A bumbling bionic police inspector stumbles about on his cases, while his niece and dog secretly do the real investigative work.

Inspector Gadget: [Gadget has shocked The Chief] Sorry about that, Chief.
[repeated line]
Dr. Claw: I'll get you next time, Gadget. Next time!
M.A.D Cat: Meeeoww!
Chief Quimby: Congratulations, Gadget, I don't know how you did it.
Inspector Gadget: Thanks, Chief. Uh, what did I do?
[repeated line]
Inspector Gadget: This message will self-destruct. Don't worry, Chief, Inspector Gadget is always on duty.
[repeated line]
Corporal Capeman: I'm flying! Weeeee!
Inspector Gadget: Bartender, a milk... on the rocks.
[repeated line]
Inspector Gadget: Wowsers! It's the top secret Gadget phone.
[talks into hand]
Inspector Gadget: Is that you, Chief? You're where? Right away.
Penny: Gosh, Scotland is beautiful, Uncle Gadget.
Inspector Gadget: It certainly is, Penny. This is where they make Scotch tape, you know.
Inspector Gadget: Wowsers!
Inspector Gadget: [Falling from the sky] Go, go gadget 'brella! Go, go gadget 'copter!
[flowers pop out of his hat]
Inspector Gadget: Go, go gadget anything!
[Then, Brain catches him when he is about to hit the ground]
Inspector Gadget: Go, go gadet saves the day again.
[repeated line]
Inspector Gadget: Go-Go Gadgetmobile!
[repeated line]
Penny: Follow Uncle Gadget, Brain.
Brain: Rrrrrrright!
[repeated line]
Penny: You never know what might happen with Uncle Gadget.
Dr. Claw: [assuming that he got rid of Gadget] I feel like singing.
[M.A.D. Cat begins singing then Dr. Claw hits M.A.D. Cat in the head]
Dr. Claw: I said *I* feel like singing
Inspector Gadget: [to Corperal Capeman, who is following him] Inspector Gadget always works alone. You'll have to volunteer for something else.
Dr. Claw: [commercial bumper] Inspector Gadget *may* return after these messages.
Inspector Gadget: [while on a cruise full of people] Just as I suspected. A highly suspicious situation with a highly suspicious group of people.
Dr. Claw: [When coming into his chair and talking to M.A.D. Cat about Presto Changeo] He didn't fool you, did he M.A.D. Cat?
[M.A.D. Cat shakes its head no, then Dr. Claw picks M.A.D. Cat up]
Dr. Claw: What? He did?
[M.A.D. Cat shakes its head yes]
Dr. Claw: You useless fuzzball.
[throws M.A.D. Cat onto his desk]
Chief Quimby: [repeated line, after he gets blown up from an assignment] Why do I put up with him?