Isaac D'Israeli — British Writer born on May 11, 1766, died on January 19, 1848

Isaac D'Israeli was a British writer, scholar and man of letters. He is best known for his essays, his associations with other men of letters, and as the father of British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli... (wikipedia)

The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by quotation.
It is a wretched taste to be gratified with mediocrity when the excellent lies before us.
Certain it is that their power increased always in an exact proportion to the weakness of the Caliphate, and, without doubt, in some of the most distracted periods of the Arabian rule, the Hebrew Princes rose into some degree of local and temporary importance.
The defects of great men are the consolation of the dunces.
The act of contemplation then creates the thing created.