Sherman Hemsley — American Actor born on February 01, 1938, died on July 24, 2012

Sherman Alexander Hemsley was an American actor, best known for his role as George Jefferson on the CBS television series All in the Family and The Jeffersons, Deacon Ernest Frye on the NBC series Amen, and B.P. Richfield on the ABC series Dinosaurs... (wikipedia)

I'm just an old hippie. You know, peace and love.
I was in a play in elementary school and had to jump up and run away. I was nervous and tripped and fell down and everyone laughed. Their laughter made me relax, so I pretended it was part of the show.
I loved it, but had to forget about acting after elementary school because it was the sort of thing you just didn't do in my rough neighborhood.
I don't slam doors in people's faces, and I'm not a bigot.
I'm proud to be from Philadelphia.