Washington, D.C. has a new defender: Freakazoid. The comedy (and sanity) never stops when he's around and he's only one of the weird heroes of the series! It's better than a nice tub of good things!

Freakazoid: Aw, nut bunnies.
Freakazoid: [on the phone] Guess where I am. I'm at your prison. Me and my friends are gonna rescue the Douglas family and a mime and escape YOU BIG FATHEAD! FATTY FATTY CHUNKY CHUNKY LARDFACE!
Russian Security Minister: Your death will be very painful.
[hangs up]
Russian Security Minister: Notify the prison authorities. I want to deal with Freakazoid personally!
Steph: Freakazoid, you just insulted the security minister and gave him our exact location!
Roddy MacStew: What was the point, lad? What's your plan?
Freakazoid: [thinks a moment] OK, I know you're gonna be mad but I forgot the rest of my plan.
[after some of his dialogue is poorly lyp-synced]
Freakazoid: Ugh! Let's watch the lip-sync, okay?
[shot of a giant pair of lips sinking into the ocean]
Freakazoid: [with poor lip-sync] Ah, thank you!
Announcer: [if the show hypothetically ended short] Since this week's episode ended early, I'll recite some of my favorite naughty limericks. I'm sure you'll find them pleasing and saucy. There once was a woman from Bristow...
Freakazoid: Cosgrove, how come you never got married?
Cosgrove: Because I like meat too much.
Freakazoid: You can get married and still eat a lot of meat.
Cosgrove: ...I didn't know that.
Dr. Mystico: They called me mad! Insane! Wendell!
Cosgrove: You're not a failure kid. It's just that your ideas are silly and dumb.
Cosgrove: [walking through sewers] What do they call "poo-gas" in Scotland?
Roddy MacStew: "Crud-vapors".
Cosgrove: How come you don't say anything useful?
Professor Jones: How come you have the IQ of a biscuit?
Cosgrove: [raising his fist] How would you like me to twist your body into funny balloon animal shapes?
Professor Jones: [laughs nervous] Perhaps I misspoke.
[Left alone at a "Gulliver" show]
Professor Jones: Freakazoid? Where are you?
Professor Jones: Oh, the pain, the pain.
[c.f. [link=tt0058824]]
[repeated line]
Cosgrove: Cut it out!
Freakazoid: Don't let me fall into nothingness! I won't be happy there!
Steph: Maybe we should catch a movie.
Cosgrove: Good idea. I want to see "Babeheart."
Freakazoid: What's that?
Cosgrove: It's about a cute little pig that slaughters the English.
Soldier: [Movie starts] I say. Look at that little pig over there.
Babeheart: La, La, La! You dumbheads better get out of Scotland!
Soldier: And if we don't?
[Carnage ensues on screen]
Steph: This sure is a gory movie.
Cosgrove: Yeah, but that's one mighty cute pig.
Freakazoid: I think he deserves some kind of cute pig award!

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