On the twentieth anniversary of a 1995 sorority pledge which went wrong, a college campus is rattled by a series of murders.

Chanel Oberlin: What fresh hell is this?
Boone: [when the Red Devil enters his room] What am I supposed to be scared?
Grace: [holding out her hand] I'm Grace Gardener.
[Chanel shakes her hand for a second and pulls her hand away]
Chanel Oberlin: You have rough hands, and horrible shoes. Are you Amish or something?
Zayday: [to Jennifer] Are you eating candle wax?
Grace: I'm gonna rush Kappa Kappa Tau. Hey, why don't you join with me?
Zayday: Girl, I'd rather die!
Pete Diller: [to Grace about Chanel] She's probably the worst human being since Hilter.
Grace: I just met her.
Dean Cathy Munsch: I'm gonna be honest. I hate soroties and I hate you.
[Chanel takes off her sunglasses]
Dean Cathy Munsch: For years I've seen the damage your so called sisterhood have had on young girls.
Dean Cathy Munsch: This year, Kappa will be required, to accept anyone who wishes to become a pledge.