Ambitious entrepreneurs present their breakthrough business concepts.

Kevin O'Leary: I'm not trying to make friends. You want a friend, buy a dog. I'm trying to make money.
Robert Herjavec: A good entrepreneur never takes 'no' for an answer, but a smart businessman knows when to move on.
Mr. Wonderful: I wish every investment I made made money, but they don't. Some fail. You should think about your ideas the same way. This is a dog from Hell. This is a very bad idea. It howls at the moon and you should take it out behind the barn and shoot it.
Mr. Wonderful: There is no tomorrow. You're dead to me if you say 'no' to my deal. You're dead. You're gone. I don't even know who you are. You're a vapor.
Entrepreneur: When I quit the rat race, I lived in New York City. I burnt myself out and said, "That's it, I'm going to wear a tie dye for the rest of my life." It was just a sign of freedom for me.
Kevin O'Leary: I don't care if you wear goatskin. I wanna know if you're making any money.
Kevin O'Leary: Here's how I think of my money: soldiers. I send them out to war every day. I want them to take prisoners and come home so there's more of them. In your army, every soldier dies that you send out every day. When you have no soldiers, you're wiped out.
[repeated line]
Mr. Wonderful: You're dead to me!
Kevin O'Leary: I'm a member of a group called the Chevaliers du Tastevin. It's a secret society of Burgundy drinkers.
[Mark chuckles]
Kevin O'Leary: Every 90 days, somewhere in the world we gather and we drink wines as old as 1902. But you can't do it unless you're wearing your tastevin which is a tasting cup made of pure silver.
[Daymond laughs]
Kevin O'Leary: If the cup is dirty, you're rejected from the meeting. No matter where it's held. Could be Paris, could be Rome - you can't get in.
Daymond John: I can't believe I'm hearing this.
Kevin O'Leary: I keep telling my wife, "You gotta polish my tastevin!" She says, "Polish your own tastevin!"
[repeated line]
Mr. Wonderful: All roads lead back to Mr. Wonderful.
Kevin O'Leary: Stop the madness!
Kevin O'Leary: Honey, sweetie, poopsie, baby!
Mark Cuban: It doesn't matter how many times you fail. All it takes is one and everybody can call you an overnight success, so don't quit because we've all been laughed at. I know I've been laughed at, and my biggest hits have been the ones people thought were most likely to fail.
Kevin O'Leary: I know money has no soul, all right? I never, ever, ever let emotion get in the way of an investment.
Daymond John: Greed is good, but we need to be greedy together.
Kevin O'Leary: It's always about the money all of the time.
Mr. Wonderful: Have you ever heard of a viking funeral? They load up a boat with wood, they put the dead bodies on the top, they set it on fire and they push it out on the ocean. That's you guys. This is a horrible idea. I'm out with *extreme* prejudice. I wanna set you on fire and float you out of the tank.
Kevin O'Leary: They're gonna crush you like the cockroaches you are!
Robert Herjavec: Don't ever be enamored by what something sells for. It's more important what you get to keep in your pocket.
Daymond John: Failure, to me, is just an opportunity to begin again more wisely.
Daymond John: There is a saying in business that the first person to say the number loses.
[repeated line]
Mark Cuban: You're not an entrepreneur. You're a wantrepreneur.