Patricia Polacco — American Author born on July 11, 1944,

Patricia Barber Polacco is an American author and illustrator... (wikipedia)

My books cover many aspects of daily life through which your children will recognize their own relationships in their families and communities.
What I loved the most about Oakland was that all of my neighbors came in as many colors, ideas, and religions as there are people on the planet. How lucky I was to know so many people that were so different and yet so much alike!
I believe with all my heart that the American classroom teachers are one of our greatest and most heroic treasures.
I don't care what color the parents are. I don't care if it's a giraffe and a fish living together. If they're raising children who believe they're honored and loved, that's all that's important.
Until we learn to honor and respect what other people believe, I think we are doomed.