Peter Coyote — American Actor born on October 10, 1941,

Peter Coyote is an American actor, author, director, screenwriter and narrator of films, theatre, television and audiobooks. His voice work includes narrating the opening ceremony of the 2002 Winter Olympics and Apple's iPad Retina Display campaign. He has also served as on-camera co-host of the 2000 Oscar telecasts. His distinctive voice helped him win a News & Documentary Emmy Award in 1992 for narration of "The Meiji Revolution" episode of the PBS series The Pacific Century, as well as a Primetime Emmy Award in 2015 for Ken Burns' documentary special The Roosevelts. He has often been compared with actor Henry Fonda... (wikipedia)

Habitat for wildlife is continually shrinking - I can at least provide a way station.
There has to be that feeling in a good villain - that he's awesome, he has his own power; that he is, in several senses, unstoppable.
When I got to Grinnell College, I was part of the black turtleneck sweater and Camel cigarette crowd of poets and writers.
Where I didn't have the maturity and the compassion to consider other people's needs, I did a lot of damage.
Interdependence is a fact, it's not an opinion.