A series chronicling the daily activities of an unusual prison facility and its criminal inhabitants.

Augustus Hill: OZ. The name on the street for the Oswald State Correctional Facility, Level 4.
[repeated line]
Martin Querns: DON'T fuck with Querns!
[repeated line]
Vern Schillinger: Niggers are up to something
[repeated line]
Agamemnon "The Mole" Busmalis: This is the best Miss Sally ever.
[Repeated line]
Robert Rebadow: God told me.
William Giles: [repeatedly] Peter... Peter Marie.
[repeated line]
Tim McManus: Get him the fuck out of here!
Vern Schillinger: You are the guy who destroyed the statue, right?
Guillaume Tarrant: Yeah.
Vern Schillinger: Fucking sicko bastard.
[repeated line]
Kareem Said: Salim, my brother.
Simon Adebisi: I don't give a SHIT about what your Koran says.
Kareem Said: What exactly do you give a shit about, Adebisi?
[repeated line]
Officer Sean Murphy: Lockdown!
Sister Peter Marie Reimondo: Cyril, give me the puppet.
Cyril O'Reily: [as Jericho] Fuck you, you cunt.
[repeated line]
Ryan O'Reily: Fucking Cyril!