Inspector Morse has an ear for music, a taste for beer and a nose for crime. He sets out with Sergeant Lewis to solve each intriguing case.

Morse: I always drink at lunchtime. It helps my imagination.
Morse: Drink that, Lewis, and loosen some brain cells.
Morse: When I'm thinking, I get thirsty.
Morse: There's always time for one more pint.
Morse: The secret of a happy life is to know when to stop - and then go that bit further.
Morse: Coded messages, murder - right up my street. It's not a bad way to start the day.
Morse: Ideals come to torment us all at some stage, or at least they should do.
[repeated line]
Morse: [disparagingly] LEW-is!
Morse: *Morse*. Everyone just calls me "Morse".
[to Lewis, feeling sorry for himself]
Morse: I'm old and unmarried, and I don't understand human nature. What does it matter?
Lewis: How old are you?
Morse: I forget, Robbie.
[as Lewis makes a chance remark which unwittingly provides Morse with a major clue]
Morse: You've done it *again*, Lewis!
[after Morse has been hit on the head]
Morse: 'Tis not so wide as a church door nor so deep as a river, but 'tis enough.