Grace Slick — American Musician born on October 30, 1939,

Grace Barnett Slick is an American singer, songwriter, artist, and former model, best known as one of the lead singers of the rock groups The Great Society, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Starship, as well as for her work as a solo artist from the mid-1960s to the mid-1990s... (wikipedia)

Through literacy you can begin to see the universe. Through music you can reach anybody. Between the two there is you, unstoppable.
No matter how big or soft or warm your bed is, you still have to get out of it.
I'm very fond of drugs.
I like being in a recording studio. I like watching a song go from the simplicity of the original music.
People say Altamont was the 'end of the '60s.' It was unfortunate, but at the time we didn't think of it as signaling anything. The fact that nobody got killed at Woodstock is amazing because that was half a million people. We only had 300,000 at Altamont.