Joanne Harris — British Author born on July 03, 1964,

Joanne Michèle Sylvie Harris, MBE is an English author, best known for her award-winning novel Chocolat which was later turned into a successful film... (wikipedia)

I have an advanced degree in procrastination and another one in paranoia.
My heroes and heroines are often unlikely people who are dragged into situations without meaning to become involved, or people with a past that has never quite left them. They are often isolated, introspective people, often confrontational or anarchic in some way, often damaged or secretly unhappy or incomplete.
I dream a lot, in colour and in sound and scent. Quite a few of my stories have come from dreams.
As authors, we all expect criticism from time to time, and we all have our ways of coping with unfriendly reviews.
For me, the magic of Hawaii comes from the stillness, the sea, the stars.