A teenage girl periodically travels back in time to feudal Japan to help a young half demon recover the shards of a orb of great power.

Kagome: [Inuyasha has been poisoned and is unconscious] He's dripping with sweat.
[wipes away the sweat from Inuyasha's face. He opens his eyes]
Kagome: Sorry. I didn't wake you up, did I?
Inuyasha: No. Kagome?
Kagome: What is it?
Inuyasha: Tell me something. Why were you crying?
Kagome: Back in the other room? Because, I thought I was going to lose you. I thought you were going to... die.
Inuyasha: You shed tears for me. Cried for me. Kagome, if it's not to much trouble, can I lay in your lap?
Kagome: Huh? Uh-huh.
[she lets Inuyasha lay his head on her lap]
Kagome: How are you feeling? A little better than before?
Inuyasha: [Inuyasha is completely out of it] Yes. Kagome, you smell kinda nice.
Kagome: Okay, that's it. you made a point of telling me before than you couldn't stand my scent.
Inuyasha: I did.
[he turns his face toward Kagome's stomach]
Inuyasha: But I was lying.
Kagome: [thinking] Maybe the poison really has gone to his head. Yet, all this talk has my heart pounding.
[out loud]
Kagome: Okay, now I'm confused...
[notices that Inuyasha has passed out again]
Kagome: He's asleep!
Kaede: Inuyasha, stupid is as stupid does. Ye need to learn to be more careful with your speech.
Inuyasha: Are you calling me stupid, you old hag? What do you know about it? You weren't even there.
Kaede: I know this, ungrateful dog. In order to find the Sacred Jewel shards, Kagome's spiritual power is essential, yet ye made her upset with your words and sent her running home
Inuyasha: That was her idea. She chose to go home. I never forced her. She said
[imitating Kagome]
Inuyasha: "I'm going home, stupid."
Kaede: Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Huh, what?
Kaede: That imitation was pathetic.
Inuyasha: [falls over] I'm a demon, not a comedian!
Kagome: There you are! Let's go!
Inuyasha: Where to?
Kagome: Come on. Don't you feel the least bit sorry for Kikyo? Her grave was violated. I know you were betrayed by her but that was a long time ago. It's been at least 50 years since she passed away.
[Inuyasha tries to get up, but kagome grabs his hair]
Kagome: Hold it!
Inuyasha: Watch the hair!
Kagome: Mind explaining to me why you haven't been able to look me straight in the eye since yesterday?
Inuyasha: You're obviously imagining things.
Kagome: I get it! It's all about me looking like kikyo! That's it, isn't it? That's why you can't look at me.
[Inuyasha looks at her and taks her hand]
Inuyasha: It's not...
Inuyasha: It's not like that.
[Leans in and tries to kiss Kagome]
Kagome: Whoa whoa whoa hold the phone!
[Kagome pushes Inuyasha on the ground]
Kagome: [thinking] Ok now i am officially freaked. What's going on! He almost kissed me!
Inuyasha: Can we lose some of the violence?
Kagome: Sure as soon as you stop acting so weird!
Inuyasha: You're the one acting like a lunatic!
Inuyasha: Are you crazy? You could have gotten yourself killed.
Kagome: I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't sure. I mean, he couldn't be that bad. Let's give him a chance, hear him out.
[Miroku wakes up and rubs Kagome's rear]
Kagome: [runs into Inu Yasha's arms] I was wrong. Kill him.
Inuyasha: Shippou, your village just called. They said they were looking for their idiot.
Shippo: Kagome, Inuyasha is being mean to me!
Kagome: Inuyasha, look what you've done! You've hurt his feelings!
Inuyasha: OW!
Kagome: I saw the whole thing between you and Kikyo
Inuyasha: You mean...
Kagome: Yup! The whole thing from start to finish. So I would appreciate it if you left me alone for a bit.
Inuyasha: Hey! Don't do this to me! What do you mean 'the whole thing'? Wait Kagome, What was I doing when you saw me? Wait! Tell me Kagome!
Kagome: SIT! I mean I saw the whole thing! I had a front row seat! I'm going home...
InuYasha: Somehow, without my ever noticing it, it felt so natural, having Kagome near.
Kagome: I don't belong to *anyone*! Get you hands off me!
[slaps Koga]
wolf demon: That chick just slapped Koga!
wolf demon: Honeymoon's over. She's dead now!
Miroku: [Sango falls to the ground sobbing] Sango?
Sango: Yes!
Miroku: You'll have my children? Ten babies, or maybe even twenty?
Sango: Yes! Miroku... does this mean you'll stop womanizing?
Miroku: [stunned] Huh? Uh... heh heh...
Sango: [briefly pausing on each word] You. Will. Stop. Flirting... Right?
[Miroku looks away, chuckling]
Sango: [thinking] I'll take that as a no...
[the ground shakes with an approaching demon]
Inuyasha: Whatever it is, it's big.
Miroku: Yes, lets run.
Inuyasha: Hmm? What, no way! You can't just eat and run!
Miroku: If the demon is truly big, then we are no match for it. Its irrational. Its impossible. Its against my religion.
Inuyasha: You ought to be arrested.
Koga: [after Kagome saves Shippou] Hm. She risked her life to save her friend. She's loyal.
[Kouga jumps from the cliff and in front of Kagome]
Koga: I'm gonna make you my woman.
Kagome: [Blushes furiously] Huh?
Bandits: Hey, Kouga, I thought you were gonna eat her when you were finished with her, not marry her.
Koga: Don't you get it? With her abilities we can gather every one of the jewel shards!
Bandits: We'll be the most powerful wolf demon tribe ever!
Koga: That's the idea, yeah.
[Turns to Kagome and wraps and arm around her]
Koga: You're name's Kagome,right? Wolves mate for life so you're mine now. Got that?
Kagome: I don't belong to ANYONE! Get your hands off me!
[She slaps him]
Bandits: That chick just slapped Kouga!
Shippo: [about 500 feet behind InuYasha] I can see why being called a mutt by Koga would upset him... but now that I see him sitting there sniffing the ground he does look like a dog.
InuYasha: What did you say Shippo...?
Shippo: Talk about bloodhound. How did he hear me all the way back here?
InuYasha: Remember, Shippo. Dogs are carnivores, you little runt.
Inuyasha: [to Kagome, angry at her for saying she believes in him] You are nuts! This sword is good for nothing! Me, I'll live, I'm half demon. You though, you ain't got a chance.
Kagome: So I should just, give up hope?
[starts to cry]
Inuyasha: What... what are you doing?
[becomes upset when he sees Kagome crying]
Inuyasha: Are you crying? No crying!
Kagome: [getting angry] Oh, should I laugh?
Inuyasha: No! You should shut up and let me protect you!
Kagome: [slaps Myoga the flea] Do I *look* like a blood bank?
Kagome: Inuyasha, may I ask you a single question? Inuyasha, will you let me stay?
Miroku: Somehow it's different with us. You see, Sango, I've never had such strong feelings for a woman as I do for you.
Sango: [blushing, surprised] Uh...
Miroku: Except... there's one problem. I feel as if I cannot love you as an ordinary woman.
[Sango stares blankly ahead, shocked. The others are still eavesdropping]
Kagome: HUH?
Miroku: You're my comrade, the woman I fight alongside.
Shippo: So he's saying they're just gonna be friends?
Kagome: That's terrible! He's not getting away with this!
Sango: I know that, you didn't need to tell me. I knew how you felt. It's not as if... as if I hoped you would love me. I never thought that.
[crying slightly, stands up]
Miroku: Sango?
Sango: We said it all, right? I'm going.
Miroku: I'm just getting started. If this battle with Naraku ever comes to an end, and the curse of my wind tunnel is broken... if I make it out alive... If we made it that far, would you come live with me... would you bear my children, Sango?
Shippo: Are you in pain, Miroku?
Miroku: Pain is nothing. It is death that concerns me.
[Inuyasha and Kagome are sitting under a tree. Inuyasha refuses to even look at Kagome while she is talking to him and she gets angry and grabs his hair to yank him around to face her]
Kagome: Hold it!
Inuyasha: Watch the hair!
Kagome: Mind explaining why you haven't been able to look me straight in the eye since yesterday.
Inuyasha: [Inuyasha looks at her, then away, refusing to meet her eyes] Your obviously imagining things.
Kagome: I get it! This is all about me looking like Kikyo! That's it, isn't it!
[Inuyasha grabs Kagome's hand and removes it from his hair, then continues to hold it in his]
Kagome: Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: It's not...!
Inuyasha: It's not like that.
[He stares at Kagome sadly and moves closer to her]
Kagome: [Thinking as he moves closer] What's he doing?
[Freaks out and shoves Inuyasha away from her and he falls down the hill]
Kagome: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold the phone!
Inuyasha: [Screaming as he falls down the hill] AHHH!
Kagome: [Thinking] Okay, now I'm offically freaked! What's going on? He almost kissed me!
Inuyasha: [Jumps back up on top of the hill next to her. Now he's not sad, he's pissed off] Can we lose some of the violence?
Kagome: Sure, as soon as you stop being so weird!
Inuyasha: Your the one being a lunatic!
Inuyasha: Hey, where are you going?
Kagome: What do you care? I'm going home. Goodbye, Inuyasha
Inuyasha: You can't just leave. You...
Kagome: My name isn't "You". It's Kagome.
Inuyasha: Wait, Stupid.
Kagome: It's not "Stupid", either.
Inuyasha: Will you just wait, and hear me out?
Kagome: Why? So you can try and stop me?
Inuyasha: No, so you can give me your jewel shard.
Kagome: [feigning innocence] Oh, this?
[holds up her pouch that holds the shard, then looks at him angrily]
Kagome: Sit, Boy.
[Inuyasha is slammed face first to the ground]
Inuyasha: Why, you...
Kagome: [walking away] It's Kagome.
Inuyasha: Somehow, without my ever noticing it, it felt so natural, having Kagome near.
Kagome: Listen, it's fair to say you don't like me, right?
Inuyasha: Way more than fair.
Kagome: Whatever. It's not even me you dislike. It's this Kikyo person.
[Inuyasha jumps up into the tree and lays with his back to her]
Kagome: I'm not Kikyo, okay? I'm Kagome. Can't we just call a truce?
Inuyasha: [Jumps to his feet in the tree and points at her] Ha! I knew it! What you don't get is that I'm only after the jewel! Your just trying to lure me into a false sense of security!
Kagome: Oh really? That's funny, considering all I have to do to make you obey is say the word 'sit'
[Inuyasha falls out of the tree and slams into the ground]
Kagome: Whoops, sorry about that.
Inuyasha: Oh man.
Kagome: [She opens the door of the well house, but branches are coming through, blocking the well] Oh boy.
[She runs back to the God Tree]
Grandpa Higurashi: Great spirit of the sky, stop the snow from falling.
Kagome: [Runs up and touches the God Tree] Inuyasha! I can't get back! Inuyasha, say something if you can hear me!
Grandpa Higurashi: Kagome?
Sota Higurashi: She's finally lost it.
Kagome: Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: What is it?
Inuyasha: What is it?
Kagome: The well is full of roots, I can't get through!
Inuyasha: Kagome, use the sacred arrow of the priestess, use that to tear apart the roots. That's what Kaede says to do.
Kagome: But I don't have anything like that here!
[Looks down at the finger Inuyasha bandaged, then remembers that she cut her finger on a sacred arrow head buried in the bark]
Kagome: I do!
[Runs to her Grandfather, who is hold ceremonial arrow shafts without tips]
Kagome: Gramps, give me one of those!
[She jabs the shaft into the hold in the bark of the tree where the arrow head is. She keeps stabbing until the arrow head attaches to the shaft and she pulls it out]
Kagome: Got it! Inuyasha, I'll be right there!
[Grabs a ceremonial bow of her brothers]
Kagome: Let me borrow this.
Sota Higurashi: [Calmly] Cold, huh Gramps?
Grandpa Higurashi: Stew would be nice for dinner. Nice, hot stew.
Little Boy: [to Inuyasha and Kagome after carrying his Grandfather back to their village] Thank you, lady. Thank you, Mr. Dogman.
Inuyasha: [looking slightly annoyed] Dog... man?
SesshÙmaru: [after witnessing a small argument between Inuyasha and Kagome] Inuyasha, your patience with this creature is astonishing to me. You protect her, indulge her, even seem to love her.
Inuyasha: Uhh...
Sango: [about the possession, fight] I'm so sorry about this. It's all my fault.
Miroku: No need to apologize, Sango. Besides, I'm as much to blame. Kagome informed me that my bad habit of flirting with women was the cause of all this. I'm really sorry, Sango.
Sango: You... don't have to apologize. I was careless, that's all! You didn't have anything to do with it.
Miroku: [weakly] Sango, don't stay here. Go on without me.
Sango: No! Not unless you're with me!
Miroku: [groans] I think I might have pushed myself too far this time. You, at least, have to make it out of this alive, for me, okay?
Sango: [crying] NO! If you can't go on... then we'll die here together!
Miroku: What exactly did you do with Lady Kikyou?
Inuyasha: What do you usually do when you think you're alone with a woman?
Miroku: Ah! Ghastly! You did THAT in front of Lady Kagome?
Inuyasha: Why, what do you usually do with women?
Miroku: Oh! Um... nothing...
Inuyasha: [thinking about Kagome] As long as she's alive and well, that's all I hope for. I can't bear to see another woman die.
Miroku: Sango... I want you to hear my feelings. You don't need to say anything, just please, hear me out.
Sango: Hm?
Miroku: You're not like the others, Sango. You're a very special woman to me.
Sango: [looks up at him, surprised] Huh?
[cuts to Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo eavesdropping from behind a tree]
Inuyasha: "Special," he says. What a jerk! He's flirting with Sango like he does with every other woman he sees.
Kagome: Shh!
Inuyasha: [surprised] Huh?
Kagome: Oh, wow! He proposed to her!
Inuyasha: He poses a what?
Miroku: So she has left us once again. Inuyasha, Kagome was not acting her usual self. Exactly what happened between you and Kikyo?
Inuyasha: Same thing that goes on when you're with a woman.
Miroku: Ah! Ghastly! You mean you did *that* right in front of Kagome?
Inuyasha: Maybe we need to have a talk about what it is you do with women!
Myoga: [Inuyasha kills Hiten and the jewel shards fall to the ground] Lord Inuyasha, the sacred jewel shards.
Inuyasha: I don't care about them. If only I'd taken care of Hiten sooner, I chould have saved Kagome and Shippo.
Kagome: Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Huh? Ka... gome?
[Turns and sees Kagome and Shippo surrounded by a strange blue light]
Kagome: Inuyasha, you fought the battle hard and well.
Shippo: And in the end I was finally able to avenge my father.
Myoga: Witness, the souls have come to bid you a final farwell before they make the departure to the other side.
Inuyasha: Huh?
[sees the blue light start to leave]
Inuyasha: Wait, don't leave me!
[Jumps forward and grabs Kagome's wrist. The blue light disappears completly, leaving Kagome and Shippo standing there, alive, with Inuyasha grabbing Kagome's wrist]
Inuyasha: Huh?
Kagome: I can't compete with Kikyo, because, after all, I'm still alive.
Sango: [thinking about Kohaku] What will I do if Kohaku's committed even MORE crimes by the next time I see him? Can I save Kohaku?
[hearing Miroku's footsteps approach]
Sango: Huh? Miroku?
Miroku: So, Sango. Mind if I sit with you?
Miroku: I really don't want to see you suffering on your own. Tell me, is there anything I can do to help comfort you?
Sango: Just stay here, sit beside me.
Miroku: Of course I will.
[He puts his arm around her, Sango leans on him]
Shippo: [watching from a distance] Wow, he casually puts his arm around her shoulders.
Inuyasha: [suddenly interested] Shoulders? He's not stroking her butt?
Shippo: Take a look!
Kagome: You are so ignorant, Inuyasha. Miroku might be a pervert, but even he knows there's a time and place.
Inuyasha: Yeah, sure, but they're engaged to marry, right? It's not like Sango would get mad anymore.
Kagome: You are so totally dense when it comes to women.
Inuyasha: Hey! Whaddya mean?
Kagome: I don't care how much you love a person, you'll definitely fall out of love if they're insensitive all the time.
Inuyasha: Huh! If Miroku stops acting like a lecher, what's left of him?
Shippo: His Wind Tunnel?
Miroku: And don't worry, Sango, I won't stroke your bottom.
Sango: Good. Hands off for now.
[Kirara grumbles]
Yura: Of course, her hair isn't nearly as pretty as yours, but, waste not, want not.
Kagome: [With a bow and arrow ready to fire] Not as pretty as his, huh? What would you know about it? You live in a time where they don't even have SHAMPOO.
[Accidentally releases the arrow, her aim off, and Inuyasha has to duck to keep from getting hit]
Inuyasha: Will you WATCH where you're aiming that thing?
Inuyasha: Don't you faint on me, you stupid girl.
Sota Higurashi: I gotta get through the well, cause sis is in trouble! The mask is after her and I'm the only one that can help!
[the magic of the well ativates and Inuyasha appears right before Sota's amazed eyes]
Sota Higurashi: You, your Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: [grins at the boy] In the flesh kid. Now, whats this problem you need help with?
[Inuyasha is jumping from building to building with Sota on his back]
Inuyasha: Hang on tight kid, it's a long way down.
Sota Higurashi: I guess I wasn't strong enough to pass through the well.
Inuyasha: Lucky for you, cause in my world, there are plenty of monstars that would just love to have you for lunch.
Inuyasha: Kagome, let's go.
[Kagome stares at him]
Inuyasha: What?
Kagome: You never said my name before.
Inuyasha: Yeah? What of it?
Kagome: It's just that I think you like me more now is all.
Inuyasha: [turns his back on her] Don't get excited. I still think you're pretty useless.
Kagome: Remind me next time not to save you!
[she hits the sword wound on Inuyasha's back. He howls in pain and falls down, despite having telling her earlier that they didn't hurt]
Kagome: If it hurts so much you should have said something!
Inuyasha: Le-leave me alone!
Kagome: [repeatedly] Inuyasha, sit, boy.
Miroku: I am a solitary man, enjoying my own company.
Kagome: But if you don't do anything fast, you won't even have your own company to enjoy.
Miroku: Dear Kagome.
[Takes Kagome and holds her]
Miroku: Do you concern yourself with my predicament?
Kagome: [confused] I guess so.
Miroku: Then I ask you for a favor. I would like you to bear me a son. If for some reason, I don't survive, I want him to carry on the family legacy.
InuYasha: [Stands between Miroku and Kagome and separates them] Hey get your hands off her.
Miroku: I see, Inu Yasha, that you are in love with Kagome. This is awkward.
Inuyasha: I'm not in love with her. She's just a... a jewel detector. That's right.
Kagome: Is that all I am to you, a jewel detector? Oh yeah, I forgot, you have a thing for dead girls. Well maybe I should help Miroku instead, he's much nicer than you Inu Yasha. And you could learn a few things from him.
Inuyasha: You wouldn't dare betray me.
Miroku: Well, you could learn to be more gentle.
Kagome: Exactly, to be more gentle.
Miroku: Gentle like this.
[touches Kagome somewhere he shouldn't]
Kagome: Get your hands off me.
Inuyasha: I told you to get your hands off her.
Renkotsu: So, Big brother, we are all back together at last.
Bankotsu: Not all.
Jakotsu: You see, the thing is...
Renkotsu: Big brother, the truth is Kyukotsu and Mukotsu were...
Bankotsu: They were killed. Couldn't be helped.
Renkotsu: You knew already?
Bankotsu: Now Renkotsu, you're the smart one, so you can write.
Renkotsu: Sure, but write what?
Bankotsu: Let's see. "The time has come to settle old scores. Our vengeance will know no bounds, so perpare to die."... Or something to that effect.
Jakotsu: Do we get to kill people?
Bankotsu: Yeah. Remember that castle?
Jakotsu: Why? Should we?
Bankotsu: Yes. The inhabitants of that castle are the deceitful bastards why chopped our haeds off.
Inuyasha: [has found out that Kagome told the Thunder Brothers that he is her lover] You actually think I'd hand over the jewel shards as a ransom to get you back?
Kagome: Of course you would, cause that's what a lover would do!
Inuyasha: But we're not lovers! And without love the whole argument kinda falls apart!
Sesshoumaru: Now, was that aimed at me?
Kagome: [the ghost of an angry girl tries to throw her brothers hospital bed out the window] Satoru!
[Kagome dives forward, but misses Satoru's shirt]
Kagome: Poor boy!
InuYasha: Can't you handle on anything on your own?
[Inuyasha is hanging by his sword on the side of the building, holding Satoru]
Inuyasha: I can't save you. I can't do anything to help you, except stay like this. If only I could stop time.
Yura: Stop that! I'll kill you!
Miroku: Life itself is a frightening image for every human being... being strong in life isn't easy.
Kagome: You stinking toad.
Jaken: You stinking human.
Kagome: Oh yeah? Well, this human's gonna kick your...
Jaken: We'll see about that.
[Miroku is cornered by hundreds of demons before his injured wind tunnel hand has healed]
Miroku: I'll have to open up my wind tunnel. It's the only way.
[begins unwrapping his hand]
Inuyasha: [Inuyasha appears and grabs Miroku's hand, stopping him] I'm glad you're safe.
Inuyasha: [growls] If you ever do anything like that again I'll rip your stupid arms off.
Kagura: Inuyasha! So it was you who broke through the barrier!
Inuyasha: In the flesh, Kagura! Now let me pass, you're no match for me any longer!
Inuyasha: [Inuyasha pulls Kagome into a hug] I was afraid. I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified.
Miroku: [looking at the Water Goddess] You're so beautiful, yet so tiny. It would be a first for me, but I'm certainly willing to try.
Sango: [shouts] Try *what*?
Miroku: Aah... Nothing!
[to himself]
Miroku: Resist all temptation...
Jaken: Don't leave me, Lord Sesshomaru!
[Inuyasha steps on his back and holds him to eye level]
Jaken: What do you want?
Inuyasha: I want some answers, what else? What's going on between Naraku and Sesshomaru?
Jaken: I don't discuss my Lord's matters with filthy half breeds like you!
[Inuyasha punches him on the head]
Jaken: I meant, it's a terribly long story.
Inuyasha: Then make it short.
Miroku: [Sango has been knocked unconscious by Hiraikotsu due to Kagura's wind] Sango, Sango! Say something to me. Sango!
Kagura: Huh. How very touching, monk. Unfortunately, you might have lived a little longer if you'd only gone on ahead without her.
[Miroku glares at her, Kagura motions for the demons to attack. Miroku gently sets down Sango and stands, preparing his Wind Tunnel]
Kagura: You can't use your Wind Tunnel, though, for fear of the insects' poison.
Miroku: You don't know who you're dealing with. What meaning does my life have without the woman I deeply care for? I would sacrifice my life for hers!
[Unwraps his hand]
Miroku: Please do not fear, we shall exterminate the youkai for you.
Villager: Will you really?
Miroku: We ask for nothing in return, except for a place to stay, some food, and women.
Sango: What did you just say?
Miroku: It was a joke. How about just the women?
Miroku: [Sango hits Miroku with a weapon] I'm just joking.
Kagome: Then don't even say it.
Kikyo: Remember the feel of my lips against yours, for it *was* real...
[Kagome's arrow misses the crow, despite Inuyasha telling her that Kikyou was a master archer. Inuyasha falls face first to the ground, Kagome still on his back]
Kagome: What the... I thought you said that she was a master archer!
Inuyasha: She was! It's you that's the klutz!
Kagome: [after Miroku observes that Inuyasha isn't such a bad guy] Miroku is right. Inuyasha could have killed the artist, and ended the trouble in one blow. But instead, he spared the man's life and went straight for the ink pot. Yeah, I guess Inuyasha's all right. He just doesn't know it yet. I might tell him, someday, if the time is ever right.
[about Kagome]
Koga: Kagome's hands feel much colder than they usually do! And her beautiful cheeks, which are usually so rosy, are pale like a fish's belly. I can tell you put her life in terrible danger. And I would *never* let anything like that happen to her!
Young Inuyasha: [Inuyasha is having a flashback to when he was a child and the demon of his fathers court refused to play with him] Half-breed?
[He drops his ball and runs to his mother]
Young Inuyasha: Mother, what's a half-breed?
[His mother starts to cry]
Inuyasha: [voiceover] That's right, I remember. My mother, she was crying, crying for me. She knew what it meant. What my life would be like.
[the memory ends and Inuyasha growls at Sesshoumaru]
Inuyasha: Half breed or full breed, to me it don't matter. But when you insult my mother, that's when I get angry. For her sake then if for nothing else... I'm gonna make you pay!
[he jumps up and attacks Sesshoumaru, hitting him for the first time]
Inuyasha: That was for mother! And this, this is for Kagome!
[he kicks Sesshoumaru and knocks him to the ground]
Jaken: This can't be happening! A moment ago, he couldn't hit at all!
Sesshoumaru: All that for a memory and a dead mortal girl? If I'd known that's what it too to make you fight, I would have killed her sooner!
Inuyasha: I'm gonna slit your stomach, take out your guts and put 'em in a bowl!
Sesshoumaru: [after insulting Inuyasha's human mother] When it comes to humans, I of course, bear no such weakness.
[He unleashes the poison in his claws on Kagome]
Kagome: [falling back under his attack as the wall behind her starts to melt] Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: [jumping forward to try and save her] KAGOME!
Kikyo: Inuyasha, after meeting you I renounced my postion as a shrine priestess. I became an ordinary woman. I longed to embrace you like this when I was alive...
SesshÙmaru: Where did you get those bruises?
Rin: Uh... huh?
SesshÙmaru: You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.
[stares at Rin]
Rin: [smiles while laughing happily]
SesshÙmaru: What are you smiling about? I simply asked a question. I don't care. I'm just curious.
[Kagome feels Inuyasha kimono cover her shoulders]
Kagome: Huh?
Inuyasha: [refuses to look at her] It's made with hair of the fire rat. You'll have some protection at least.
Kagome: Thank you.
Inuyasha: Yeah, well. If ya weren't so weird lookin, ya wouldn't even need it.
Kagome: Look who's talking dog boy!
Naraku: I am not going to kill you - I am going to break you.
Inuyasha: [Inuyasha has a hold of Buyu's front paws and is making the cat 'dance' until it scratches him] OWW!
Grandpa Higurashi: Stop teasing the cat.
Inuyasha: I'm just playing with him
Grandpa Higurashi: Buyu didn't think so, that's why he scratched you.
Mayu's Mom: [searching the place where Mayu died] Mayu?
[no one is there, and she falls to her knees]
Mayu: Mommy?
[Mayu's mother turns to see Mayu's ghost]
Mayu's Mom: Mayu.
Mayu: I'm sorry, Mommy.
[Mayu reaches out and touches a band-aid on her mom's cheek where Mayu cut her]
Mayu: Will you forgive me, Mommy?
Mayu's Mom: Yes.
Mayu: Bye, Mommy. I have to go now.
Kohaku: Help me, Sango, I'm so afraid!
Renkotsu: So, Big brother, we are all back together at last.
Bankotsu: Not all.
Jakotsu: You see, the thing is...
Renkotsu: Big brother, the truth is Kyukotsu and Mukotsu were...
Bankotsu: They were killed. Couldn't be helped.
Renkotsu: You knew already?
Bankotsu: Now Renkotsu, you're the smart one, so you can write.
Renkotsu: Sure, but write what?
Bankotsu: Let's see. "The time has come to settle old scores. Our vengeance will know no bounds, so perpare to die."... Or something to that effect.
Jakotsu: Do we get to kill people?
Bankotsu: Yeah. Remember that castle?
Jakotsu: Why? Should we?
Bankotsu: Yes. The inhabitants of that castle are the deceitful bastards why chopped our haeds off.
Inuyasha: [Kagome is climbing up the spiders web, trying to save a poisoned Inuyasha] Kagome... save yourself.
Kagome: No chance.
Inuyasha: I'm serious, it's to late for me!
Kagome: I'm not leave here with you! No way!
[she jumps at Inuyasha, holding his sword, tears in her eyes]
Inuyasha: [Inuyasha sees the tears] Huh?
Shippo: No, not the ears, they're my best feature!
Kagome: I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don't know what exactly I'll be able to do for you, but I'll always be by your side.
Inuyasha: [thinking to himself] Everyone is *crazy* around here!
Sota Higurashi: [Inuyasha has just destoyed the mask in time to save Shippo from being eaten] Youd destroyed the mask! You did it!
Inuyasha: Sure thing, kid. You still got those jewel fragments?
Sota Higurashi: Yeah.
Kagome: [running up behind them] Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: [turns to look at Kagome] Hey, Kagome. You all right? How's your hand?
Kagome: Mayu, I don't think you were ever an evil spirit. You were just an ordinary little girl who loved her mom more than anything.
[to Sesshoumaru after he steals the Tetsuaiga]
Inuyasha: Blah, blah, blah. A guy gets his hands on a new sword, and already he's lookin' for a soap box to stand on and preach it to the world!
Kagome: Thank you Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Kagome: Never mind.
Inuyasha: Women.
Kagome: I just thought that by complimenting Kouga he wouldn't get onto you about you're scent!
Inuyasha: [In his human form] But still, your eyes were all sparkly and stuff! You know you get a little too friendly when that guy's around, Kagome!
Kagome: I do not!
Inuyasha: Do too!
Inuyasha: If only you could fight as fast as you can talk - then we'd get somewhere.
Koga: [shouts] Shut up! Albino runt!
Inuyasha: [shouts] You ought to be put down for rabies!
Miroku: They're well matched when it comes to fowl behaviour...
[Inuyasha, Kagome on his back, is chasing a crow demon that has taken the jewel]
Inuyasha: What are you waiting for? Hurry up and shoot it!
Kagome: Shoot? Your kidding, right? I've never used a bow in my life!
Inuyasha: The crow lives by eating human flesh. If you think that's bad, let it swallow the jewel!
[the crow swallows the jewel]
Kagome: Ahh! It swallowed it! Fine! I'll try!
Inuyasha: Thank you!
Grandpa Higurashi: Beware the ancient Noh Mask!
Princess Tsuyu: Nobunaga, there's a monkey on your head.
Bankotsu: My only ambition is simply to kill as many people as humanly possible.
Jakotsu: I'm glad that they haven't been wiped out by some other lord over the years.
Sango: Yes, otherwise my Companion might not still be there.
Jakotsu: You mean, they still have it?
Sango: Yeah, and now I'll show them how it's used.
Renkotsu: Big brother, will this do?
Sango: Let's see...
[reads the letter over]
Sango: Kohaku!
Kohaku: Huh?
Sango: Take this letter to the castle for me. Give it to the lord himself.
Kohaku: Why me?
Sango: You are a Ninja, aren't you?
Kohaku: No, sir, I'm not a Ninja.
Sango: Well, then, what are you?
Kohaku: I...
[sighs and looks up]
Kohaku: I'll take it.
[jumps off the cliff heading for the castle]
Jakotsu: [looks over the cliffs edge and calls out while waving] You take care now, Kohaku.