Adventures of a teenage pop star who keeps her identity secret from even her closest friends by using a disguise on stage.

Jackson Stewart: [the beginning drum beat of the 'Hannah Montana' theme song is heard while Jackson is watching TV] Ugh! When is this show NOT ON?
[repeated line]
Jackson Stewart: Good day. I said good day, daddy!
Amber: [the girls think a bear is outside of their tent] I'm too pretty to die!
Ashley Dewitt: No way, I'm pretty, too!
Miley Stewart: Alright! I'll go check!
Ashley Dewitt: [she leaves, and loud growling is heard] Oh my gosh! Lilly, go check on her!
Lilly Truscott: Why do I have to go?
Amber: [scoffs] I believe we've established the pretty scale.
[repeated line]
Roxie: I have my EYES on you!
[repeated line]
Miley Stewart: Ya think?
[repeated line]
Robbie Stewart: Dag flab-it!
[repeated line]
Miley Stewart: Sweet Niblets!
[Robbie hurts himself during limbo]
Robbie Stewart: Ow, my achey, breaky back!
Miley Stewart: It was as easy as findin' a mullet at a trucker's convention.
Lilly Truscott: Hey Oliver! I can see you!
Oliver Oken: [Lifting Miley's hair on the other side] I can see you too!