking at Agumon in his disguise] Yeah. That's real inconspicuous.
Cody: Note to self - come up with a better way to sneak Upomon out of the building.
Izzy: All the countries seem to be mixed together.
Tai: It's like that theme park in Florida.
Tai: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!
Izzy: I'd settle for a small cow.
Davis: Hey I believe in good hygene so before you destroy us could you wash your hands?
Veemon: Oh really? It's a good thing he's never seen your room.
Sora: Tell me how you like your eggs and I'll do the best I can.
Joe: I prefer my eggs to be covered in salt and pepper, but I guess it doesn't really matter.
Tai: I like soy sauce.
Matt: How about salsa?
Sora: How about a reality check?
Izzy: I'll have mine with mustard and jellybeans, please.
Tai: Oh, gross!
T.K.: Jellybeans. That sounds good.
Mimi: What? You're all weird! My favorite is eggs covered in maple syrup! Sometimes I like to eat them with cherries on top!
Tai: Now that's weird!
T.K.: But I bet it's good.
Joe: You guys are completely making me lose my appetite! I mean, come on. Jellybeans and cherries on eggs? That's just crazy talk! Salt and pepper is all they need. Keep it simple. That's always been my motto.
Palmon: Time to take it to the next level. I may be a lady, but I am no pushover!
[while falling]
Takato Matsuki: Where are we going?
Henry Wong: You really think I have any idea?
Terriermon: Momentie.
Henry Wong: Oh, momentie yourself.
Puppetmon: That kind of negative attitude brings me down.
IceDevimon: I hear one becomes quite warm before freezing.
Henry Wong: You're so twisted, it's scary.
Sora: There are millions of kids like us in the world.
Biyomon: You mean there are millions of Soras?
Patamon: T.K. and Davis sure do fight a lot. How come?
Veemon: Something about Kari. Human girls make human boys act really weird.
Agumon: Digivolving is a very difficult process. In order to be successful, I had to share your energy.
Tai: [feeling Whaemon swallowing them up] Whoah! It's Whaemon. I never thought that I would be glad to be swallowed up by a fish but we'll be safe in here.
Izzy Izumi: Technically speaking it's a *mammal*!
Lillymon: It's just little old me... or should I say little old us? I'm Palmon and Togemon too.
Myotismon: Is this what you are looking for?
Wizardmon: Another copy.
Myotismon: Do you think I'd leave the original lying around?
Tai: Did you find anything down there, Izzy?
Tentomon: You could say that, Tai, but the thing is we're up here and you're down there.
Agumon: I think you guys may need glasses. We're way up here above you.
Izzy: But that can't be! That's scientifically impossible!
Leomon: [dying] Why... can't you see? Why won't you try to understand the truth?
Takuya Kanbara: You're toast, lady!
Ranamon: Thanks, but I've already had my breakfast.
[Patamon gets shot down by Andromon]
Patamon: I'll have two cheeseburgers and a large order of fries.
Yolei: Good job, guys! You were awesome!
[stomach growls]
Yolei: I guess we don't need a translator to explain that.
Sora: We may not understand each other, but growling tummies are universal.
Kari: Hey, check out that scrumptious smell.
Yolei: [sniffing] Wow! That's awesome! My stomach is growling with sheer delight.
[Davis and Veemon cover their stomachs]
Davis: Mine's growling sheer hunger!
Veemon: Mine too.
Joe: Did you say something about food?
Piximon: Yes, but first you must earn it.
Gomamon: I should have known there'd be a catch.
Tentomon: TK and Kari have something that the other children don't.
Hero Ishida: Matt's Father: They have brothers.
Tentomon: Bingo! All we have to do is get Angemon and Angewomon to hit Tai and Matt with their arrows of love and hope.
Matt Ishida: It's worth a shot
TK Takaishi: Okay Angemon. I know this maybe sounds crazy but I need you to hit Matt and Tai with your arrow.
Kari Kamiya: You too Angewomon.
Agumon: Wait a minute Tai. What if that Prophecy is all wrong?
Tai: Do you want the whole world to be destroyed.
Matt Ishida: Sometimes miracles require a little faith. Hey Tai. I'll hold your hand just in case you try to run away.
Tai: Yeah. Me too.
Angemon: One miracle
Angewomon: Coming up.
Agumon: Agumon warp digivolve to... War Greymon!
Gabumon: Gabumon warp digivolve to... Metal Garurumon!
Terriermon: What are you, Henry, the center of the universe? What, you think the sun won't rise if you're not there to greet it or something?
Henry Wong: What are you talking about?
Terriermon: Just look behind you, Henry.
Henry Wong: Huh?
Terriermon: You don't have to do everything yourself. They're all here to help you. Let 'em.
T.K.: What's more boring? Paint drying or math?
Rika Nonaka: I would eat dirt before I'd ever let Renamon become what you are... a montser.
IceDevimon: Better a powerful monster than a weak nobody. Is that what you really want to be, a nobody?
Rika Nonaka: I'll tell you what I don't want to be. The partner of some freak show digimon.
Gennai: You must never forget that you are the Digidestend.
Joe: I'll never forget this stomachache.
Cody's Grandfather: This doll obviously has more than just cotton balls in its stomach.
[Mat's digimon digivolves]
Matt: The sleeper has awakened.
[Megaseadramon roars]
Joe: [to T.K] Is your tummy rumbling or did I just hear something?
Gabumon: You're the man!
Matt: And you're the wolf man!
Mimi: Hey. I had singing lessons for three years.
T.K.: Oh, you did? Did it help?
Izzy: Heh, Mimi, you should get a refund, that's what I think.
Joe: [looking at a picture of Gommamon] All right, look at Gommamon!
Gomamon: I'm cuter in person.
Cody: So many Digimon!
Davis: I hope we don't have to feed them all.
Joe: [yelling] Gomamon! I told you to save the food for later.
Gomamon: I thought you meant later as in 10 minutes later.
Joe: No. I meant we need to save food for later.
[Joe retches and heaves over the side of the boat]
Gomamon: I'm sorry, Joe. I didn't mean to eat all of the food.
Joe: Starvation is a good motivator.
[Veemon gets shot down by Andromon]
Davis: Veemon, speak to me!
Veemon: You're kneeling on my tail!
Joe: I wanted to go to summer school but would my parents listen to me? NO."
Gatomon: Wait a minute that voice. I hear that voice in my nightmares. It's Myotismon!
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: Is that Myotismon or VenomMyotismon?
Myotismon: Actually I'm MaloMyotismon
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: MaloMyotismon?
Ryo: I feel so powerless.
Ebonwumon: Better to feel powerless than to feel dead.
Izzy: We all seem to have become some type of data.
Mimi: What? I'm too young to be dating!
Tai: Be ready when I give the signal.
Izzy: Roger.
Mimi: He forgot his name!
Matt: This heat has turned Palmon's brain into a French fry!

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