Fry, a pizza guy is accidentally frozen in 1999 and thawed out New Year's Eve 2999.

[repeated line]
Bender: Bite my shiny metal ass!
[repeated line]
Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Good news everyone!
Fry: You know the worst thing about being a slave? They make you work, but don't pay you or let you go.
Turanga Leela: That's the only thing about being a slave.
Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Sweet zombie Jesus!
[repeated line]
Dr. Zoidberg: Hooray!
Turanga Leela: So long, jerkwads!
Professor Hubert Farnsworth: [about Hermes' grandmother] Your granny can go to hell!
Captain Zapp Brannigan: [about the space ship Titanic] I am gonna fly her brains out.
[repeated line]
Bender: Neat!
Bender: What do you mean "we", flesh-tube?
Fry: [after waking up from a dream] What a weird dream! I'll never get back to sleep...
[Fry goes back to sleep and snores]
Bender: Lies, lies and slander!
Turanga Leela: Just make a simple cake. And this time, if someone's going to jump out of it, make sure to put them in after you cook it.
Bender: But going through a divorce together, you can't pretend that didn't bring us closer together.
[Futurama in-show commercials]
TV Announcer: Planet Express - Our crew is replaceable, your package isn't.
TV Announcer: Futurama is brought to you by: Glagnar's Human Rinds - It's a buncha, muncha, cruncha... human.
TV Announcer: Lightspeed Briefs - Style and comfort for the discriminating crotch.
Bender Bending Rodriguez: [in the year 3000] To the flying machine!
Professor Hubert Farnsworth: No! I was about to close the deal!
Fry: Bender! They had a backwards time machine!
Hermes Conrad: I'm more hungry than a green snake in a sugar cane field!
Niblonian 1: I fear we are cute.
Niblonian 2: Oh, niggle-snoosh!