Ira Glass — American Journalist born on March 03, 1959,

Ira Jeffrey Glass is an American public radio personality and the host and producer of the radio and television show This American Life... (wikipedia)

Traditional broadcast media seems old-fashioned and vague to me. When I watch television news, I'm aware of what skilled journalists they are, but I find it hard because of the corny way they present it.
I am such a do-goody, people-pleasing kid - or I was - I don't think I've ever been fired, not even from an ice cream shop, magician for kids' parties, not even in my early jobs in radio.
I love traveling. But I haven't had big, transformative experiences while on the road. When I go out on the road, it's to go out and get a story or do a promotional event.
Honestly, there are so many things about structuring a story for film and telling a story for film that are really different from doing radio.
But sadly, one of the problems with being on public radio is that people tend to think you're being sincere all the time.