Three girls become mermaids after a mysterious island transforms them and gives them special powers.

Rikki Chadwick: We'll draw straws and decide which one of us the others will eat.
Emma Gilbert: That's not funny!
Rikki Chadwick: I'm relieving the tension.
Cleo Sertori: You're making it worse.
Byron: [Emma grabs his but and he turns around to see Cleo] Cleo, nice to see you too.
Cleo Sertori: Uh, thanks.
Rikki Chadwick: How did the test go?
Lewis McCartney: Well, according to the test, you are a seven-year-old German shepherd.
Rikki Chadwick: I was wondering when you would figure out it wasn't my real hair.
Emma Gilbert: Aunt Thea, your skirt, did you steal our picnic rug?
Byron: Thanks for last night. You have the worlds best lips.
Emma Gilbert: [spits out drink] Lips! My lips? What's he talking about? Guys?
Emma Gilbert: You've got a lot of hair in your nose there, Harrison. That's a real forest.
Rikki Chadwick: Zane Bennett is a pig. I take a chance to get under his skin any time I get one.
Louise Chatham: Don't ever talk to sea-perch. You never can trust those fish.
Rikki Chadwick: Emma may look tough but she's easily hurt.
Rikki Chadwick: I never liked pool parties anyway.
[repeated line]
Lewis McCartney: It's complicated.