Leon Day — American Athlete born on October 30, 1916, died on March 13, 1995

Leon Day was an American right-handed pitcher in the Negro leagues. He played for the Baltimore Black Sox, the Brooklyn & Newark Eagles, and the Baltimore Elite Giants... (wikipedia)

I was in Cuba in the winter of 1937. I was playing in Cuba, and I'm in the shower, and I slipped and caught myself with my right arm. I felt something pull right then. Then, in '38, when I came back, my arm was messed up.
I was glad to play in the Negro Leagues. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
Until spring training in 1946, the only time I pitched was in 1945 in the GI World Series.
It would mean a lot to me to get into the Hall of Fame, to be grouped with some of the greatest players in history.