The trials and adventures of a female doctor in a small wild west town.

Byron Sully: Someone's wife is pretty mad.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: My goodness, she's angry. I feel sorry for the poor fellow. Whose teepee is it?
Cloud Dancing: Mine.
Hank Lawson: What's wrong with Sully? You think he'd be happy to finally get to...
Rev. Timothy Johnson: Hank, I think this discussion can hold.
Brian Cooper: It's all right, Reverend. Ma told us about the birds and the bees.
Rev. Timothy Johnson: I doubt she told you Hank's version.
Byron Sully: I don't want ya to leave. I wanna be with you. I *need* to be with you.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Sully...
Byron Sully: I will love you all my days. Will you marry me?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Yes.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I know what everyone is saying about me, that I'm an old maid. But I don't need you to contribute.
Colleen Cooper: That's not what people are sayin'.
Brian Cooper: Yeah, no one's said nothin' about the maid part.
Byron Sully: Why did I come?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Yes.
Byron Sully: I told ya.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: What's the real reason?
Byron Sully: Because.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Because...?
Byron Sully: Because I love you.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Sully... In my heart I know where I want us to be. But I don't know how we'll get there.
Byron Sully: Me neither... There's no maps, but if you're willing to start off without one...
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I am.
Byron Sully: Then I know where to start.
Brian Cooper: So why don't ya marry our Ma and be our Pa?
Colleen Cooper: Brian!
Byron Sully: Brian, it's not something you just do. It takes time.
Brian Cooper: She's 35. She doesn't have alot of time left!
Byron Sully: There's an old Indian legend that says man and woman were once united - four arms, four legs, two backs. And one day the great spirit grew angry at this creature and took his tomahawk and cut 'em apart. And ever since that day men and women have tried to get back together again.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: You're right. I was jealous.
Byron Sully: I know.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: It was foolish.
Byron Sully: It was.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Must you agree with me *all* of the time?
Byron Sully: [to Michaela] I know what you're thinkin', and the answer's 'yes'. I'll always love you, no matter what happens. I'll always find you as beautiful as the first day I saw you.
Byron Sully: [about Michaela] She's my heartsong.
Byron Sully: I'll be your family.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: And I'll be your best friend.
Loren Bray: [pointing to Michaela after an ouburst by Marjorie] And I thought this one was bad!
Cloud Dancing: No drinky. Bad water. You get 'em?
Daniel Watkins: [to Sully] If a lady like Dr. Quinn looked at me the way she looks at you, I'd fall down on one knee and promise myself to her forever.
Hank Lawson: Sully, tell Michaela if she needs her wick trimmed to let me know.
Byron Sully: I'd be glad to, Hank, but the truth is, you're not man enough to hold a candle to her.
Byron Sully: There's only one thing I know about women - you gotta be lucky enough to find the right one, and then never let her go.
Byron Sully: You love David.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Yes, I'll always love him. But that's the past and you're the present... *we're* the present... If you'll have me... Will you, Sully?
Byron Sully: [pauses] Will I what?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Will you marry me?
Byron Sully: ...Yes.
Hank Lawson: What's all the racket? I can hardly hear myself think.
Horace Bing: Hard enough for you to think as it is!
Grace: You're still in the honeymoon stage. Enjoy it. 'Cause it ain't gonna last forever.
Dorothy Jennings: I don't think so. I mean, I don't think it has to end.
Myra Bing: No, but it just gets different, that's all. Sorta gets to be a part of the day's routine, like... brushing your teeth.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I can't say if your spirits exist or not. I'm not even sure how I feel about my own God anymore.
Cloud Dancing: Just because we are angry with them does not mean they will go away.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: You know what Sam said? She said that seeing us together is like watching a fire burn.
Byron Sully: Is that good?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Well, ignore a fire and it burns out. But if you tend to it, take care of it, feed it... it keeps growing bigger - burns brighter.
Byron Sully: She's awfully angry.
Cloud Dancing: You have stuck your hand in a hornet's nest that was hidden. I have done that myself.
Byron Sully: Well, if this is what it's gonna be like bein' with a woman, I don't know if I'm fit for it.
Hank Lawson: What was I thinking? I had to be crazy! Any man puts up with your harpin's gotta be looney!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Any man who doesn't care about his friends isn't much of a man.
Hank Lawson: Don't worry Michaela, you're man enough for both of us.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Well, I never!
Hank Lawson: Yeah, well maybe that's the problem.
Colleen Cooper: I'm not a little girl anymore. I don't need you.
Ethan Cooper: Colleen, you always need your father.
Colleen Cooper: Father? Sully is my father!
Cloud Dancing: The marriage is good?
Byron Sully: Yeah. It's great.
Cloud Dancing: It took Snow Bird and I many months to discover that we no longer rode separate horses.
Cloud Dancing: Man and woman are not meant to be alone. Like Mother Earth and Father Sky, everyone needs a partner or they become unbalanced. It's nature.
Byron Sully: Dr. Mike's an awfully strong force of nature.
Jake Slicker: Horace, you're the behind.
Horace Bing: Behind what?
Jake Slicker: The striker.
Horace Bing: I'm the striker's behind?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I could use some advice... from someone who's had experience.
Dorothy Jennings: Oh. Well, don't you worry. It's as easy as falling off a log.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Remember, I've never... fallen off a log.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Do you think most women find it agreeable?
Grace: Sure.
Myra Bing: If they're in love, they do.
Dorothy Jennings: I think women find it more agreeable then men do. I *do*. I mean, the men don't wanna know it. It would just vex 'em.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: People who are popular when they're young... they often grow up to have very dull lives. And people who are different... they go on to be successful and make wonderful contributions.
Colleen Cooper: Like who?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Well, like uh... like Abraham Lincoln!
Colleen Cooper: Yeah, but they shot him!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: You're looking very pleased with yourself.
Byron Sully: When the children knock and you don't jump up, I know I got your attention.
Byron Sully: I'm good at fixin' things when I can see what's wrong. But, this thing that's comin', it's so big... I don't know where to start.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: We'll find a way. But I promise you, if the day ever comes that I see your heart breaking and you can't take it any longer, we'll pack up.
Horace Bing: After Dr. Mike has the baby... are you gonna let 'er keep workin'?
Byron Sully: [laughs]
Horace Bing: What's so funny?
Byron Sully: Let her? Are we talkin' about the same Dr. Mike?
Horace Bing: I see your point.
Brian Cooper: [to Dr. Mike] You toss apple peelin's over your shoulder and they spell out the initials of who you're going to marry.
Colleen Cooper: You oughtta try it, Dr. Mike.
Brian Cooper: Bet it'd be a big 'S'!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [embarrassed] Brian!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: You never told me you played baseball.
Byron Sully: Just for fun. We used to play it in the mining camps.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: This rule book is very interesting. I never realized it was such an orderly and courteous game.
Byron Sully: Not the way *we* played it.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Do you think a man can love two women at the same time?
Byron Sully: If you were one of the women, would you want him to?
Byron Sully: I like talking... and I like having breakfast with you. But I also like *kissin'*.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Well, there should be a balance.
Byron Sully: But you're good at kissin'.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Sully!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Where does that leave Horace? He's been struggling at the plate. He's afraid of striking out.
Byron Sully: He's not the only one...
Byron Sully: Michaela, I love you. And I would do anything for you. I'd give my life for you, you know that. And I wanna marry you. But more than that, I want you to be happy. So you gotta choose the person who's gonna make you happy - the person that would be best for you. And whatever you do, I'll be behind you. I just wanted you to know that.
Byron Sully: You know what the Cheyanne ask a young man who's just taken a wife?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: What?
Byron Sully: 'Does she show enthusiasm?'... I appreciate your enthusiasm.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: You mean if I were Arapaho and you were Cheyenne...
Byron Sully: We couldn't get married, nope.
Byron Sully: I'd have to carry you off in the night.
Byron Sully: [to Michaela] This is the place I come when I lose my way and I have to find it again. I've never shown anyone this place... Not even Abigail.
Colonel Egan: Black Kettle and his party are late for his treaty council.
Byron Sully: The Cheyenne say that only a white man needs a watch to tell him when he's hungry.
Byron Sully: We're the same two people we were before we got married. Nothin's changed.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: But it has. Everything's changed. It's no longer 'you' and 'me', it's 'us'. You're a part of me now. And that's a very powerful feeling.
Brian Cooper: I'm running away.
Loren Bray: From what?
Brian Cooper: Ma said it's somethin' called puberty. I don't wanna catch it.
Hank Lawson: Speakin' of ladies... May I?
Marjorie Quinn: No, you may not.
Hank Lawson: Pleased to almost meet you.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [discussing Colleen] We were always so close.
Byron Sully: Maybe that's the problem.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Beg your pardon?
Byron Sully: She's gotta step outta your shadow. It's a mighty tall shadow.
Dorothy Jennings: [to Michaela about Sully] Even if I wasn't your friend, that man has no place in his heart for anyone but you. He's like a needle on a compass that points true north. Don't you know that?... He's as straight and sure as you are. That's the one way that you're alike, and it's more important than all the little ways that you're different.
Snow Bird: You have always been a foolish man. I do not know why I have slept with you for so long.
Cloud Dancing: I am fond of you, also.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [kissing Sully] How can people say this is like brushing your teeth?
[rehearsing Tybalt for the local production of Romeo and Juliet]
Hank Lawson: Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries that thou hast done me. Therefore, turn and draw! And I'll hack off your head before you can count to three.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Wait a minute. Stop. Stop. 'Hack off your head' is not in the play.
Hank Lawson: I fixed that line a little.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: You can't just change the lines, Hank.
Hank Lawson: I think it's better. Not only that, it rhymes.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [sighs] Actors!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: What took you so long?
Byron Sully: I had to make my bat.
Colleen Cooper: I'll only be five minutes.
Brian Cooper: No, no. I know how long five minutes takes when someone leaves a baby with you.
[after Dr. Mike is accepted into a prestigious medical society]
Hank Lawson: And we thought she was know-it-all before this.
Hank Lawson: You're gettin' one helluva woman!
Robert E.: Good luck, Sully.
Jake Slicker: You're gonna need it.
Byron Sully: [to Michaela] Sometimes a shadow falls over the moon, and it looks dark. But the light's there, it's just behind it. It's not gone, it's just covered up for a while. You've got that light. I've seen it. Trust that it's there and the shadow will pass.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Don't we have enough?
Byron Sully: You wanna learn to fish... ya gotta dig for worms.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Ha! Here's one.
Byron Sully: Half worms don't count.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Why not?
Byron Sully: It's fishin' rules.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Do whatever you want to do with my mortgage. I'll practice in the street if I have to. I'll pitch a tent, I'll work from my wagon, but I will never, *never* give in to the likes of you!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Oh, Sully, I don't wanna do this. I don't think I can.
Byron Sully: Yes you can. You're doin' it right now. Pretty soon the baby'll be here... and your ten years of being pregnant are over.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Dorothy's overcome so much herself. I think she means this book to be inspirational. I'm sure she didn't mean to offend anyone.
Hank Lawson: You read it?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I haven't had time yet. I'm looking forward to reading it this afternoon.
Hank Lawson: Where exactly you gonna be when you're readin' it?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: The clinic, I suppose. Why?
Hank Lawson: Might wanna steer clear of that part of town today, folks.
Soldier: [about Dr. Mike] She was aiding the enemy.
Loren Bray: Ah, she thought she was helping the Indians. She just does stuff like that. Ya gotta ignore it.
Cloud Dancing: We'll take that horse also.
Jake Slicker: What? How am I s'posed to get back?
Cloud Dancing: You can keep the shoes.
Jake Slicker: Who the hell is Ralph Waldo?
Loren Bray: Probably another darn woman from Boston.
Hank Lawson: Great, now we've got two of 'em.
Jake Slicker: What's myrrh?
Rev. Timothy Johnson: Well, myrrh was a... It is a... It's a thing that kings have.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Whenever anyone used to comment on my being my father's daughter, he used to tell them not to let my choice of profession fool them. That it was my mother I was most like, not him. It's the only thing he ever said that made me truly angry at him.
Preston A. Lodge III: D'you hear the news? Dr. Mike is climbing to the top of Pike's Peak.
Jake Slicker: Don't worry. After a while, nothin' she does'll seem strange.
Loren Bray: They stole my purse!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Well, I'm sorry that you were robbed, but I must say you're looking rather lovely this evening.
Brian Cooper: Colleen, can I ask you somethin'?
Colleen Cooper: Sure.
Brian Cooper: Say you're a girl...
Colleen Cooper: I'll try to imagine that.
Loren Bray: We can't have a lady mayor! What's that gonna make us look like?
Hank Lawson: A town full of sissies?
Byron Sully: [to Michaela] Whether or not we make a baby, we sure can have fun trying.
Hank Lawson: High stakes poker, Michaela. Bunch of stinkin' drunk men sittin' around a table gamblin', smokin', talkin' dirty and we'd like for you to come. Interested?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: No, thank you.
Hank Lawson: Darn.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: You can't close your heart and give up on people. When you shut down the door, no one can get in.
Cloud Dancing: I am reminded of a story. It seems a young frog was trying to win the heart of a porcupine. His father said to him, "My son, how can you fall in love with a porcupine?" The young frog replied, "The skunk would not have me."
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [blank look]
Cloud Dancing: I'm afraid it loses something in the translation.
Byron Sully: She kissed *me*.
Brian Cooper: What's the difference?
Byron Sully: It takes two people to kiss, Brian. It's like when you wanna go fishin' and I don't, but I go anyway because I don't wanna hurt your feelings. Do you think you can understand that?
Brian Cooper: I think fishin's fishin' and kissin's kissin'. That's what I think.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [to Jedediah Bancroft] And I have a few words for you but propriety prevents me from saying them.
Byron Sully: Blamin' doesn't fix things. It just makes them go on and on tearin' at folks.
Daniel Watkins: Dr. Quinn, I do not want the war to be all that I remember when I close my eyes forever. I want to take every photograph I can. I want to fill my memory with wonder and beauty. I want to recall every sunrise and every mountain peak that reaches for the heavens. And I want to remember women... who look just the way you do right now. May I take your portrait? Please?
Paul: Who's up next?
Colleen Cooper: Me.
Paul: You can't play, you're a girl.
Colleen Cooper: Then you should have no trouble striking me out.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Tobacco? You know what that'll do for your tuberculosis?
Kid Cole: No ma'am, but I'm sure you're plannin' on tellin' me.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I started thinking about how I planned everything. Then I realized something. The most important events in my life were things that I never planned. Things that I had no control over at all.
Thaddeus Birch: I had a lady doctor take out my lumbago in St. Louis.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Took it right out, did she?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: There're some mornings, I just want to stay in bed and hide under the covers. Or take a buggy ride out to the lake... not let anyone know where I am... Just let life go on without "Dr. Mike".
Byron Sully: It would, ya know.
Preston A. Lodge III: Why'd you do it? Why'd you save my life?
Byron Sully: If you don't know by now, you never will.
Hank Lawson: I ain't stupid.
Olive Bray: Well, that's a matter of opinion.
Loren Bray: Why don't ya just drop me down the side of the mountain and have done with it.
Byron Sully: Don't tempt me.
Jake Slicker: Hey, you think we outta tell Dr. Mike about our plan?
Loren Bray: Naw. What she don't know won't hurt us.
Preston A. Lodge III: That woman was a doctor? Well, I can hardly wait to get sick!
Preston A. Lodge III: Carpe diem.
Jake Slicker: Carpet what?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [to Sully] It's been a while since we've had an adventure in the woods.
Grace: There's a sayin' - 'The devel you know is better then the devil you don't know'. Well, Hank, you're the devil we know.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [to Sully] Let's just elope. I don't care about any fancy wedding. All I care about is being your wife... and you being my husband... I'm ready to start looking at the world through *our* eyes.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: What was it this time?
Byron Sully: She thought she saw a bear out the window.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: A bear?
Byron Sully: It was a laundry tub. Took quite a fight, but I think I scared it off.
Hank Lawson: What's it like to walk on water, Michaela?
Preston A. Lodge III: [to Matthew] You're considerably younger than Hank.
Myra Bing: He's also considerably smarter.
Hank Lawson: Thanks for the support, Myra.
Dorothy Jennings: Keeping promises when it's convenient is easy Michaela. But easy don't count for much in life.
Byron Sully: Rich people pay to eat snails?
Byron Sully: Do you love 'im?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: How *dare* you ask me that! You, who have told me that you're not ready to love anyone! You, who comes and goes as he pleases! You, who never so much as offered any kind of committment to me and my children!
Byron Sully: Do. You. *Love* 'im?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I'm very fond of the Reverend. And he's made me a proposal that no one, including you, has cared to do. And I don't take that lightly.
Byron Sully: If marriage is all you want, then you've found the right man.
Hank Lawson: Bein' sheriff's a man's job, Grace.
Grace: I know. That's why I'm votin' for Matthew.
Preston A. Lodge III: You'll have to excuse Sully. He has a tender spot in his heart for squirrels and bunnies and such.
Hank Lawson: What's that squallin'?
Jake Slicker: Somebody's singin'. Sounds like Myra.
Hank Lawson: Myra can't sing!
Jake Slicker: Well, that ain't stoppin' her. Listen!
Preston A. Lodge III: What do you say, Sully? Do you think I should keep my mouth shut?
Byron Sully: I don't think it's possible, Preston.
Cloud Dancing: [to Jake] With the Cheyanne, tribe comes first, then family and then man. For you, it's the man first and last. That is why you are so alone.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: How long before we go?
Byron Sully: You're not going. The women stay in camp.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Not this woman.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Is it just me, or have I been pregnant for ten years?
Byron Sully: It'll be over soon.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: And you've been saying that to me for ten years as well.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: You did the right thing, Hank.
Hank Lawson: Don't let it get around.
Byron Sully: Got somthin' for ya... an early Christmas present.
Brian Cooper: Really?
Byron Sully: [producing a beaded leather necklace] I made this when I was with the Cheyanne. Didn't make it for myself, but to give as a gift. And all these years I been walkin' around with it, not knowin' who I made it for until now. I made it for my son.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Horace, are you all right?
Jake Slicker: How many fingers?
Horace Bing: Chocolate.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I think he's finished for the day.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Pushy? I'm not pushy!
Charlotte Cooper: Let's just call it headstrong.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I think we've had this discussion before Reverend. Do you or do you not answer to a higher power?
Byron Sully: Maybe you better figure that out, Reverend.
Dr. Cassidy: It's your funeral, Reverend.
Rev. Timothy Johnson: Yes, it is. And I would like to wait on it.
Matthew Cooper: Ingrid, will you marry me? Right now. We can do it here. God can be our witness.
Loren Bray: Of course they're true! That's how they get to be rumors!
Matthew Cooper: What's a dog like that good for?
Byron Sully: Bait.
Sam Lindsey: I've never thought of caution as a means to lead one's life.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Do I look as foolish as I feel?
Byron Sully: I think you're beautiful when you're jealous.
Colleen Cooper: I'll still can't believe I have a baby sister.
Robert E.: Well, she's got your eyes, Sully.
Jake Slicker: Not much hair, though... considerin' its parents.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Pinch running for Mr. Slicker will be Cloud Dancing.
Preston A. Lodge III: Newlyweds! Well that explains everything. I was wondering why they were the only two on the train *not* enjoying the view.
Dr. Cassidy: This is the best chance he has!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: No, *I'm* the best chance!
Dr. Cassidy: That's your opinion. But he's my patient and I'll decide what's best for him.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Dr. Cassidy, if my name was Michael Quinn and not Michaela, you'd let me perform that procedure wouldn't you?
Dr. Cassidy: I don't give a damn what your name is. I know Drew. And I know he would much rather take his chances on a wagon trip to Denver than have a hysterical female cut him open!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [after Drew is brought back, having died on the route to Denver] What do you think his chances are now, doctor?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Sully... it isn't dark yet.
Byron Sully: [pulling the shades] But it's getting darker... and darker... and darker.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [pulling the last shade] ... and darker.
Matthew Cooper: I think Dr. Mike's in trouble.
Brian Cooper: What kinda trouble?
Matthew Cooper: What kinda trouble does she usually get into?
Snow Bird: What will Cloud Dancing do without me?
Myra Bing: That's what I wanted more than anything when I was workin' for Hank - a nice normal life. When Horace and I first fell in love, I was so happy. We'd get married in a nice normal church weddin', and live in a normal house, and have a normal family.
Myra Bing: Normal life is drivin' me crazy.
Dorothy Jennings: Well, it's gotta be better than workin' in a saloon.
Myra Bing: Yeah. But I used to speak my mind. I had gumption.
Byron Sully: The Cheyanne say that the dead carry their scars with them to the afterlife.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Well, I disagree. I believe it's the people who are left who carry the scars.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Why can't you accept me for what I am?
Elizabeth Quinn: And what are you? You're an unmarried woman, trying to raise three children, in a shack, in the middle of nowhere... and offering your medical services to a bunch of back-woodsman, who pay you in potatoes and in chickens.
Grace: Sometimes people disappoint you, and you just have to let it go and love them anyway.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: May I ask you a question?
Eddy: Yeah.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Why don't you have clothes on?
Eddy: Well, I'm seventy-three years old. And I figure I can do as I damn well please.
Rev. Timothy Johnson: What did I do wrong, Dr. Mike? I only wanted to do the right thing.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I know. They never asked us to share their religion, Reverend. Should we make them share ours?
Rev. Timothy Johnson: They don't share our medicine, either, but you help them with it.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Medicine is different...
Rev. Timothy Johnson: How? You took an oath to save lives with your medicine and I took an oath to save souls with my faith.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [gently] I thought our job here was to educate their minds.
Byron Sully: Why don't ya quit tryin' so hard?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Old habits.
Byron Sully: Give 'em up.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Sometimes I think you must really hate me, mother.
Byron Sully: Morning, folks. Like you to meet Katherine Sully.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: My life is very ordinary.
Daniel Watkins: After my years of photographing the war I think an ordinary life is amazing. Especially if it's viewed from the proper angle.
Cloud Dancing: At Washita, I watched my life drain away with the blood of my people... Snowbird... Black Kettle. I came to the reservation where Utes fight Pawnee, Pawnee fight Arapaho. But now, the spirits have shown me a way to bring peace. They have shown me we are one blood... one people.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Cloud Dancing, this is admirable, but you can't sacrifice yourself.
Cloud Dancing: You asked me before if I was protecting someone. I am protecting them all.
Preston A. Lodge III: Interesting character. Remind you of anyone you know? Mountain man turned family man? Once a legend of the rugged back country, now cooking supper for his pregnant wife. Don't take me wrong, Sully. I want nothing but the best for you and Michaela. I can picture you right now with a new baby - rocking him to sleep, changing his little buckskin diapers.
Byron Sully: I'm sorry for everything my people are doin' to yours.
Cloud Dancing: The spirits tell me my anger is good, my hate is not. There are good men, there are bad men. You're a good man Sully. You're still my brother.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: You're drunk.
Doc Eli: That's an excellent diagnosis doctor.
Grace: Oh, no you don't.
Brian Cooper: I was just sayin' hello.
Grace: I know you, and you were one step away from namin' that turkey.
Brian Cooper: Well, his face does kinda remind me of...
Grace: Shhh. Don't say it. You name that bird, start makin' friends with it, and there goes my Thanksgiving appetite. That bird's name is 'dinner'.
Elizabeth Quinn: [to Mike] There was no greater moment in my life, then the moment when I gave birth to you.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Don't be stubborn.
Byron Sully: It's an old habit.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Give it up.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I always thought she was disappointed in me... when I left Boston to move out here... as if I'd somehow failed.
Byron Sully: She was disappointed, or you?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [looks lovingly at Sully] It was the best decision I ever made.
Byron Sully: [smiling] Glad to hear you say that.
Byron Sully: Where you're born always kind of has a pull on ya, whether ya like it or not.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Sully says that everyone recognizes members of their own tribe.
Louise Chambers: Who's Sully?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Well, that's something for a whole other picnic.
Daniel Watkins: Whiskey and truth should both be served straight up, Doctor.
Kid Cole: Looks like the only way I'm gonna have me a quiet, peaceful little town is to make me one.
Elizabeth Quinn: [about Michaela to Sully] She shouldn't have to defend your appearance. You and I both know that you look nearly as odd to most of the people of Colorado Springs as you do to the citizens of Boston.
Byron Sully: Different women give you different kinds of love.
Matthew Cooper: How do you even know if it *is* love?
Byron Sully: Let your heart tell ya. Just make sure it's your heart doin' the talkin'.
Kid Cole: I know I'm new in town, but it woulda been nice to've been invited to your party.
Cloud Dancing: There is no justice in the white man's court.
Hank Lawson: Care to show us some of them moves?
Preston A. Lodge III: With you?
Hank Lawson: Why not? Been a while since I mixed it up a bit.
Jake Slicker: Yeah, at least a week.
Matthew Cooper: I'd feel a lot better if I had a deputy, just 'till this is all over. I don't trust many men. I'd ask Sully but I need someone here in town.
Robert E.: I'm sorry, Matthew. I can't help you. I ain't sayin' that man in there don't have due what's comin' 'im. Just figure I already seen my fill of hangin's.
Byron Sully: You could sell the extra corn just to buy things you need - like some meat.
Cloud Dancing: *Buy* meat?
Cloud Dancing: How does cutting their hair and putting them in white man's clothes help them learn?
Jake Slicker: We got ourselves a sheriff - Matthew Cooper.
Hank Lawson: I want a recount.
Jake Slicker: I know how to count, Hank. You lost by more than thirty votes.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: When I first thought that David had been killed, I felt as if my heart had been ripped out. I didn't believe that anything could ever hurt me as much again. Seeing my child go through it... It's worse.
Isabelle Maynard: I've been through this before. Fear and guilt aren't the best treatments for me.
Matthew Cooper: [talking about Ingrid] She told Jon that she always wanted to remember this music.
[he breaks down crying]
Matthew Cooper: And that way'd she'd never forget what it felt like to fall in love with me.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Wanted: Sheriff. Must be of strong moral fiber and have knowledge of the law.
Kid Cole: There go most of your candidates right there.
Sister Ruth: Kid! Let him go, let it all be over. Then maybe you and I could...
Kid Cole: I just wish you'd get on outta here before you get hurt.
Sister Ruth: I'd *be* hurt if you die. I love you, you ole coot!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Please, mother needs her rest!
Elizabeth Quinn: Oh, nonsense. I feel perfectly well.
Dr. William Burke: Doctor's orders.
Elizabeth Quinn: A nap. But then I'm coming down for supper.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Mother...
Elizabeth Quinn: And *that* is final.
Dr. William Burke: Mother's orders.
General Parker: You're not a bad doctor.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: And you're not a bad general.
Cloud Dancing: Remember, the two-leggeds and the four-leggeds were made by the same creator. We are relatives.
Sister Ruth: Wait a minute, don't go. You're always runnin' off somewhere.Please, Stay.
Kid Cole: If I stay, I might be tempted to do more than talk.
Ethan Cooper: We often see things clearer once we're looking backwards.
Marjorie Quinn: Michaela, I hope you don't mind... I brought along a friend for dinner.
Hank Lawson: Turkey. My favorite.
Dr. Andrew Cook: How did he get the hernia?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Lifting a pig... a *big* pig.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: What happened?
Hank Lawson: Some guy cut me. How much to sew me up?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I thought you prefered the expertise of Mr. Slicker in these matters.
Hank Lawson: Jake's drunk. Now can we talk later, when I'm not bleedin' to death?
Byron Sully: I stand with the truth.
Franklin: Black Kettle says that is the only place for a leader to stand.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: What happened to your plans to settle down, plant some rose bushes?
Kid Cole: Boys like him kept tryin' to make me push up rose bushes instead of plantin' 'em.
Brian Cooper: I need your help. I still can't get this 'perspective' thing right.
Isabelle Maynard: You have better perspective than most people I know.
Byron Sully: You don't raise children to keep 'em in way that puts your mind at ease. You raise 'em so they know how to look out for themselves.
Prisoner: You let a dang woman work on me? What're you tryin' to kill me?
Kid Cole: This ain't no woman. She's a doctor.
Johnny Reed: Look at you. You ain't hardly wet behind the ears. And they think that you can do a man's job today.
Matthew Cooper: Watch me, Reed.
Kid Cole: [to Mike] You ain't gonna be my boss, are ya?
Brian Cooper: You visitin' town?
Isabelle Maynard: Well, I was passing through on the train and I saw this...
[gestures toward the mountains]
Isabelle Maynard: ... and I just had to get out and paint it.
Brian Cooper: You mean, you see something you wanna paint... and you stop everything to do it?
Isabelle Maynard: Yes.
Byron Sully: The minute you put on a gun, you're sayin' that you're willin' to use it. Now, that's just invitin' trouble.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Isabelle, I'd like for you to stay. I wish I could just make my fear go away... or that I never felt it in the first place, but I can't... But my fear is irrelevent. You're sick and I can help. That's all that matters... Please? I want to be your doctor.
Hank Lawson: What can I do for ya?
Sister Ruth: Well, you can come home to the Lord, brother. He's missing you.
Hank Lawson: Sorry, I can't say the same.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I thought Matthew was taking you fishing?
Brian Cooper: He's too busy... kissin' Ingrid.
Cloud Dancing: What of their true nature will survive if they live as white people?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: All we want to do is prepare them for the future.
Byron Sully: They won't have a future if they don't have a past.
Dr. Miriam Tilson: Michaela Quinn of Beacon Hill, out in the barren wilderness, scratching the ears of a wolf.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: As you said, things change.
Byron Sully: That's the gate to wisdom - being able to say 'I don't know'.
Walter Smoot: [about Sam] Where I come from we got a sayin' for females like her: 'all her puppies don't bark'.
General George Custer: Dr. Quinn, you are a traitor.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I've dedicated my life to repairing the damage that men like you bring on this world and frankly, Mr. Custer, I don't want any more of your business.
Elizabeth Quinn: [to Preston] You will wait you turn, young man, and be pleasant doing so!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Dr. Cassidy, it's quite apparent that my definition of a woman will always differ from yours. So let's just agree to disagree and leave it at that, shall we?
Sam Lindsey: Life isn't about living forever, Michaela. It's about making the journey really count.
Preston A. Lodge III: I find the canvases of Mr. Monet and Pissaro very exciting, mind you. But, I must say, they can't hold a candle to yours.
Isabelle Maynard: Oh, my. What a warm breeze there is out here.
[Loren, Hank and Jake are dressed up to play the Three Wise Men for the Christmas nativity]
Jake Slicker: Reverend. How do we look?
Rev. Timothy Johnson: I don't think they were smoking cigars, gentlemen.
Hank Lawson: Hey, we're kings. We can do whatever we want.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [to Matthew] I don't ever want to see you lying here, looking up at me and telling me you got shot for the right reasons. There are no right reasons to get shot.
Myra Bing: I don't want to belong to a church where you let a man lay dyin' while you sit here readin' your bibles.
Elizabeth Quinn: [reguarding Emma] I will not have a woman of such character in attendance.
Marjorie Quinn: A woman of such character, mother, is mearly the direct result of the *men* who exploit her.
Elizabeth Quinn: Please don't start that again.
Marjorie Quinn: Men who share none of the shame and degredation, who insist on enslaving us...
Elizabeth Quinn: All right, all right! Invite her! Just cease with the fanatacism!
Colleen Cooper: [to baby Sully] Your pa made this just for you... *our* pa.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: You still racing horses?
Dr. Cassidy: Of course. And are you still dressing up as men to ride them?
Loren Bray: Seems parents and children spend half their lives not seeing eye to eye. By the time they do find some common ground, there's barely any time left to enjoy it.
Rev. Timothy Johnson: I think it's time to set aside our differences.
Hank Lawson: Not by my watch.
Johnny Reed: Come to save my soul?
Rev. Timothy Johnson: I suppose that's up to you.
Cloud Dancing: When you read a story, you cannot know who tells it - cannot see him, or hear his voice. If you cannot see his spirit, the story has no meaning.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Well, all we wanna do is give them a new way of learning, so they can have both ways.
Byron Sully: Just so the new ways don't wipe out the old.

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