The third "Law and Order" series involves the criminal justice system from the criminal's point of view.

Mr. Smythe: Four counts of manslaughter. That's what I get for overestimating the intelligence of a grand jury.
Detective Alexandra Eames: Just be grateful the D.A. let you off with a plea bargain.
Mr. Smythe: I don't consider shutting down my website a bargain. All right, Joanie and Chachi, right? This is the last chat I have for them.
Detective Alexandra Eames: Thank you, you can go do your little dance in Hell now.
Detective Alexandra Eames: Sex fiend and a bully, politics is a perfect place for him.
Detective Alexandra Eames: [seeing Goren reading a book written by a suspect] What are you doing, underlining the dirty parts?
Detective Alexandra Eames: A divorce lawyer - the gift that keeps on giving.
Detective Alexandra Eames: When tourists take a bite of the Big Apple, the apple isn't supposed to bite back.
Detective Mike Logan: You want fun? Date a cop.
Detective Robert Goren: Woohoo! Steamy!
Detective Alexandra Eames: [to Goren] The way she was making googly eyes at you I thought you were getting through to her.
Detective Robert Goren: Well, she didn't believe in heaven and hell, so how would she know the devil was massaging her neck?
Detective Alexandra Eames: You two have a play date?
Captain James Deakins: Try to curb your enthusiasm.
Detective Robert Goren: I'll curb it when we get this freak locked in a box.
Detective Robert Goren: Wait, you can't leave now that the cat's out of the bag!
Detective Robert Goren: One thing this line of work teaches us is that guys will do anything for love.
Detective Alexandra Eames: [on the phone] Sure, we'll be right over.
Detective Robert Goren: Bing! Right here.
Detective Alexandra Eames: We have that Ukrainian politician to thank for that.
[opening title narration]
Narrator: In New York City's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Major Case Squad. These are their stories.
Captain James Deakins: We need to go public.