It used to be you had real friends on the other side of the aisle. It's not like that anymore. Society has changed. The public is to blame as well. I think the people have gotten dumber. Gary Ackerman
My personal theory is that younger audiences disdain books - not because those readers are dumber than past readers, but because today's reader is smarter. Chuck Palahniuk
You're dumber than you think I think you are. Robert Towne
The dumbing down of the country reflects itself on Broadway. The shows get dumber, and the public gets used to them. Stephen Sondheim
The claim that SpongeBob makes your child dumber is a causal claim. If you do X, Y will happen. To prove that, you'd have to show that if you forced the children in the no-TV households to watch SpongeBob and changed nothing else about their lives, they would do worse in school. Emily Oster