The adventures of Ash Ketchum and his partner Pikachu, who travel across many regions in hopes of being regarded as a Pokemon master.

Pokedex: Ratata forages in the forest for fruits, roots, nuts, and berries.
Ash: But this isn't a forest! It's an open field!
Pokedex: They also come out to open fields to steal food from stupid travellers.
Ash: D-Does that mean that... I'm stupid?
Pikachu: [laughing hard] Pika, pika, pika!
Jessie: [after encountering a smelly Gloom] It smells TERRIBLE.
James of Team Rocket: It smells like old sneakers mixed with rotten eggs and dead fish with just a hint of skunk fumes.
Meowth: My nose feels like it's on fire!
Jessie: Meowth, you don't have a nose.
Meowth: Huh?
[Looks at the empty space]
Meowth: My nose! What happened? The stink dissolved it off my face!
Meowth: Hmm? Oh! Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. The cartoonist never gave me a nose.
Meowth: I hate water, especially WET water.
Jessie: Prepare for trouble.
James of Team Rocket: And make it double.
Jessie: To protect the world from devastation.
James of Team Rocket: To unite all people within our nation.
Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love.
James of Team Rocket: To extend our reach to the stars above.
Jessie: Jessie.
James of Team Rocket: James.
Jessie: Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light.
James of Team Rocket: Surrender now or prepare to fight.
Meowth: Meowth. That's right.
Old Woman/Ghastly: I've been watching you. You're up to no good! And there's no good in your future!
James of Team Rocket: Who? The police, the sheriff, the FBI?
Old Woman/Ghastly: I see a young and beautiful woman who will lead you to a cruel fate.
James of Team Rocket: I don't need a fortune teller to know that. Some woman is ALWAYS causing me trouble! It's a curse...
Jessie: [stares suspiciously towards James] WHO exactly do you mean?
Meowth: [after successfully binding a Hypno and Drowzee to their metal-winged flying system] We got them! Now, we'll fly away with our catch!
James of Team Rocket: I don't get it. Why didn't we do this from the beginning?
Jessie: [referring to the show runtime] Well, we HAVE to fill a half-hour!
Ash: If anybody's out there, you can come out. And if you're a monster or a ghost, you can stay where you are.
Jessie: Just once, I'd like to make a dramatic exit that DOESN'T involve a life-threatening explosion.
Narrator: So the story continues
James of Team Rocket: Drats! We just wasted this entire episode cheering for the good guys.
Narrator: That's right James.
Mrs. Ketchum: Don't forget to change your you-know-what every day.
Misty: Oh no. Staryu's in real pain.
Ash: How can you tell? It doesn't even have a face.
Misty: It's because I'M sensitive to others feelings.
Ash: Oh yeah, like I'm not.
Brock Harrison: When you have lemons, you make lemonade; and when you have rice, you make rice balls.
James of Team Rocket: Drat. We just wasted this whole episode cheering for the good guys.
Jessie: That boy on the poster looks just like you, James.
James of Team Rocket: He does? I think he looks pathetic.
Meowth: That's what she meant, James.
Misty: Where's Professor Ivy?
[Brock groans and turns blue]
Ash: Brock? What's wrong?
Brock: I don't want to talk about it
Ash: Why not?
Brock: She mentioned... that name.
Nurse Joy: I know why you're surprised. I look like all the other nurses, don't I? My first cousin works in Pewter City, and my second cousin works in Viridian City. I think I'm the prettiest one, don't you?
James of Team Rocket: Thundershock, Thunderbolt... I've been destroyed by Pikachu's attacks so many times I know them all by heart.
Ash: It's following Pikachu around like its a streaker or something,
Brock Harrison: Huh Ash you mean a STALKER!
[Brock growls at Charmandar]
Brock Harrison: Light the lamp not me.
[Pikachu laughs]
James of Team Rocket: With enemies like that, who needs friends?
Jessie: If Pikachu loses this battle...
James of Team Rocket: You're right! It's not worth stealing after all. We've wasted all this time.
Meowth: Maybe you can steal Raichu.
Jessie: This couldn't have worked better if we'd planned it.
James of Team Rocket: If we'd planned it, it wouldn't have worked at all!
Ash: I had to send in about a million postcards to get that hat!
Misty: Well, no wonder I didn't get mine. I only submitted one.
Meowth: Pikachu won't change. If it's going to battle Raichu, it's going to do it just as it is. It's going to battle in the name of all Pikachus!
Brock Harrison: [Team Rocket has just performed a cheer for Ash and Pikachu] That was really disturbing.
[Puffing up]
Jigglypuff: Jiggly puff puff.
May: Come on! I've seen slugma run faster than you. Nuuuuummmm!
Max , Caterpie, Butterfree, Additional Voices: [growling] You are a slugma!
Brock Harrison: [sighs] It's great to see those two get along so well.
James of Team Rocket: I can't see a foot my front of my face.
Meowth: If you don't shut up, you'll see a foot in front of your face!
Torchic: Torchic? Torchic?
[Torchic starts crying]
Max , Caterpie, Butterfree, Additional Voices: Oh Torchic! There you are.
Meowth: What's wrong?
Max , Caterpie, Butterfree, Additional Voices: Torchic is afraid it will never see May again.
Meowth: Well, crying ain't gonna help, I already tried that.
Officer Jenny: Oh, I left my motorcycle at the front desk.
Meowth: My brain says to run but my legs ain't listening.
Jessie: We may be mean and nasty, but we'd never turn our backs on a teammate in trouble.
James of Team Rocket: As long as we're not exposed to any actual physical danger.
Jessie: Good thing we ran into this sign.
James of Team Rocket: Yes, it's a good sign.
May: Hey! That's my egg!
James of Team Rocket: Ahh! That's my Mime Jr.
Jessie: We're here for Elekid and Pikachu.
James of Team Rocket: TIME OUT!
[James comes running out of Team Rocket's Golem machine]
May: [May runs up to James] I'll trade you.
James of Team Rocket: That sounds like a plan.
May: Here you go!
James of Team Rocket: Thanks.
May, James of Team Rocket: Bye!
James of Team Rocket: Ahh! My Mime Jr is back where it belongs.
May: [Giggling] I got my egg back.
James of Team Rocket: Now Where were we?
Meowth: We were about to take Elekid and Pikachu.
James of Team Rocket: We have a proud tradition of failure to uphold.
Flint: Pewter City is grey, the color of stone. My name is Flint, and you're sitting on my merchandise, young man.
Ash: You sell rocks?
Flint: Pewter City souveneirs, you want to buy some?
Ash: No thanks. I'm traveling trying to become a Pokemon trainer.
Flint: Well, your Pokemon is in bad shape. Come on, I'll take you to the Pokemon center.
Ash: He seems like a nice guy.
Misty: Are you sure?
Flint: By the way, that'll be a two dollar charge for resting on my rock.
Ash: Hey, guys, help me out of this hole.
Misty: We'd love to help you, Ash, but unfortunately, you're standing on us.
Pikachu: [screaming as a gigantic Ryhorn comes charging towards them] PIKA PI!
Meowth: My head says to move but my feet ain't listening!
James of Team Rocket: Team Rocket's blasting off again!
Jessie: Team Rocket's blasting off again!
Meowth: Team Rocket's blasting off again!
James of Team Rocket: I want food.
Jessie: Stop that!
Meowth: Yeah, that whining only makes you hungrier.
Jessie: That is the Fushia Gym.
James of Team Rocket: It looks to me like a Japanese restaurant.
Ash: I was so kicking your butt there, Misty!
Misty: What? You know you lost with Butterfree!
Ash: That was just Round 1. After that, I made a huge comeback!
Misty: If Team Rocket hadn't busted in, I would have destroyed you!
Ash: You're lucky they showed up; you were about to lose.
Misty: Lose? I was just getting started!
Ash: Oh yeah?
Misty: Oh yeah!
Brock Harrison: Oh brother!
Jessie: Where did you get all that chocolate? You're holding out on us.
James of Team Rocket: This is mine. Remember? We all got one yesterday.
Meowth: You ate half of mine.
Ash: Pikachu, our lucky star is shining today!
Misty: Where? I don't see it. How can you see a star in the middle of the day?
Ash: I don't mean it's actually shining!
Ash: I thought you said, "pacing", not "passing"!
Pikachu: Pikachu!
[holds up a ping-pong paddle]
Ash: I said, "padding"... I mean, I said "pacing"!
Jessie: Buried alive and trampled. We've hit rock bottom!
[Pikachu runs circles around Leiutennat Surge's Raichu]
Misty Williams: The plan is working like you said it would Brock.
Brock Harrison: Right. Raichu evolved too fast and it never learned any of the speed attacks it can only learn in the Pikachu stage.
Ash: Hey Pikachu. You did a great job.
Pikachu: Big-Pikachu.
Professor Birch , Additional Voices: [growling] You know that's not a Silcoon that you have. That's a Casscoon.
Lily Williams: [to Seel] Which side are you rooting for?
Ash: You miss your mom don't you Larvitar? Don't worry because we're going to get your mother back. I promise.
Ranger Mason: Don't you worry Larvitar. We're going to do everything we can to get your mother back.
[Larvitar freezes]
Misty: This Larvitar hardens everytime someone it doesn't know tries to talk to it.
Ranger Mason: What's the matter? Did I make it freeze?
Brock Harrison: This Larvitar needs time to warm up to people
Gary Oak: Why don't you let your stomach do the talking?
Ash: You miss your mom don't you Larvitar? Don't worry because we're going to get your mother back. I promise.
Ranger Mason: He's right Larvitar. We're going to do everything we can to get your mother back.
[Larvitar freezes]
Misty: Uh-oh. It's freezing again.
Ranger Mason: What's the matter? Did I make it freeze?
Brock Harrison: This Larvitar needs time to warm up to people
Lily Williams: I guess you could say it
[the pokemon match between Ash and Misty]
Lily Williams: was called on account of "drain?"
Brock: It's oh too clear to me now. It was because of a painful seperation from its mother that Larvitar is petrified of the outside world. With zero trust in humans.
Misty: That Tiranitar must be Larvitar's mother.
Ash: Poor Larvitar. Lavitar please you have to remember all of the good times that we had together.
Brock: Not all humans are bad. You just have to give us a chance.
Misty: Isn't that color a little bright for a ninja?
Misty: Just when you give him a break, he has to be a nice guy, too.
Surge: I guess you'll learn that playing with the big boys can be a shock in experience.
Bryce: What kind of idiot would forcibly steal someone else's Pokemon?
James of Team Rocket: Well, how many kinds are there?

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