A secret military team, SG-1, is formed to explore the recently discovered Stargates.

Teal'c: Indeed.
Teal'c: Undomesticated equines could not drag me away.
[repeated line]
Jack O'Neill: Oh for crying out loud!
Teal'c: If you once again try to harm me or one of my companions, my patience with you will expire.
Samantha Carter: Sir, I've been thinking...
Sam Carter: Think about it...
Jack O'Neill: Mmmmmm... Goa'uld TV.
Prior: We are beacons on the road to enlightenment.
Cameron Mitchell: No, you're dark-side intergalactic encyclopedia salesmen. Unfortunately, the home office hasn't been quite upfront with you.
Dr. Daniel Jackson, Ph.D.: Nice work on the metaphor.
Cameron Mitchell: Thank you.
Jack O'Neill: If we want to find out who's behind this, we have to do what the Asgard do.
Daniel: You mean bluff?
Jack O'Neill: Yep. We just need to do it without revealing what we know.
Daniel: Which is nothing.
Jack O'Neill: Right. But they don't know we know nothing.
Bra'tac: Observe, and learn...
Jack O'Neill: [when Bra'tac has finished knocking a few Jaffas] Not bad...
[repeated line]
Samantha Carter: Holy Hannah!
Doctor: Well, he's not human.
Jack O'Neill: Ya think?
Jack O'Neill: It's what we do...
Daniel: They're getting something we want, we're getting something we want.