Sammy Davis, Jr. — American Entertainer born on December 08, 1925, died on May 16, 1990

Samuel George "Sammy" Davis Jr. was an American entertainer. Primarily a dancer and singer, he was also an actor of stage and screen, musician, and impressionist, noted for his impersonations of actors, musicians and other celebrities. At the age of three Davis began his career in vaudeville with his father and Will Mastin as the Will Mastin Trio, which toured nationally. After military service Davis returned to the trio. Davis became an overnight sensation following a nightclub performance at Ciro's after the 1951 Academy Awards. With the trio, he became a recording artist. In 1954, he lost his left eye in a car accident, and several years later, he converted to Judaism... (wikipedia)

Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity.
Reality is never as bad as a nightmare, as the mental tortures we inflict on ourselves.
There are certain romances that belong in certain cities, in a certain atmosphere, in a certain time.
What have I got? No looks, no money, no education. Just talent.
The success of the Rat Pack or the Clan was due to the camaraderie, the three guys who work together and kid each other and love each other.